5 Best Beaches In Australia That You Should Visit Once

When it comes to finding the best beaches in Australia, you're really spoilt for choice. Down under we have some of the very best in the world, so narrowing down 5 of the best was a really difficult decision. However, after hours of deliberation I've selected my top picks. 

From the remoteness of Western Australia to the built up areas of major towns, there's a wide variety here, so be sure to add these to your bucket list. 

So pack your bags, take your portable bbq, your camera or your cooler, and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Go on, do it now! 

5. Main Beach, Byron Bay

  • Closet Airport: Ballina (20m)
  • Best Time of Year: Sept - Nov
  • Best Feature: Golden Sand 

This is one of the 5 best beaches in Australia for both the locals and tourist a like. It’s renowned for its beautiful beaches, alternative lifestyle, laidback and fantastic surf spots.

Byron beach is a lively place that has so many things going around. If you happen to walk along this beach you will meet people having barbecues on the golden sands, others swimming in the warm waters and surfers and fitness fanatics going about their business. 

There are also many bars and restaurants where you can eat delicious meals, especially the local seafood. You can also enjoy meditation classes, long boarding, whale-watching, taking a yoga class and checking out some of the little art galleries that surround this beach. 

4. Cape Tribulation, Daintree

  • Closest Airport: Cairns (3h)
  • Best Time of Year: May - Sept 
  • Best Feature: Crystal Clear Water

Located along the North Eastern coastline of Australia is Cape Tribulation, in a remote location. This means the fabulous beach has limited people, therefore, as a visitor you can enjoy its white sands without any disturbance.

It has a year round population of less than 500 people making this a laid-back and quiet place you can visit and relax at any time of the year. Beat the crowds for the best experience. 

Since this beach is located within Daintree National Park, there are many treks you can enjoy deep into the rainforest. By hiking through the splendid scenery you'll be almost guaranteed to get a glimpse of some of the abundant wildlife. 

You can also go horseback riding, mountain biking into the dense foliage and also take a local tour around the national park to see the local crocodiles and other dangerous animals. 

Even though every year many people visit this fantastic beach for its natural setting, its major attraction is the famous Great Barrier Reef. You can take a boat ride to be able to visit the incredible reefs and rich marine life.

3. Cable Beach, Broome

  • Closest Airport: Broome (10m)
  • Best Time of Year: April - Nov
  • Best Feature: Camels on the beach 

Cable beach is a gorgeous site that you can visit in Australia that stretches for more than 20 kilometres.

It has dazzlingly white sands that look incredible when contrasted against the deep blue water. Many people who have visited it do regularly vote to be among the best beaches in Australia.  

It’s home to one of Australia’s most popular nudist beaches as well. 

Although you may feel compelled to swim in the warm water of the ocean, make sure you first confirm with the locals that it's not box jellyfish season, or you could get a nasty (or deadly) sting.

Additionally to swimming, you can take a wale watching tour or watch the dolphins passing close to the shore during their migration season. 

If you visit the beach at evening hours, you can take a camel ride along the shore while you watch the sun as it goes down.

Flickr: junaidrao

2. Eighty Mile Beach, WA

  • Closest Airport: Broome (4h)
  • Best Time of Year: April - Nov
  • Best Feature: Actually 137 miles long

This beach which is located between Port Hedland and Broome on the North West side of Australia is very longer than it is suggested by its name.

Despite the name, it actually stretches about 220 kilometres or  137 miles. The quietness and peace of this extensive beach delight the nesting turtles, migratory birds and tourists who wish to stay away from mass crowds.

It’s the best place for bird watchers who may like to watch wading species.

Additionally there are so many dolphins, dugongs, sawfish, mangroves, mudflats, seagrass, and reefs that are at located at this beach. 

Although you may take some time to actually get to this beach (it's a 20 hour drive from Perth, or 4 hours from Broome) be assured that you will not regret making your trip here. You can choose to stay at the hotels in Port Hedland or camp next to the beach. 

Credit: Wikipedia

1. 4 Mile Beach, Port Douglas

  • Closest Airport: Cairns (1h)
  • Best Time of Year: May - Sept
  • Best Feature: The Beach

It’s one of the most famous spots in Australia which was once asleep coastline town. It’s a 4- kilometre stretch of sand that starts at Island port and ends at Mowbray rivers rocks and reefs.

This beach is flat and wide with a thriving Life-Saving Club at the Northern end.

During the stinger season, the locals put a net in place to keep swimmers safe, allowing the beach to retain it's character and charm year round. 

You can only really enjoy swimming during the high tide though, since at the low tide you will be forced to walk about 200m out to the ocean.

As a tourist, you will find pleasure in spending your trip sunbathing, enjoying magical sunset, dozing under the palms and also joining locals for a walk.

Really the best beaches in Australia?

Of course there is more, these are simply my 5 top picks for the best beaches in Australia. I'm sure you've got a better list, and I'd love to hear your comments down below. 

After all that's what travelling and sightseeing is all about, sharing ideas and things to see and do with other fellow travellers. 

Caleb McLaughlin

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