7+ Best New Zealand Ski Fields For Aussies To Try!

Planning a trip to New Zealand to go skiing but not sure where is the best New Zealand ski fields? Today we're taking a look at the infamous top rated resorts, with two in the North Island and 5 in the South Island. 

With direct flights to Queenstown from Melbourne and Sydney, getting to the slopes is as easy as a 3 hour flight and less than $200 of your hard earned cash. 

A small sum, compared to the cost of lift passes, accommodation and food. However, if you've exhausted the Victorian ski fields, you may want to experience something a little different. 

Unlike Australian ski fields, you won't find hotels next to the ski lifts though, instead a lengthy drive up the mountain is required each morning, but this is all part of the fun!

With a large number of pipe parks, tobogganing runs, and some of the longest trials in the Southern Hemisphere, you're bound to want to go back for a second trip!

So without further ado, here's the best New Zealand ski fields you've got to checkout!  

1. Cardrona

  • Lifts: 5 
  • Good For: Everyone
  • On Site: Pipe park, Ski School, 8 cafes/bars

Cardona Alpine Resort is catered towards everyone, whether that be families or professional skiers. This place features several attractive amenities such as a childcare center, 8 cafes and restaurants, a shop and medical facilities.

There are instructors available to teach beginners how to ski as well as professional skiing programs for serious competitors. Cardona also has the largest network of parks and pipes in the southern hemisphere, making it a must-visit for skiing enthusiasts.

There are also several apartments available to rent during the stay from studio apartments that fit up to 4 people and 4-bedroom apartments for large families. It is highly recommended that advanced books be made as these rentals fill up fast.

Simply put, Cardona Alpine Resort offers 345 hectares of skiable terrain and a 600-meter vertical. The top elevation is listed at 1,894 meters and there is a 4-kilometer-long run.

2. Treble Cone

  • Lifts: 3
  • Good For: Everyone
  • On Site: Ski School, Cafes

Treble Cone contains 550 hectares of skiable area and a 700-meter vertical which is the longest in the Queenstown and Wanaka region. There is a summit elevation of 2088 meters.

The terrain is well suited for intermediate and professional skiers but there is a slope specifically for beginners called the Magic Carpet. Additionally, there is the Nice ‘n’ Easy and Easy Rider regions available once beginners have mastered Magic Carpet.

There are lessons available with a maximum of 5 students per class, ensuring that beginners receive adequate attention.

Intermediate skiers often challenge the 700-meter vertical while advanced skiers gain access to pipes in the Saddle Basin and steep areas on the Summit Slopes, as well as Motatapu Chutes. There is an uninterrupted running region of 4 kilometres.

There are 4 dining choices available such as the Southern BBQ and Allpress at Altitude Bar.

3. Remarkables

  • Lifts: 7
  • Good For: Everyone
  • On Site: Concept park, tobogganing

The Remarkables offers 220 hectares of terrain for all families and skill levels whether that be beginner, intermediate or advanced. This mountain range has a 357-meter vertical and the longest run is listed at 1.5 kilometers.

There are several qualified instructors and skiing lessons available for beginners and children. There is a large and dedicated area just for children and beginners to ensure safety. There is also to hire toboggans for little kids for a fun experience.

Intermediate skiers have access to the Hike Park and Medium Park where there is an array of rails available to do various tricks.

Advanced skiers have the privilege of performing on the Burton Stash which is a concept park co-designed by Jake Burton and Craig Kelly and the only one available in the southern hemisphere. The Remarkables is a mountain range full of amazing landscapes with views of Queenstown

4. Coronet Peak

  • Lifts: 8
  • Good For: Everyone
  • On Site: Night skiing, cafes

Coronet Peak has 280 hectares available for skiing with a 1536-meter summit and a 462-meter vertical. The Big Easy is available for those who are just starting out and lessons can be purchased for guidance from an experienced skier.

The M1 and Greengates are catered towards intermediate skiers. For those who are more advanced and seasoned, there are large off-piste terrains to run wild. There is also a run of almost 2.5 kilometers.

There is also the option for visitors to go skiing at night where there is the chance to catch breathtaking sunsets. Corona Peak is a great choice for families as kids aged 10 and lower get to ski for free.

For people who aren’t too thrilled about going skiing, there is the option to go on a sightseeing excursion where gorgeous photos can be taken of the Wakatipu Basin.

5. Mount Hutt

  • Lifts: 5 
  • Good For: Intermediate+ 
  • On Site: Cafe, Coffee Bar 

Mount Hutt allows kids aged 10 and under to ski at no cost, making it a family-friendly vacation spot. There are around 365 hectares of skiable area with a 2086-meter summit and 683-meter drop.

The longest run is listed at 1.9 kilometers. This is an area with extremely heavy snowfall and wide, open regions. There are several areas catered for those who enjoy unpredictable topography with the Virgin Mile Ridge especially recommended for advanced skiers.

However, this resort is open 8am-9am where only those with a Beginners Pass can enter. Mount Hutt also offers altitude spas for those who don’t like skiing or those who just want to relax after an intense day.

The Hubers Hut, Sky High Café and Sixteen 10 Coffee Bar are open for meals and light refreshments.

6. Whakapapa, Mt Ruapheu

  • Lifts: 8 
  • Good For: Everyone 
  • On Site: 6 cafes, ski school

Whakapapa offers 550 hectares of skiable terrain, which is the largest in the whole of New Zealand. It is advertised that 30% of the region is ideal for beginners with the Happy Valley specifically designed to cater to children and those who are just starting out.

There is a top elevation of 2,320 meters and the longest run listed at 2.8 kilometers. Around 45% of the topography is recommended for intermediate skiers while 25% of both marked trails and off-piste fields.

Facilities in Whakapapa include an Accident and Medical Centre, 6 cafés and a snow school which employs 95 instructors. Due to this, Whakapapa is a great option for young children.

Simply put, the volcanic region offers both groomed areas and contradictory landscapes to suit people of all skill levels. Gorgeous views of North Island can also be admired from Whakapapa.

7.Turora, Mt Ruapheu

  • Lifts: 8 
  • Good For: Everyone
  • On Site: Ski School, Cafes

Positioned on New Zealand’s most active volcano, Turora Ski Resort contains unobstructed slopes and bowls that are perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Although there is a region exclusive to beginners called the Alpine Meadow, it is not currently operating during the 2020 season. Turora is famous for the 722-meter vertical drop. 

There are around 500 hectares of skiable area and a 4-kilometre run that will bring both pleasure and pain to the most seasoned skiers. The weather on Turora is quite unpredictable as a lot of the times, the snowfall is too heavy for safe skiing.

Facilities are extensive and include an Urgent Care Clinic, a ski school and 4 licensed cafes. The highest lifted point is at 2,322 meters where unobstructed scenery can be witness firsthand. Turora is a great option for more experienced skiiers who enjoy a challenge.

Do you agree these are the best New Zealand ski fields? 

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