5+ Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Rugged Cases

You've just spent half your savings on a new, shiny iPhone 11 pro max, now you need to make sure it's safe and protected with one of the best iPhone 11 pro max rugged cases. 

It's sleek design, slim body, delicate screen and high-tech camera make this model a particularly vulnerable one, which means it's easily damaged, cracked or even broken.

However, a good rugged case can keep your precious device safe and protected, it's all in the name! Rugged cases are strong and designed specifically for the iPhone 11 pro max.

If you aren't already sold on investing in a rugged case for your new iPhone, keep reading for a detailed description of the features and benefits of these 5 top rugged cases. 

1. i-Blason Ares Case

Featuring a screen protector as well as a rear phone case the i-Blason Ares case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5” (2019 release) is super rugged for best protection of your precious phone from accidental drops and knocks.

Both the backing and the screen protector are clear, allowing the stylish beauty of the phone to be seen at all times.

The rear has a scratch-resistant and shock-absorbent bumper all around for best protection, has built-in air cushions and is made from multi-layer flexible TPU for superior strength. 

It also prevents your phone from being scratched, keeping it in new condition throughout its lifetime. The transparent screen protector prevents scratching and damage without interfering with touch sensitivity.

The TPU and Polycarbonate materials allow for 360-degree CNET-accredited safety from dust, dirt, falls, and drops. The case has been drop tested at 20 feet.

Textured rubber around the bumper on the edge of the case provides an easy-grip surface which won’t slip out of your hand.

The bumper creates an elevated bezel at the corners for full protection of your phone’s screen and the camera lens also has a raised bezel around it to prevent it touching any surfaces which might scratch or damage it.

The ports and function buttons etc are accessible via precise cut-outs in the case. Wireless charging is still available.

2. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style

From SUPCASE comes the Unicorn Beetle case for the iPhone 11 Pro max 6.5” (2019 release).

This is a stylish premium hybrid clear case for the ultimate protection of this phone against damage from drops and falls, as well as being scratch-resistant for maintaining the looks of your phone through its life.

The case is crystal-clear on the back and made from quality Polycarbonate and TPU for optimal strength. The backing is ultra-thin to keep the phone’s slim profile.

It features a 360-degree bumper with raised bezels at the corners and around the camera lens for all-round protection of the entire phone.

This bumper has inbuilt air cushion technology for better shock absorption. It’s been drop tested at 15 feet.

The case does not have a screen protector but the screen is protected by the raised edges of the bezels, and you still have full touch screen capability.

All ports and function buttons are accessible thanks to cut-outs in the case.

The feel of the phone in this case is comfortable, not slippery but firm to grip. This also helps to prevent dropping the phone.

Weighing only 27.2g the case doesn’t add any significant weight or bulk to your phone.
Installation is as easy as ‘Snap-On’.

3. Spigen Rugged Armor

At a very competitive price, the Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone case (Model 075CS27133) is specifically designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5” (2019 release).

This is a matte black case featuring this brand’s trademark interior spider-web pattern on its flexible TPU case.

It has a superior shock-absorbent and carbon fibre design which has a raised lip all around the edge of the case to protect the screen from damage if dropped.

This raised edge (or bumper) uses Air Cushion Technology to increase its shock absorptive capacities.

Precise cutouts around the ports and function buttons allow easy access to these. And the screen’s touch sensitivity is maintained as this case doesn’t have a separate screen protector.

The backing of the case has a cut out around the Apple logo and a stylish cut-out (with bezelled edge) around the camera lens.

The Spigen logo at the bottom of the case is also very attractive, as is the detail across the base. If looks are important to you, you’ll like this case.

And at a shade under 50g and only 1.1cm thick, it’s not adding much bulk to your phone. The feel of the phone is also great – firm in the hand due to the TPU which has a textured rubber finish.

4. Spigen Tough Armor

At a very competitive price, the Spigen Tough Armor iPhone case (Model 075CS27142) is specifically designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5” (2019 release).

The case is a block black colour and is designed to protect your phone from drops and scratching through the use of tough Polycarbonate on the back and flexible rubberised TPU on the raised bumper around the edge of the phone.

This raised edge, with bezels at the corners, is what protects the screen from damage by preventing it from coming into contact with any surfaces which might damage it by scratching or breaking it, whether by drops or by being placed face down on a rough surface.

The camera lens is also protected by a raised edged cut-out around it. Ports and function buttons are accessed through cut-outs in the case’s edge.

The case also features a kickstand for easy hands-free use.

The backing features a cut-out around the Apple logo for display purposes, with the kickstand with the Spigen logo on it discretely set into the lower corner. This is not an invisible case by any means, but it looks good.

It is 1cm thick and weighs 49.9g so it won’t add much bulk to your phone but no, it is not the slimmest on the market. A case needs to do the job though.

5. OtterBox Defender Series

Designed for protecting your iPhone 11 Pro Max against the hard life you throw at it, the Otterbox Defender Series Screenless Edition cover (‘Gone Fishin’) is a tough phone case built to do a tough job. And available in Majolica Blue it looks good too.

The case is designed with a solid internal shell and soft outer cover. It does not have a separate screen cover – the main case which clips on to the back of your phone does the job of protecting 100% of your phone.

The case has raised edges and bezel corners to fully protect the entire phone from damage from accidental falls and scratching.

Ports and function buttons are protected by flexible fold-back soft covers over precise cut-outs in the case. The case also has a belt-clip holster which can also be used as a kickstand for hands-free use.

The soft outer cover has a firm-grip texture to limit the chance f the phone slipping out of your hand.

The thickness of the case is 1.5cm and it weighs 159g so it does add some bulk to the phone, but it is designed for protection in rugged settings. It’s very strong and very safe.


Why spend over $1,500 on your new iPhone 11 Pro phone and then run the risk of dropping it? You could buy AppleCare which at the time of going to print, allows cover for a smashed screen, but this is $250+, whereas these cases can be purchased for as low as $20. 

AppleCare has it's benefits, but not everyone can afford to add this, plus if you're buying the phone via a cellular carrier you'll have to take their insurance instead. 

So why not give yourself peace of mind, knowing that these rugged cases are going to help avoid an expensive mistake should you accidentally drop your phone. 

All our staff have a rugged case, we opted for the Spigen Touch Armour, personally. At less than $25, in a range of colours, it's perfect for drops of up to 5ft with no damage (from our experience).

Caleb McLaughlin

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys