5+ Best Yoga Bolster Pillows To Buy Online

If you're looking to optimise your yoga practice at home, then choosing one of the best yoga bolsters that are firm enough to provide support in difficult poses and positions is definitely something you should consider. 

Firstly, while using a traditional fluffy pillow can seem tempting and comfortable initially, it doesn't provide the alignment and support that's recommended for safe yoga practice. 

Secondly, the shape on those pillows isn't the same, and can cause injury if not used correctly. There's various types to consider including:

  • Rectangular (flat and wide for full back support)
  • Round (good for deep, intense spine stretches)
  • Pranayama (good for breathing exercises). 

While most bolster yoga pillows fit into one of these categories, some will overlap and serve the purpose of two types, so you may only need to buy one type of pillow.

But no matter what shape you're looking for, these models below are all well-made, supportive and highly reviewed online. 

1. Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

  • Extremely versatile
  • Proper spine support
  • Eco-friendly customizable

This round yoga pillow is made out of environmentally-friendly grown buckwheat hull covered by a cotton case. The buckwheat hull stuffing can be customized and taken out accordingly to adjust the firmness with utilization of the zipper case.

It is designed to provide comfort to the spine and joints during long yoga sessions. However, it can function as a regular cushion to use for everyday sitting. This product is catered towards both fitness enthusiasts and novices due to its practicality.

A variety of benefits are associated with using this pillow such as relieving muscle and joint stiffness and reducing the frequency of cramps originating from long periods of inactivity.

It can be transported using the top carry handle, making it easy to switch around between the gym, home and workplace. This item is available in a variety of colours from neutrals to more brighter greens and pinks.

The Best Round Bolster

2. Gaiam Yoga Bolster Pillow

  • Support proper posture
  • Yoga bolster
  • All natural filling

This rectangular-shaped pillow is designed to assist with proper posture for everyday yoga practice. It can also double up as a meditation prop, providing a cushioned barrier between the body and hard floors.

The long rectangular body can be used on various parts of the body such as the neck, bottom, shoulders and legs. This quality allows the product to be used a bigger yoga prop on its own or in conjunction with smaller props.

This pillow is packed with all-natural cotton wrapped in polyester that is extremely smooth and soft to the touch. The cotton filling offers a less firm and less textured feeling than regular yoga pillows.

This item is inclusive of a top handle attached to the main body, allowing on-the-go convenience between the yoga studio and home. It is available in a muted blue, black or purple colour scheme that matches any interior.

3. Zafuko Yoga Cushion

  • Suitable with those allergies
  • Multifunction pillow
  • Highly recommended

This product is targeted towards yoga experts and beginners alike. It is an environmentally-friendly pillow with organic Kapok filling, making it suitable for those with allergies. Despite the cushion-like texture provided, this a durable item lined with double-stitches to endure intense use.

This is a multifunction pillow with the option to use during basic yoga routines or for more advanced practices such as hatha and asana. The covering of this bolster adheres to the body tightly, ensuring a non-slip and reliable surface.

This block can double as a regular pillow during long mediation periods and provides pain relief to stiff joints and muscles. This item can be positioned underneath various body parts such as the neck, hips, calves and back.

It can be carried around using the top handle, allowing movement between the home and gym. This product comes in a myriad of patterns and colours.

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4. AllSett Health Bamboo Bolster Pillow

  • All night support
  • Machine washable
  • Alternate use

This cylinder bolster pillow has a foam filling that provides the right amount of firmness to deliver pain relief. The foam is wrapped in a bamboo case that can easily be swapped out.

This product is mainly designed to help the body adjust to a comfortable sleeping position, preventing pain in the morning. It can also be employed during the daytime as a massage tool for the calves to get alleviate stiffness.

Additionally, this pillow can be placed against the chair for spine and lumbar support to create proper posture. This item is ideal for many lifestyles such as a regular 9-5 or more active ones. It can aid during surgery recovering and is safe to use during pregnancy as well.

This item is compact enough to fit in a regular backpack or suitcase which makes it easy to bring to work and other places. It comes in a regular black finish.

The Best Round Bolster

5. iYogaProps

  • Extremely versatile
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Organic cotton 

The pillows and cases from iYogaProps can be purchased separately to suit personal preferences. There are many sizes and colours to choose from as well. There are several pillow materials ranging from organic cotton to environmentally-friendly poly fiber.

Despite the difference in material, all the yoga pillows are designed to accommodate both basic and advanced yoga poses. The cases are made out of organic cotton and come with a zipper, making it easy to remove and swap out.

A handle on each side is attached on every case, allowing portability. Each pillow is cylinder in shape which delivers versatility as it can be used to hold up the neck, spine, lumbar, calves and many other regions.

Even though the intended purpose is for support during yoga sessions, these items can be function as lumbar support when positioned on chairs as well. Both professionals and beginners can use these pillows.

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How much do yoga bolster pillows cost?

You can end up spending as much or little as you like. There are plenty of cheap brands made out of questionable materials that offer support, but lack the comfort and medically sound build quality that you'd see on more expensive models.

When we did our research using industry leading websites that sell such yoga equipment we found prices ranged from $15 - $500. A bit difference in price, but the average price was around $30 - $50 for the low end, and $100-$200 on the top end. 

You definitely don't need to spend a fortune when choosing the best yoga bolster pillows in Australia, as we've shown you above, the highly rated models are available for under $100 with fast free delivery.


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