5+ Best 2.1 PC Speakers Australia [Top Rated]

Looking to upgrade your home PC setup? Only the best 2.1 PC speakers will give you the audio quality for film watching and gaming, and the bass emphasis essential to any song.

For reference, the 2 in 2.1 speakers refers to the left and right speakers, while the 1 represents the middle speaker, known as the 'subwoofer'. 

Regardless of your budget and at home setup, it isn't hard to find a reliable model with the types of features and accessories to suit your situation and financial limitations. 

Therefore, if you wish to take your at home PC computer sound system to the next level, consider investing in one of the following top 5 picks for 2.1 speakers. 

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Best 2.1 PC Speakers

1. Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II 2.0 Speakers

Enjoy the quality and surround sound effect of the GigaWorks T20 Series II multimedia speakers designed for your PC, LCD TV, DVD player or gaming console.

The quickly and easily connect with a dual RCA to stereo adapter. No need for additional drivers or software – simply plug’n’play.

These speakers boast BasXPort technology for the full range of audio sound: the richest of bass through the perfect full-bodied mid-range up to the clearest of the highest tweeter notes.

The speakers need no subwoofer to achieve their bass, and their mid-range woven glass fibre cone driver and silk dome tweeter are a balanced and complementary completion to the perfect audio experience.

The design allows the bass driver to withstand the effects of high temperatures and humidity. And the engineered BasXPort delivers perfect lower frequency sounds by channelling waves from the inner chamber to the front, which also highlights the mid-range tones.

All the access keys for adjusting bass, treble and volume are located on the front for easy access, together with a headphone jack. And an Aux port provides flexibility around using the speakers for other devices like MP3 players.

The speakers are also stylish and complete the look of your studio, lounge room or home theatre. They fill a room with a magnificently balanced rich sound.

2. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Looking as sleek as Bose sound equipment always does, the Companion 2 Series III multimedia speakers are a perfect addition to your gaming system, small home theatre or music enjoyment space (particularly with headphones).

These speakers can take a seriously high volume without any distortion of the clear sound. They don’t have a woofer yet still produce a beautifully rich bass register.

The balance between the two speakers is also impressive, with the sound coming from between them rather than from one side or the other.

They are plug’n’play and operate on a single Lithium-ion battery (which is included).
They also feature an Aux input port for enhancing the sound from all your devices such as TV, iPhone, iMac, MP3, PC, DVD player etc.

And a headphone jack to give you a truly immersive sound experience.The volume control is handily located on the front, as are the Aux input port and the headphone jack.

The speakers are a nice slim design to fit onto a desk, measuring only 8*15*19cm each.
These speakers at their price point are best used as desktop or similar as opposed to larger expectations but they are exceptional for that purpose.

The balance of the sound produced is impressive given that they do not have a woofer, and it is clear and warm. They are designed for quality rather than volume.

3. Logitech Lightsync PC Gaming Speakers

From Logitech comes a pair of gaming speakers which feature lighting driven by the game being played. It’s a totally immersive experience with truly 3D sound!

The LightSync RGB and Audio Visualiser brings the action and music from the game to life with rear and front lighting effects pulsing to the beats both bass, mid-range and high.

They work by reacting to what’s going on within the game – to the action and music. You’ll experience different colour and sound effects with every game you play. They come to life and to light in a new way.

And apart from that you can use Logitech’s Gaming Software to assign any one of four lighting zones to particular areas on your screen for a different form of environmental lighting as it spreads through your room.The speakers are driven by 240 Watts and produce an impressive wall of powerful surround sound.

The speakers do need the proprietary software Logitech Hub which gives the user control over equaliser pre-sets. It can be as easy as adjusting the Bass and Treble to your preference.

You also have the option of using a USB, Bluetooth or 3.5mm, or to switch between different compatible devices with Logitech Easy-Switch, to customise lighting colour effects with your immersive music.

4. Logitech Z623 Speakers

Compact yet packing a real punch these Logitech Z623 speaker boast a powerful 400W of peak power and 200W of RMS for the perfect balance between awesome bass and crystal-clear high notes. A separate powerful subwoofer supports the bass tones.

The high 200W power input gives these speakers an advantage over others in this 2.1 speaker category – they can handle the higher volumes without distorting.

And importantly these are THX certified which means that they are capable of a much greater performance than most non-THX certified speakers are capable of.

Turn the bass and volume up as high as you wish and be immersed without any faltering in the quality of sound.

What this perfection means for gaming is a high quality reproduction of all the individual sounds within the game, both small like a door closing or loud like an explosion.

Whether you’re looking for an enhancement to your gaming console, your PC, your TV or your favourite music source these will do the do the job.

 They’re also compatible with your smartphone, Playstation, and Xbox and are WiFi enabled.

They are plug’n’play with three input options including RCA and 35mm for gaming, music and DVD’s.Sleek and stylish, all the controls are conveniently located on the front of the RH speaker, including power, volume, headphone jack, and AUX port.

Each speaker measures 196*117*126mm and the separate subwoofer measures 284*305*266mm.

5. Logitech Z333 Speakers

With 80W of peak power and 40W of RMS input the Z333 satellite speakers with subwoofer from Logitech are an extremely affordable option for gamesters and others wanting a good rich bass from the separate front-facing subwoofer and a great level of undistorted volume from the speakers.

The 5” subwoofer produces an amazing bass register which can be controlled to individual preference.

With an RCA and a 3.5mm inputs they’re also ideal for hooking up to other compatible devices such as TV’s, PC’s, smartphones and tablets, MP3 players, Blue-Ray player, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

The control pod is also separate from the rest but offers a user-friendly control panel for power, volume and headphone jack.

The bass is controlled by a knob on the rear of the subwoofer. The speakers are a wired setup but the set comes with adapter plugs (including for the power supply cord) and all cables are hardwired into the hardware so once you’ve set the system up there are no loose wires to be seen.

The setup also looks great and easily fits onto any desk space. Each speaker measures 192*108*90mm and the subwoofer measures 230*232*157mm. The control pod measures 54*55*55mm.



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