5+ Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

The best keyword research tools will help in updating an old site, or developing a new one by attracting consistent, increased traffic on your site.

Maintaining your own website can be difficult when there are many tasks involved, such as marketing, creating content and actually designing your site.

These tools use help identify quality keywords to guide your content creation, which is the most efficient way to keep up with modern SEO (search engine optimisation).

Keep up to date with the latest web strategies and take a look at these 5 great options for keyword research tools, and take your website to the next level.

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1. KWFinder

  • Free Trial: 10 Days
  • Price: From $29.90
  • Our Rating 5/5

KWFinder by Mangools is a keyword research tool that allows users to discover the keywords required to attract traffic to their website. 

These include keywords with a low SEO difficulty score and a high search volume, and this tool is able to provide a list of keywords that match these criteria with accurate difficulty scores and spot-on search volume figures.

As a starting point, users can determine what is assisting their competitors to succeed and copy these strategies.

By entering a competitor’s URL or domain name, users can discover what keywords they have rankings for.

Data available varies in complexity so that there is something understandable for even the least tech-savvy user while also catering to the needs of more technologically advanced users.

A 10-day free trial is available so that users can be sure the tool is a good fit for their needs. Users can save up to 40% by purchasing annual plans instead of paying monthly.

The paid plans start at $29.90 per month for the basic plan, $39.90 per month for the Premium plan and $79.90 per month for the Agency plan.

These are based on an annual subscription and are all billed annually. On a monthly subscription, prices are $49 per month for the basic plan, $69 per month for the Premium plan and $129 per month for the Agency plan. 

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2. Keyworld Tool

  • Free Trial: N/A
  • Price: From $89/mo
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

Keyworld Tool is a keyword research tool that generates keyword suggestions of searched words for users to build their online presence and boost their website traffic via SEO.

Users simply enter a keyword related to their product or service and the tool will come up with over 750 keywords that are long-tailed.

This tool is reliable and free to use, with users not required to create an account.

Essentially, the tool is able to determine what potential buyers or readers are entering on search engines and generate keywords based on these.

Users can then create their content using these keywords as a basis for their marketing and promotion, and the idea is that buyers will flock to the site upon making a general search engine search.

The tool analyses the trends of searches from Google Autocomplete so that users can benefit from this data.

While keyword research can be completed for free through the tool, there are paid subscriptions that enable users to search even more keywords per day.

Monthly subscriptions start at $89 a month for the Basic Plan, increase to $99 a month for the Pro Plus Plan and $199 a month for the Pro Business Plan.

These allow for 7,000, 35,000, and 70,000 keyword searches a day respectively. Users can save up to 20% by signing up to an annual subscription that is billed annually.

3. AnswerThePublic

  • Free Trial: 2 Searches/day
  • Price: From $99/mo
  • Our Rating: 4/5

AnswerThePublic is a marketing tool where users can learn what their potential customers are searching on Google.

This allows users to tailor their content to include popular keywords in order to steer traffic to their sites and increase sales.

Reports are given that outline the searches that are occurring at a certain point in time.

By receiving data on searches at different times, users can gain an understanding of search trends and how these change over time at certain places around the world.

There is a free version available but the paid pro plan gives access to extended limits of free features and extra features. Searches on the pro plan are unlimited whereas the free version has a limit of searches per day.

In the pro plan, reports are instantly saved so they can be referred back to easily if required, data is easily able to be compared in order to see changes in search performance including new keyword suggestions.

Results can be tailored to location and language, images can be downloaded in high resolution, and irrelevant sections and suggestions can be hidden without hassle.

A further pro features included being able to add an unlimited number of members so that only one account is required per organisation.

The pro plan costs $99 a month on a monthly subscription or $79 a month on an annual subscription which is billed at $948 each year. 

4. Keyword Keg

  • Free Trial: N/A
  • Price: From $28/mo
  • Our Rating: 4/5

Keyword Keg is a keyword research tool by providing users with a multitude of relevant keywords that they can incorporate into their website content to boost traffic and increase their online profile.

The tool enables users to enter 30 or less keywords at once to receive a list of numerous associated keywords. Being able to enter more than one keyword at a time saves users time and the data list is generated quickly.

Users can gain metrics on their own list of keywords by importing them into the tool. Exporting from the tool to users’ own files is also possible.

This tool offers a plethora of Suggest APIs including eBay, Amazon, YouTube and Google in order to generate the largest range of keywords possible. Data from Google Adwords is able to be used.

Metrics for SEO such as difficulty scores of keywords and on-pages and off-pages can be utilised to optimise results of SERP and locate low ranking keywords that will be easy to outrank.

There are 3 subscription options that start at $40 a month on a monthly subscription for the SEO Consultant plan. The SEO Expert costs $80 a month and the SEO Agency costs $280 a month, both on monthly plans.

Users can save up to 40% by subscribing to an annual plan. Differences in plans includes limits on searches and imports of keywords as well as number of logins at the same time. 

5. Long Tail Pro

  • Free Trial: 7 Days
  • Pricing: From $37/mo 
  • Our Rating: 4/5

Long Tail Pro is a marketing tool used to research keywords in order to boost page rankings in Google searches and increase website traffic.

It is an efficient tool that takes no time at all to generate numerous related keywords to an initial keyword entry that are not as competitive and thus will bring an influx of traffic to webpages of any niche.

These keywords are long tailed and filters can be created for a range of options like value of rank, volume of search, etc. This makes the process of selecting keywords for content use straightforward and fast.

Users can explore their competitors’ keywords, see what is working for them and then implement their strategy or use different keywords to outrank them.

This tool makes it easy to compare keywords by way of a range of metrics in order to easily understand the keyword data and skip the complicated numbers process.

The tool makes it easy to calculate keyword difficulty scores which are essential to the success of a keyword in increasing website ranking on SERPs.

There are 3 paid plan subscription options that start at $25 a month (normally $37) for the Annual Starter. The Annual Pro costs $45 a month (normally $67) and the Annual Agency costs $98 (normally $147).

The plans differ in their maximum limits for keyword and SERP lookups, KC calculations and number of keywords that can be tracked. All plans come with a 10-day money back guarantee.

Why Buy Keyword Research Tools?

Keyword research tools help you to find keyword ideas for new content for your blog or websites.

They look at the search volume, keyword difficulty and current ranking search engine ranking pages so you can see what the competition is like for a specific keyword. 

Keyword research tools are cheaper than fully fledged rank tracker monitors such as Ahrefs, Majestic and Semrush, although they are much more limited.

You can usually search up too 100-200 keywords per day, and can extract most information into a Microsoft CSV format, for offline viewing. 

These tools are something every SEO and marketing agency needs to have, and today we've looked at our 5 top picks for the best keyword research tools on the market. 

Caleb McLaughlin