5+ Best Gun Safes In Australia [Top Rated]

As every gun owner in Australia should know, you legally have to store them in an approved gun safe. Today we'll be looking at some of the best budget friendly gun safes, from small safes up to large multi rifle support. 

You can have an electronic safe or a manual lockbox, but the safes should be heavy and difficult to remove. You may find bolting them to the floor or wall is the preferred option in your state. 

Below you'll find 5 of the best gun safes Australia has to offer. All offer fast delivery nationwide and can be ready to use within a matter of minutes. 

Best Gun Safes Australia

1. CrazySales 4 Gun Lockbox

  • Store up to 4 firearms
  • Heavy duty steel, 29kg
  • Can be wall-mounted

This cabinet from CrazySales is large enough to store 4 guns, rifles and other firearms. It is 145 by 28 by 23cm in size and has a weight of 29kg. This product is constructed out of top-quality q235 steel.

Security is provided through the two locks which are strengthened by 18mm bolts to prevent break-ins.

These locks come with 2 keys and 6 double-bit locks. There is a separate case for ammunition storage that can also be locked. The foam rack can be modified to be fitted higher or lower for different size firearms.

This cabinet is available in black and can be wall-mounted.

2. vidaXL Gun Safe

  • Store up to 4 firearms
  • Heavy duty steel, 31kg
  • 2 bolt key lock

The vidaXL Gun Safe measures 24.5 by 20 by 145cm and weighs 31kg. This product is made out of steel.

Opening the safe provides access to a large storage unit and a separate box at the top. This box is secured with 2 tubular keys. The door of this safe is fitted with a 2-bolt key lock which is compatible with the 2 double-bit keys.

This cabinet comes with 2 fabric linings, designed to prevent goods from damage. It can be positioned on the ground or be attached to a wall. It comes in a dark grey finish.

3. CrazySales Electronic Lock 14 Gun Safe

  • Large 14 firearm storage
  • Heavy duty steel, 80kg
  • Electronic key pad

This electronic gun safe measures 60 by 40 by 145cm and weighs 80kg. The interior is divided 2 separate components.

The main storage area comes with a rack that can fit up to 14 guns. It is lined with carpet to prevent scratches. The smaller unit is lockable and can store ammunition. This safe can be positioned next to a wall.

The cabinet and door handle are made out of steel and is secured digitally. The electronic key pad uses pins for maximum safety. The internal storage unit can be opened using the 2 keys included.

This electronic safe comes in black and red.

4. Hunt Pro H4

  • Up to 4 firearms
  • Very heavy duty, 49kg
  • H-Lok anti-theft

The Hunt Pro H4 has a weight of 49kg and dimensions of 270 by 280 by 1500mm. The interior is covered in carpet to maintain integrity of stored items. The MDF gun rack has enough space for 4 firearms. There is a separate ammunition box at the top, which is also secured with a lock.

The door is fitted with a top-of-the-line key lock and a metal handle. There is an H-Lok, specially designed by Hunt Pro with anti-theft properties. Thanks to the all-metal construction, the risk of break-ins is minimised.

This item comes in black and can be mounted to surfaces for extra security.


  • Slim 3-5 firearm design
  • Heavy duty material, 45kg
  • Can be bolted to the floor

The LOKAWAY LOK1K is large enough to safely tuck away 3 to 5 standard-sized firearms. It measures 280 by 270 by 1500mm and weighs 45kg.

The interior is lined with carpet to prevent damage and has a gun rack. Thanks to the all-metal construction and swing and slide locking network, the utmost security is provided.

This product comes with patented hinges and an anti-drill panel. Besides the main storage area, there is a separate box at the top. This box can be used to store ammunition or important documents.

This safe can be positioned on the ground and comes in black.

How to choose best gun safe in Australia?

What do you look for when buying a gun safe in Australia? We'll give you some of the main features to consider when purchasing. 

State Laws

Different states have different rules and legislation on safe guarding your firearms from yourself, members of your family and believe it or not, intruders into your home. Similar to a swimming pool needing to be fenced, your guns must be stored securely when not in use. 

We recommend checking out your local state laws around storage to ensure your gun safe is adequate and suitable for use. You may need to bolt to the wall or the floor. 

Gun Safe Size

The size of your gun safe can be as big or small as you like. The smallest are often suitable for up to 4 rifles. If you've got a hand gun then you may just need a normal square safe, like you might find in a hotel. Some safes then go up in size, with larger ones accomodating up to 20 rifles, perfect for cattle stations, hunters and recreational collectors. 

The larger the gun safe the heavier it is. 

Build Quality

The heavier the gun safe the better, as its harder for someone to move it/steal it. However this means your delivery fee is probably going to be higher when getting it delivered. Nearly all gun safes are heavy duty steal which is good security, and most will survive an attack at trying to remove your firearms in a robbery. 

I'd stay clear of lightweight aluminium options as they can be removed easily.


You should probably check how your gun safe will be mounted. Will it be free standing? Or do you want it to be fixed to the wall or the floor? If the latter, ensure the safe comes with mounting brackets or it could be an expensive mistake. 

Some states require the safe to be fixed to the ground while others don't. Check your local legislation before buying the wrong type of safe. 

Additional Storage

Some gun safes offer additional storage at the top or bottom of the safe, perfect for storing additional gear or smaller firearms. Check to see if the model you're looking at offers this functionality as it can avoid having to buy a second smaller safe. 

When it comes to choosing the best gun safes Australia has to offer, there's a lot of different options out there, and we've just looked at the most popular options. 

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