Best Selfie Lights Australia (Reviews + Ratings)

Smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter (like the Huawei P30) with many now offering forward facing flash or the ability to make the screen bright white. But what if you don't have the latest tech or simply want to use a professional camera instead?

Thankfully someone invented selfie lights, a bright ring light that fixates to a tripod or your camera allowing you to light up your face in any conditions such as pitch black rooms or low light scenic backdrops. 

Best Selfie Lights

Today we'll be looking at the best selfie lights Australia has to offer, to help you make the best buying decision and get the best price.

We bought ours from which offers fast delivery nationwide. 

1. Ubeesize Selfie Ring Light

  • 33 separate led lights
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Clip to your phone
  • 360 degree.

The ring has 33 separate LED lights in it so you’re getting an even distribution of light right around your face or other subject being photographed.

It runs on a Lithium-ion battery so it’s rechargeable. The charged battery will last around 45 minutes in full light use.

The ring light is easily clipped to your phone with a metal and silicone rubber fitting, so it won’t scratch your phone. The clip is also universal and suitable for all phones, without exception.

And it has an easy to use on/off and mode control switches on the cord. The ring is powered by a rechargeable battery so no need for replacement heavy dry batteries.

The ring light is attached to a 24” x 360-degree rotatable flexible arm which bends to any shape you want with the phone held securely at the end in any angle you like.

To get just the right lighting choose from the 3 light colours and the 10 brightness levels for use in different settings or for different moods and effects.

That means that you will be able to take selfies or videos at night. That’s a great amount of versatility in such a low-price product.

2. LONGKO Selfie Ring Light

  • Super lightweight
  • 36 bright LED's
  • Choose brightness
  • Long battery life.

With a weight of only 55g and a nice compact size the LONGKO selfie ring light can be pretty easily taken with you anywhere, but especially when you go out and want to look your best for those pics for social media. 

The Longko ring light helps you take great pictures and makes a big difference to how they come out.

The ring has 36 independent bright LED’s and 3 levels of brightness (low, medium and high) to choose from to suit the occasion and your goal. The ring produces a lovely soft light to enhance all skin tones and facial features, and a wide range to suit groupings and larger subjects.

The device clips to your phone or tablet with 15mm large clip mouth which will fit most smartphones, tablets, makeup mirrors, etc.

The clip is designed to be unable to scratch or otherwise damage your device. It’s also powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and comes with a USB cable.

Make the camera in your phone exceed its best by adding the secret of a selfie ring light – you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll suddenly look in all those FB photos!

3. Rimposky Selfie Ring Light w/ Tripod

  • Comes with tripod
  • Choose brightness
  • Wireless remote
  • Use tripod as selfie stick.

Arriving at your door with a tripod, remote control, phone holder and bike mount you can’t say that Rimposky have not set you up with the complete works to start taking all sorts of ‘staged’ photos and videos.

Use it for selfies, Face Time, Skype, and WhatsApp, or more serious artistic photographic or cinematographic ventures. You’ll love this product.

The ring light has 3 colours: White, Warm yellow, and Warm White. Each of these modes has 11 adjustable brightness levels for maximum versatility.

The ring has a wireless remote which does not operate with apps or WiFi. It will work up to 30’ to take the photo.

This selfie ring form Rimposky features a dimmable 16cmn ring which can be extended up to 137cm as you wish. With the phone securely attached you can place it on the floor or on a table or use the supplied tripod (refer manual).

The tripod can be used separately as a selfie stick or phone tripod. The tripod can be raised in height up to 133cm.

The phone is attached to the ring light with a universal holder suitable for the stand, the tripod, or a bicycle. The phone can be rotated 360 degrees.

This is a very well designed and versatile product.

4. Neewer Ring Light

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable clamp
  • Extremely affordable
  • Requires additional USB cable.

The smartphone ring light from Neewer has a few great features to satisfy those who love taking selfies and also those who use their phones to take photos semi-professionally or record YT videos, talk in real time, video conferencing, and more.

The ring features 3 different light settings for a variety of looks and 8 adjustable brightness levels to dim each of those settings.

The phone is attached to the light with a strong clamp which is padded to protect the phone from scratching or other damage. The clamp is connected to the end of a strong yet flexible cable (arm) which then mounts onto the edge of a table.

That arm can be moved around to achieve the desired position of the phone The phones position can then be further adjusted to get a different angle.

The device is charged with a USB cable, not supplied.

The clamp securing the arm to the table has a range of 1.96”-2.36” (5-6cm).

The phone holder will not take phones wider than 3.42” (8.7cm).

And, best of all, this ring light is extremely affordable. For what it can do, this product is a bargain. It can solve a lot of practical problems which people have with using their phones multifunctionally quite apart from taking selfies.

5. Abeststudio 12" Stepless Ring Light

  • Studio ring light
  • 12" and 2m stand
  • 480 LED's included
  • Adjustable dimming range.

Great for beginners on a budget the Abeststudio Stepless adjustable ring light has been primarily designed for the professional market: photography and makeup artists.

The kit includes a 12” LED ring light, a 2m light stand, 2 x shades (white and orange), a ¼” phone holder, a ¼” ‘mini hot shot shoe ball’, and a carry bag.

The ring light has an impressive 480 LED’s for a powerful brightness at its highest settings. It has a wide dimming range (1 to 100%).

There are two filters for colour diffusion so that you can choose the light quality you want. There is no infrared or ultraviolet light radiation from the ring.

The ring is supported by a strong flexible arm which is reinforced for durability and which moves freely without drooping so that you can get the best placement for every shot. The phone clips on to the end of that arm with the supplied clip.

The arm is itself supported by a stable height adjustable tripod style stand which is a maximum 200cm tall.

The ring light illuminates the face for photography with a flattering soft light either directly or reflected. For makeup the light can be set up to shine on the face to imitate stage lights and allow the makeup artist to see the desired result under those lights.

This ring light is excellent for producing quality stills and videos for professional purposes.


Selfie lights are the perfect way to take amazing selfies for social media. They can also be used for commercial purposes such as the Abeststudio which offers a 2m tripod and 480 LED light perfect for filming Youtube videos or creating content. If you're looking for something more personal then the best selfie lights you can purchase in Australia are the Ubeesize, combining features and affordability. 

James Hunter

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