5+ Best VR Headsets In Australia

It truly is a magical age we live in, when we can immerse ourselves in a new virtual world. So why not make the most of the experience? Using the best VR headsets on the market.

In order to make the most of the virtual reality experience, however, your personal space, budget and general desires need to be taken into consideration.

With technology constantly advancing and improving, there are new models being introduced to the market every day, making the process of picking one a tedious task.

Leave it to us, we've accumulated 5 of the best versions of virtual reality headsets from a range of brands, to help you create an amazing virtual experience.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality headsets help bring content to life, putting you in the centre of the video, image, animation or video game. By putting your headset on, you'll be able to see and explore everything virtually by moving your head. 

Imagine a roller coaster ride on Youtube from the point of view of the thrillseeker. In VR you'll be able to experience the same footage while turning left and right, up and down. Everything will appear much more surreal, as if you're on the rollercoaster. 

Best VR Headsets Australia

1. Amazons Choice 3D VR Headset

With just an app on your Smartphone, the KAMLE VR 3D headset gives you the experience of movies, games or virtual reality beyond what you’d expect from a pair of goggles!

The headset physically supports your Smartphone to support a trip into Virtual Reality: immersive, exciting, fun and amusing. It suits both iPhone and Android with a screen size between 5 and 7 inches. The maximum screen size supported is 19*10*11cm.

3D videos, movies, games, animations, concerts etc can be uploaded from sources such as Apple App, Google Play Store or YouTube.

The headset is not a receiver or transformer in its own right – it simply provides a physical support for your Smartphone and the necessary hardware to watch the content downloaded or uploaded to your phone. They do have a VR jack for Plug'n'Play.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic these are hard-wearing and light for easy portability. They measure 23*13*16cm and weigh only 430g.

They will deliver a virtual screen size of 1050” from a distance up to 3 meters, with a lens size of 42mm. The focal distance and distance between the eyes can be adjusted to suit individual preference and eyesight differences.

It suits any age group.The straps are secure and comfortable, and adjustable. You can also use a set of headphones for an even better experience. With purchase, you receive the headset, a remote controller, a lens cleaning cloth and a User Manual (English).

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2. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Headset

Sitting in the mid-range of the price bracket for Virtual Reality headsets is the Oculus Rift S PC-Powered set.

These feature highly responsive controls, comfortable head strap, super clear audio, excellent LCD screen and incredibly simple Plug'n'Play design.

You can pretty well start using them within minutes of taking them out of their box and installing the Oculus software and running Guardian setup.

Designed in partnership with PC brand Lenovo, the Rift S headset is primarily designed for gamers with sharp lenses and latest generation optics.

But it’s also a headset for watching movies or other videos and streaming options like YouTube on a big screen at home.

With comfort and ease of use squarely in mind, the headset is beautifully uncomplicated in every respect.

The design of the actual headset is ergonomically thoughtful – a halo headband which has been redesigned to stay securely in place despite any fast moves mid-game.

Its optics include next-gen lenses and a sharper display delivering bright and crystal-clear images and colours.

And its updated Oculus Touch Controllers react instantaneously and with realistic precision to your arm and hand movements so that you stay right in the game against your opponents.

Tracking is excellent and reliable. These are compatible with all the games in the Oculus game store. There is a 3.5mm jack included for 3rd party solutions.

3. Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Headset

Another 3D Virtual Reality headset designed primarily for gamers from Oculus is the Quest All-In-One. This headset requires no PC and is completely wireless.

The Oculus mobile app is all that’s needed to be up and running, anywhere you like.

Sensors are contained inside the headset to both steer you around outside objects and to track and translate your movements into VR.

Award-winning Oculus Touch Controllers bring your hands completely into the game precisely, intuitively and realistically so you’ll never be accidentally outdone by your opponent!

The Oculus Touch Controllers react instantaneously and with realistic precision to your arm and hand movements so that you stay right in the game against your opponents. Tracking is excellent and reliable.

