5+ Best Ice Figure Skates To Buy Online [Top Rated]

Owning the best ice figure skates should be an important consideration if you want to excel on the ice. Today we'll be looking at the best figure skates available to buy in Australia. 

Shopping for figure skates can be tricky, especially if you're a beginner. There's many different brands each claiming to offer the best features and specifications. 

Choosing the wrong figure skates could result in injury from blisters or falling on the ice. Plus your performance on the ice could be severely hampered. 

When choosing the best figure skates theres a few things to consider, such as your current skill level, how often you'll be skating and of course the type of skating you'll be doing. 

Below you'll find the top rated models available to buy online, and below you'll find our buyers guide on how to choose the best figure skates for beginners and intermediates. 

1. American Athletic Lined Ice Skates

  • Good for beginners
  • Women & men sizing
  • Includes blades

These skates from American Athletic are geared towards beginner and novice skaters. The boots are constructed of out PVC which provides substantial support. The PVC composition also allows for easy maintenance.

These skates are lined with tricot fabric for warmth and comfort during skating.
Glide effortlessly on ice rinks using the steel blade which is coated in nickel. There is additional adding for warmth and a tongue to easily put on the skates.

It is designed to be gentle on the feet, with several components for ankle support. Full length laces adorn the front to ensure a perfect fit.

Sizes are available for both men and women. The sizing chart is identical to that of regular shoes, saving the hassle of having to measure.

These skates are available in a classic white colourway that compliments any gear. Besides conventional ice rinks, these skates can be used on frozen ponds too.

2. Lake Placid Cascade Figure Skates

  • Good for beginners
  • Full range of sizes
  • Includes blades

These skates from Lake Placid are ideal for casual use, or for rookie skaters. The boots are constructed of out a synthetic fabric for durability. There is full padding to provide warmth and comfort.

The lining consists of a woven material which has quick-drying properties. These materials work to prevent ankle sprains and injuries, despite long skating sessions.

The closures are fitted with full lacing and speed hooks. There is also a waterproof sole for firm attachment between the boot and blade.

The blades are made out of stainless steel and include toe picks. These toe picks are great for ideal skaters to use while performing jumps on ice rinks.

These skates come in a white finish with minimal gold details. There are only women’s sizes available. It is recommended that a smaller size than your regular shoe size should be ordered for the best fit.

3. Jackson Ultima softSkate

  • Pretty in white & pink
  • Good for kids starting out
  • Includes blades

The SoftSkate from Jackson Ultima is a perfect gift for little girls who want to start skating lessons. Alternatively, it is also suitable for teenagers and women for recreational skating.

The boots are supported by stainless steel blades which help deliver gentle landings. For support, there are PVC outsoles which can be wiped down for easy maintenance. The inside is lined with pink fleece for comfort and multi-layered ankle support

There is a vinyl upper and full-sized padded tongue to easily slip these skates on. These materials also provide additional warmth when gliding on ice rinks.

These skates are high tops, and come with extensive lacing to ensure you get the perfect fit. There is a chrome insert and other silver details for additional style. This pair is available in several colours such as pink, purple and blue.

The sizing chart runs small, so it is recommended that you order half a size smaller.

4. Jackson Freestyle Figure Skates

  • Good for intermediates
  • Women & men sizes
  • Good for learning tricks, jumps

These skates are geared towards rookie skaters who want to start performing intermediate jumps and landings. To enable this, this pair comes with Aspire blades which are fitted with intricate toe picks.

There is also a hardened leather outsole for firm attachment between the boot and blade.
These boots are lined with a durable leather material that has anti-microbial properties. This lining prevents bad odour and keeps feet clean, despite long practice sessions.

There is foam padding which can be reformed using heat for the perfect fit. The padding provides ankle support and warmth while skating. The full-sized leather tongue enables a more even fit and a wider range of movement.

These skates are catered towards both women and men, with an extensive size selection for foot width as well. There skates come in a clean white colour with tan-coloured lining. There are wide laces available to ensure a proper fit.

5. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade

  • Good for beginners
  • Range of sizes available
  • Comes with blades

The Bladerunner Ice is geared towards novice skaters who are looking to execute simple tricks. It is also ideal for recreational skaters who regularly skate on ponds and ice rinks.

These skates are made with synthetic uppers which prevent ankle sprains and injuries. For extra ankle support, thick padding is added to ankle regions and the tongue.

These boots are supported by stainless steel blades which come with basic toe picks for executing spins and jumps. Like all skates, it is recommended that the blades get professional sharpened before use.

There are PVC outsoles for strong adherence to the blades.These outsoles are easy to maintain, and can be easily wiped down.

To get that perfect fit, these skates come with full-size lace and lace hooks. It comes in a stylish white colourway that goes with many skating outfits.

The boots are targeted towards female skaters, with an extensive charting size available. 

How to choose the best ice figure skates?

When it comes to choosing a pair of ice skates, what should you actually look for? 


Unfortunately the size of ice skates varies between brand to brand, so when buying online it's important to choose a retailer that allows returns.

While the shoe chart can give a good indication of the sizing, the differences between Australian, European and American brands can be confusing. Refer to the reviews to see what other people are commenting. Usually there's a trend, for example ordering 1 or 2 sizes bigger or smaller.

If in doubt it's better to have skates that are a little too big as you can always wear thicker socks. It can be impossible to skate with skates that are too small. Your skates should fit you snugly, but should not be too tight to cause injury or pain. 

Stiffness Rating

The stiffness on ice skates varies depending on the brand and model. This basically refers to the level of support around your ankles. Beginners will definitely want a lighter stiffness as it offers increased comfort, but professionals may want a higher stiffness due to the pressure they'll exert on the ankles and skates due to their tricks. 

Blade Combo

Beginners will definitely want to buy skates that come with blades, as they can get out skating right away. Professionals and even intermediates may wish to buy skates and blades separately as they can choose specific blades tailored towards what they'll be doing..i.e. tricks or just skating.

Pre-assembled skates are a good option and can work out cheaper than buying blades after buying skates, however for beginners they don't know the difference between the blades so it doesn't matter too much. If joining a skate club, ask your teacher what the best option is. 

When it comes to choosing the best ice figure skates, there's many different factors to consider. Then there's many different brands and models. While it can be overwhelming, you should do your research and decide if you're a beginner or not. Beginners will nearly always choose skates that come with blades, while pros will not. 

After doing our own research, there's many different highly rated brands online. If there's any doubts head down to your local ice rink club and ask for some guidance, most will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Lastly, make sure you order from a retailer that allows easy returns if the sizing is too tight. 

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