The 5 Best DJ Controllers In Australia

Are you in search of a DJ controller to rock the next house party? Maybe you're an aspiring DJ looking to complete your setup or replace existing gear. Whatever the reason, we've deep dived into five of the best DJ controllers available in Australia right now! 

This article will help draw your attention to the best DJ controllers you can buy with fast delivery. While many other guides focus on the US market, all the recommendations here today are from models you can buy anywhere in Australia. 

We provide details and standout features that make each of these five controllers the best in the market right now. Our goal is to help you choose the best buying decision. 

How To Choose Best DJ Controller

When it comes to choosing the best DJ controller there's a few things to consider. The most obvious is whether you're buying for personal or professional use. Most of the products featured below will serve both purposes but if it's for home use portability might be less important to you. 

Consider your budget: You can go out and spend thousands on a DJ controller but if you're not going to use all the features then it's probably not worth it. You generally get what you pay for though so expensive models do tend to have better components and build quality.

Consider connectivity: Most modern controllers have some form of connectivity whether that's USB or USBC allowing you to connect them to a laptop. Also check to ensure how many 3.5mm headphone jacks are included, most have one but two can be good for training. 

Check included software: You'll want to ensure you get free DJ software with your controller unless you're upgrading or have already got some. Most come with their own in-house or partners software such as Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ or RekordBox. 

Choosing a good warranty is also something you should consider, as you should expect your gear to last quite a few years, ensuring you're covered is a good idea as you'll get a replacement or refund if it's no longer working due to normal wear and tear. 

Best DJ Controllers

1. Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ

  • Sleek design
  • Includes LCD’s
  • Serato DJ Software
  • Portable, only 14lbs

From one of the world leaders in portable DJ mixing equipment and technology, Numark has the Mixtrack Platinum 4-deck controller on the market for almost any level of DJ expertise. From skilled amateur to top professional.

The Mixtrack Platinum is an all-in-one piece of equipment. It’s a 2-channel mixer with 4-deck layering and mixing capabilities. A built-in soundcard sends audio directly to your headphones and speakers when you’re connected to a computer via USB connectivity.

It has four decks to switch between as you create a seamless performance.

The 1.75” colour displays allow you to monitor all the information you need including bpm, platter position, time remaining etc. And the audio interface is amazing – seamless handoffs with two dedicated headphone outputs, high-res 24-bit main output, easy conversion to all mixers, powered speakers and audio recorders.

 There’s no need to look at your computer screen any more with the LCD screens giving you all the information you need. Blending is a breeze and so professionally finished with all the mix control features this DJ mixer has to offer.

With 16 multi-function backlit performance pads and multiple pad modes for total control you have access to all the performance controls you need for a peak and sleek performance.

Also included are 6 sample packs from Prime Loops, and pre-mapping with Serato DJ Intro, ready to be upgraded to the full version.

Weighing only 6.3kg and measuring approximately 25 x 56 x 5cms the Mixtrrack Platinum DJ is very portable indeed, ideal for the mobile DJ.

2. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

  • Serato DJ Software
  • Simple design
  • 5” jog wheels
  • Super lightweight

Designed for the aspiring DJ with dreams of being a professional someday the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller is an extremely affordable choice.

Used in conjunction with your Mac/PC via simple USB connectivity the Pro 3 will ramp up your DJ performances to a whole new level.

The primary features which should attract a discerning buyer are the connectivity options for PA/mics/headphones, the 5-inch capacitive jog wheels, the 2-channel mixing capabilities with filter and gain controls for each channel, and the high-res audio output.

The advanced built-in audio interface, with 2 dedicated headphone outputs, and a high-res main output you’ll have seamless handoffs and effortless connectivity with all your mixers, powered speakers and audio recorders.

The Pro 3's many mix and performance-enhancing control features are also superb, giving you beautiful blending and performance control without stress and for the absolute best results you can dream about.

The Pro 3 is pre-programmed with Serato DJ Intro (Max and PC) for the fully immersive and expressive effects that traditional controls alone can't reproduce. And the inclusion of 380 items of premium content from Prime Loops and Toolroom Records is also a bonus.

