13+ Best Secret Santa Gifts For Women Under $50

Buying a secret santa gift is always the biggest dilemma faced each year. How much do you spend? Will my recipient like or appreciate my gift, what if they already have it? 

These are the most common questions, but fear not, today we've done the hard work for you. With the help of the #1 gifts website in Australia, we've found 10 of the very best secret santa gifts for women under $50. 

These gifts are so unique, the chances of your recipient having one already is very slim. Give yourself some time, buy one or two and have them delivered, they'll even gift wrap em for you. 

1. Smartphone Selfie Light

  • Price: $19.99
  • 36 bright LED's, 3 modes
  • Great for the selfie queen

Do you want the perfect gift for a girl who loves to take selfies wherever she is, day and night? The Smartphone Selfie LED Ring Light is the one you’ve been looking for!

This clip-on light attaches to all smartphones and has 36 LED’s and 3 brightness settings for taking the perfect selfie in any setting. The perfect pout every time! It operates on 2 x AAA batteries (you’ll need to buy them separately) and is super compact to easily fit in her purse for 24/7 use.

Her Instagram account will be overloaded with compliments – she’ll be forever grateful to you and her other friends will want to know where she got it.

2. Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket

  • Price: $39.99
  • Huge 152cm wide blanket
  • Comes with carry pouch

The beach towel to turn heads next summer is the Gigantic Cupcake Beach Blanket. This is a stunner.

It’s huge (a massive 152cm wide!), and it’s shaped like a brightly coloured really authentic looking cupcake. The result is an impression to passers-by of you lying on a giant cupcake on the beach in the middle of nowhere. They will look twice!

The size of the towel/blanket is great for the beach – no more brushing stray sand off the edges or hands and feet left with no room on the towel.

The blanket comes with a handy carrying pouch and is beautifully gift-wrapped if it’s a gift for a friend.

3. Best 2000s Pop Music Quiz

  • Price: $19.99
  • 140 tester questions
  • Good noughties music

Anyone old enough to have been listening to pop music in the 2000s will love this game: Best 2000s Pop Music Quiz.

You’ll have lovers and haters of this genre but everyone loves a good music quiz, and this game makes an excellent gift or a great addition to your games cupboard. Use it as the basis for a pub Trivia Night – saves you doing the hard work – or as a fun game at a get-together at home.

The game has 140 questions to test the players’ pop music knowledge, ranging between Easy, Medium and Hard. And they cover all genres, including soul, pop, rock and more.

4. Ladies Delicious Donut Odd Socks

  • Price: $36.99
  • Half dozen donut socks
  • No need to match em

Oh, who would have thought of this? Honestly – it’s a Secret Santa searcher’s dream find!

The Ladies Delicious Donut Odd Socks is an odd find indeed. This is simply a box of 6 single socks which are shaped (in their gorgeous box) and coloured to look like scrumptious doughnuts, sprinkled and all differently patterned.

These delightful socks are meant to be worn as pairs, each single a delight in its own right and matching in an odd way which can be mixed and matched without a thought. No need to worry about matching them up.

They are ladies’ crew socks in an average sizing to fit most women’s feet.

5. Ultimate Cat Lovers Jigsaw

  • Price: $29.99
  • 1,000 pieces
  • Cute gift box set

Any jigsaw enthusiast will adore the Ultimate Cat Lover’s Jigsaw. And any cat lover will go crazy over this as well.

Packaged in a delightful storage tube this is a 1,000-piece jigsaw of the most adorable collection of cats of an assortment of breeds.

There are 54 cats to be completed on an attractive green background, with all the breed details included as well for reference.

The pieces are made from durable, glossy cardboard which will stand the test of time. That’s important because this one will be a family favourite for many years.

Alternatively, it’s strong enough (and gorgeous enough) to be framed and put on a wall in the house.

6. Where On Earth?

  • Price: $22.99
  • Test geography knowledge
  • Not just a quiz

If your family are trivia game enthusiasts, as many are, the Where On Earth game will be a must-buy for any passionate traveller. 

This one is all about testing players’ geography knowledge so it will really suit travellers, or perhaps it’ll be best to exclude them if you’re not one! This is also an ideal study aid.

The game is not just a quiz. It’s a board game involving moving your token around the globe (the board) by answering geography-related questions and receiving points as you answer correctly.

You’re also challenged to locate your answer on the board (ie the globe). The person with the most points wins. It’s fun and it’s educational.