If you choose to also use the Oculus Guardian system you can also view the layout of the space you’re playing in and trace a playing field to avoid furniture etc, and to move outside that space to eg use the kitchen.

From wherever you are you can set the headset up with an iPhone (iOS 10 or higher) or Android (6.0 or higher) and the Oculus Mobile app (free download) plus WiFi access.

You do need an Oculus account. At the time of writing and for a very limited period, when you purchase the headset on Amazon you receive 3 free episodes of Vader Immortal.

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4. Oculus Go VR Headset

From gaming VR headset designer Oculus comes the Go All-In-One 64GB, a headset designed primarily for Virtual Reality viewing rather than gaming, although it can be used for gaming and comes with an intuitive controller which enables game playing but is also used to navigate the VR environment.

This headset doesn’t require a PC or other hardware and is completely wireless. It relies on a charged inbuilt battery and a WiFi connection with an account enabling access to streaming channels such as YouTube, Google, Netflix, etc. Or you can explore the world using Google Maps for example.

It has a large internal memory of 64GB so you can also carry your own videos and other entertainment sources with you.

Or you can pair it with your iPhone or Android phone and you’re set to explore further afield, to meet up with friends for shared adventures and more.

The graphics are vivid, clear and bright and the optics are HD, with integrated spatial audio speakers (also built-in) to delight.

This is a great purchase for kids – bearing in mind that they will have internet access to be considered.

The GO is a really well-priced self-contained unit for those who want to have some fun with Virtual Reality without the hassles and setup issues.

It offers loads of free opportunities for immersive fun and is a great purchase for older kids. And if you want more it’s there for you to access without a lot of work.

5. Samsung Gear VR

Snap your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone into the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality (2016 model) headset and you’ll turn your environment into a VR paradise with Accelerator, Gyrometer, and Proximity Detection.

The headset has a micro-USB connector on one side of the wide arm which secures the phone. This is a battery charger. If you wish to you can go wireless by not having a battery pack attached.

The immersive Super AMOLED screen and its powerful processor allow you to experience your surroundings in vivid 3D, with a user-friendly touchpad interface located on the other side of the headset which gives you complete control. There is also a mechanical focusing dial on the headset above the eyes.

Using the interface controls choose where you want to be taken, whether it be a game, a panoramic photo, a video, a movie, or other video or image.

The wide field of view, low latency and accurate head-tracking make the virtual very real indeed in full 360-degree effect.

The headset is light and comfortable to wear, with soft padding around the eyes and face and adjustable elasticised straps.

The product is compatible with most Samsung Galaxy phones: the S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge, and Note 5.

You do need an Oculus account and the Oculus Home Launcher to operate the headset.This is a great entry-level VR product at an excellent price if you just want to have some fun with Virtual Reality.

How to choose best VR headset for you? 

There's many different types of VR headsets available to you, so you'll need to decide how you're going to use this. Entry level models often work with smartphones, such as Samsung's VR headset. 

Other mid range devices might work with smartphones, but may also run in connection with video games consoles such as the Playstation 4, Xbox One etc. 

High end models are capable of producing high-quality images, requiring an expensive computer or even used as a standalone system that can cost thousands of dollars. 

You should consider how you're going to use your VR headset before purchase. There's no point buying a model that only supports USB-C if you have no way of connecting your device. Likewise if you need smartphone only, you might not need the most expensive models either. 

Some advanced models such as those that connect with games consoles, may require you to purchase the camera for motion sensing controls and these are often another $100-$150+. 

Most VR headsets come with straps which aren't comfortable after long periods of use. After all they are not designed for endless gaming..yet anyway. 


Choosing the best VR headsets come down to what you're intending to do. If you want to use a smartphone only, then devices such as the Samsung Gear VR are cheap options that provide clarity at an affordable price. 

If you plan on connecting your games console, and take advantage of motion activation then you'll need more expensive models that cost upwards of $500.

Fully fledged options that are connected to the PC can set you back over $700. However this is stark contrast to a few years ago when VR headsets cost $5000+. 

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