Weighing only 1.8kg and measuring a compact 9 x 21 x 1cm (approximately) this is a very portable piece of equipment.

3. Numark 66/DJ2GO2 Pocket DJ Controller

  • Play, jog wheels, fader
  • Pint sized DJ controller
  • Serato DJ Software
  • MIDI map to other apps

This DJ controller may be diminutive in size but it still packs a punch up there with the bigger guys.

For newcomers to the DJ scene, a bit of fun for the pro or even a backup for a DJ on the go, the pocket DJ controller is so compact that it will sit on your computer keyboard - it’s powered via the USB connection anyway.

This little guy has everything you need: 2 jog wheels, sync/cue/play buttons. 4 performance pads, onboard headphone cueing, dedicated browsing controls, etc.

There are an in-built sound card and plug-and-play connectivity. With a pro-grade audio interface, complicated setups are no longer an issue. This has a dedicated 1/8-inch headphone output and main output. You can seamlessly connect to all mixers, powered speakers and audio recorders.

Serato DJ Intro is included (upgrade ready). You also receive a sample pack of some premium content from Prime Loops and Toolroom Records. And you can MIDI map it to pretty well any DJ software app.

The size of this controller makes it ideal for the pro to use when preparing for their gigs or doing some practising and trying out some new techniques.

The Pocket DJ controller may not be perfect but at this price, it's practical, useful, fun (for the kids and adults too), and has a surprisingly good sound.

4. Pioneer DJ DDJ 400

  • Very lightweight
  • Good entry level device
  • Rekordbox Ver 5.3 software

For the start out DJ who’s looking to invest in a controller with some more sophistication, features and functions than the lower end models but still in a good price range, the Pioneer DDJ 400 is one to give serious consideration.

It’s user-friendly and intuitive enough to be used by a serious beginner to learn on and progress with.

The DDJ 400 is equipped with the licence key for Rekordbox version 5.3 which includes a DJ Tutorial feature, and there are plenty of YouTube videos to help with familiarising yourself with the equipment.

Once you’ve downloaded the full version of Rekordbox simply connect the controller to your Mac/PC and begin to have fun - with a built-in sound card it is as simple as plug-and-play.

You can choose to listen to your music through your computer’s speakers or desktop speakers. Use your headphones to independently cue your next song.

The controller has dedicated cue buttons, Beat FX, looping controls etc. The Beat FX feature helps you to apply the professional FX which matches the tempo of the track being played so you can re-mix the track into something unique to you. There are a lot of other functions and features which make this a very popular DJ controller.

The equipment itself is a very good quality build, with all controls, wheels, buttons and so on sturdy and nicely balanced and smooth. It’s also compact and light (3kg; 34 x 58 x 13cm) and therefore very portable.

5. Reloop Mixon 4 High Performance Controller

  • 2 x Headphone jacks
  • 8 performance modes
  • SeratoDJ Software
  • Integrates with iOS devices

The Reloop Mixon 4 is a hybrid DJ controller designed to be compatible with both Serato DJ and Algoriddim djay software applications. It is also able to be connected up to any electronic device you have - computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. With more than one connected at the same time.

The dual software and hardware compatibility gives the DJ the ability to create stunning audio and video effects using a second device (tablet or similar) and mixing 4 tracks simultaneously.

The possibilities are endless with this controller. You can use a music streaming source like Spotify on your device (including your smartphone) to create amazing mixes of whatever song you like.

The controller features four decks of control with four faders, a crossfader with an assignable curve, and four 3-band EQ knobs. It also has a filter knob for mixing and performing.

This is quite a large format DJ controller so the controls – knobs, wheels and sliders – are larger and feel great in the hand. The build is of a high quality. It also looks the part to the audience with all the lights, bells and whistle you want as a performer!

All the software and cables you need are included in the box.


The Numark Mixtrack Platinum is a powerhouse, offering lots of features for beginners, intermediates and established DJ's alike. It's highly reviewed and comes in under $400 retail (check for best price)

A 2 channel mixer with 4-deck layering and mixing capability, combined with dual LCD's, 100mm pitch sliders and USB-connection. The included Serato DJ software will have you mixing music within minutes.  

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