5+ Best Wearable Blankets To Buy In Australia

The winter months can bring long nights of shivering on the couch, what's more, sometimes clothes and blankets just don't cut it. This is where the best wearable blankets come in.

There's nothing more annoying than a blanket that just keeps slipping off, or that you have to keep dragging behind you when you get up to walk around. 

In addition, a plain hoodie, jacket or sweater is an uncomfortable and awkward solution to keeping warm during the freezing winter months.

Why not combine the two? This list consist of options that have the comfort of a blanket and the mobility of clothing, and can be just the thing you need to stay comfortable and warm this Winter. 


Like a warm wearable hug on a cold winter's day, THE COMFY is the best present for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just because.

The concept is simple and it’s surprising that it’s only been on the market for a short time.

It was invented by a couple of brothers, first seen on Shark Tank in the US, and then it took off, worldwide.The COMFY is an oversized hoodie/sweatshirt/blanket with arms and a hood and a long shapeless body.

It covers you from the knees up and goes with you wherever you go. Snuggle up for a TV session, wear it at the game or take it camping.

Pull your legs up for complete coverage on the couch, by the campfire or in the tent.

If you need your lower arms and hands-free simply roll up the sleeves – they don’t slip or slide around.

And the over sized pocket keeps your hands warm or holds your phone or other accessories you want close by.

Wash on a cold cycle in the machine and tumble dry on low for an easy clean. It comes looking as good as new. It’s a one-size-fits-all design so the only choice is what great colour you want out of the seven to pick from.

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2. Waitu Snuggle Blanket

The huge wearable blanket with hood from Waitu is the ideal solution for wintry days and nights cosied up in front of the screen, out at a sports night or on a camping trip.

This is made from a super comfortable plush material which feels like soft and instantly warming as soon as you pull it over your head.

It’s designed for maximum comfort but with no disruption of the use of your arms or hands.

The sleeves are structured so they can be rolled up when you want to make food or do something else without them getting in the way, like playing computer games.

The snuggle hoodie covers your head, shoulders, arms, and torso down to just below your knees.

They feature an extra-large pocket for your phone, the TV remote or other things you want to have nearby. And of course, for your hands.

And unlike the favourite terry-towelling bathrobe there are no gaps anywhere to worry about – the snuggle is completely enclosed.

This is an easy to clean garment – machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat and it’s as good as new. There is only one size (X-Large) and four colours to choose from.

3. Sherpa Blanket

With fitted sleeves for practicality and large formless body and hood for warmth and complete coverage of every body size and shape, the Sherpa Sweatshirt is the answer to cold days and nights at home or out in the open.

It’s made from the softest Sherpa material you can imagine and is a very comforting garment. Ideal if you’re feeling unwell and need a little TLC.

Whether you’re watching TV, on the PC, camping, taking in a game, or quietly reading a book, this will keep you snug as the proverbial bug in a rug.

If you’re a parent with those early Saturday morning games to watch this is the accessory you will have in your car at all times!

The Sherpa features a reversible grey/white colour design and a one-size-fits-all shape (50*30”). It will fit most adults and certainly all children.

It reaches to just below the knees but draw your legs up and you’re covered from head to toe. Put the hoodie up or leave it down – it’s your choice.

It has a large pocket for holding the essential accessories like your phone and TV remote, even an iPad or snacks.

Made from shrink-resistant material the Sherpa can be thrown into the washing machine with the rest of the wash and it’s done without any special treatment.

4. Solaris Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

The Solaris oversized sweatshirt/blanket is a very cute and fun version of the current fad in cold weather wear.

Featuring lovely animal ears on the hood and a large spot on the front it comes in several colour choices. It is just the one size to fit all.

The sleeves are quite slim and can be rolled up out of the way when you want to use your arms and hands for something.

And the sweatshirt will cover your entire body when you’re on the couch by simply pulling your arms and legs up into the material.

It has a large pocket for holding accessories like your phone or even a tablet.

Just like others in this category, the Solaris Sweatshirt is intended for lounging around at home and also for outdoor use in cold weather.

Activities such as school and college games and activities, camping, parties, watching the kid’s games, etc will be so much more comfortable with one of these on.

The sweatshirt is made from a microfiber and Sherpa blend which is extremely warm but also comfortably lightweight.

It’s exceptionally soft and ultra-thermal. It’s also hypoallergenic. The blanket is reversible. Washing in cold water by hand is recommended.

5. Sworn Unicorn Hooded Blanket 

Designed particularly for children the Sworn Unicorn hooded blanket is super soft and super cosy. The cashmere fleece it’s made from is beautifully soft to the touch and so very warm.

Measuring 57” wide and 59” long with a 12” hood with unicorn horn and ‘hair’ attached for fun, the blanket is large enough to fit younger children.

(It does come in adult size as well which is a bit of fun for theme parties or with friends. Probably not for watching a game or otherwise in public!).

This is not an enclosed design like the other hooded blanket/sweatshirts in this product sector but rather an open blanket with attached hood. It wraps around the body like a throw rug.

This open design makes it quite versatile as a snuggie or as a throw-type blanket. And kids love to play with it as it can be used as a cape or a hide-and-seek toy.

And after a bath, these are a very cosy wrap around for the little ones. The unicorn-themed horn and hair on the hood amuse the little ones for hours.

Every review around the delight of children with this product was positive.It’s machine washable and extremely durable for a long life.

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Winter is coming, and what better way to keep warm, than with these best wearable blankets, available to buy online and in store in Australian retailers. 

There's many different brands out there to choose from, but hopefully we've given you some insights into which ones to consider buying. 

Kirsty Scott

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