7. F#cking Good Guacamole Maker

  • Price: $39.99
  • Prep, serve and store
  • Comes gift packaged

Guacamole shouldn’t be hard to perfect but it can be tricky to get the texture just right. Avocados aren’t the easiest texture to deal with. Enter The F#cking Good Fresh Guacamole Maker from Cookut France.

This may have an unattractive name but Geez it does the job! This little wonder will get the right texture every time. The secret is the ridged bamboo pestle which squishes the avocado mixture through a grid’s different sized holes for a divine smooth yet still chunky mixture.

The mixture is caught in a lovely ceramic serving bowl so it’s ready to eat right after seasoning. A special silicone seal lid will keep what’s left over fresh for the next day.

8. Crazy Cat Lady Mug & Bowl Set

  • Price: $35.99
  • Matching mug and bowl
  • Great gift set idea

Know one of those crazy cat ladies people talk about? The one who treats her cats like her children? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for her this might be just the thing.

The Crazy Cat Lady Mug & Bowl Set is a useful gift as well as being something fun.

It’s a pretty cool ceramic gift set of a coffee mug and a matching cat bowl, both printed with the words “CRAZY CAT LADY” on them.

She can enjoy her morning cuppa while her favourite cat tucks into his brekky on the floor (or table?) beside her.

9. World’s Smallest Hair Dryer

  • Price: $19.99
  • Guinness world record
  • 1.5 metre USB cable

Ok, now this Secret Santa gift will have the entire office in giggles when they lay eyes on it.  It’s the World’s Smallest Hair Dryer.

“Can it possibly work?” they’ll ask. “How ridiculous!” they’ll say. But yes it does work – only as big as your hand and powered by a 1.5-meter USB cable it does create a stream of hot air.

Perhaps not enough to dry anything more than your fringe, or a doll’s hair, but it is functional.

This is a fun novelty gift for your Secret Santa. Why not buy a full sized hair dryer instead? 

10. Make Up Mirror Power Bank

  • Price: $39.99
  • Two in one gadget
  • 2 charges from 0%

Hybrid devices are always popular – things that have two functions which save time and space in your handbag or other carry case.

The Portable Compact Mirror Powerbank is another one of those 2-in-1 gadgets. It serves as a handy flip-style makeup mirror as well a power-packed Micro-USB power bank, with a huge 3,000mAh capacity.

You’ll never have a flat phone battery with this in your purse. You’ll always be on the ready for Instagram, FB, YT, Twitter and all your other fav apps.

The Powerbank is strong enough to charge a smartphone twice over. And it’s a nice slimline design to easily fit into your bag without taking up much room at all.

11. For The Girls Party Game

  • Price: $49.99
  • Suitable for adults 18+
  • Beautifully boxed

What do you get the lady that likes to party? For the girls is a hilarious, fast paced card game for ladies nights or hens parties. 

Players must collect cards by succeeding in challenges such as, 'never have i ever, best of the best, rapid fire, most likely to and truth or dare.' 

To win the game, the lady with the most cards is crowned victorious. This party game is designed for 3 or more players and comes with 500 cards, 1 die and offers up to 90 minutes of fun. 

This party game makes a great Secret Santa gift as it comes beautifully boxed, ready for wrapping paper and is highly rated online. 

12. Avocado Salt+Pepper Set

  • Price: $11.99
  • Fits together to avo-cuddle
  • Beautiful gift idea

Perfect for that person who loves avocado on toast. Give them a present that will have them using avocado's on an even more regular occasion. 

These two cute little avocado halves are the perfect match. When not in use they perform an avo-cuddle ready to use. They are the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen table. 

These shakers are 8 x 7 x 4cm so are quite small, but look awesome. The packaging is ready to be gift wrapped and is a perfect Secret Santa idea. 

13. Culinary Flowers Grow Kit

  • Price: $24.99
  • Grow 5 varities of flowers
  • Edible flowers

Grow your very own beautiful edible blooms in your own home with this mini grow kit. Everything you need to start growing 5 different varieties indoors is included. 

These include cornflower, nasturtium, lavender, dianthus and viola. Aside from smelling great, they are edible and can be added to any meals. 

Usually reserved for fancy fine dining restaurant dishes, anyone can now add peppery, zesty or sweet notes to their own fishes. 

This foolproof set is good for beginners and includes Australian grown seeds. It's definitely something different. 

 This is definitely a good Secret Santa gift for those who love their food or flowers. 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys