5+ Best Hunting Trail Cameras (Reviews + Ratings)

Don't let the title fool you, a trail camera is not limited to hunting purposes only. In fact, hunting trail cameras have a multitude of features that give it distinctive versatility.

These features consist of high resolution remote images, and a flash that surpasses the distance and strength of a typical camera.

Due to its utility, the hunting trail camera is often used by nature photographers to capture wildlife shots, sports photographers to capture action shots mid field and is sometimes used as a security detail.

As a hunter, this camera will save you the time and effort of a hunting blind, and allow you to track the behavioural patterns of various animals.

You can find five examples of these devices below, including their features and distinctive elements. 

The 5 Best Hunting Trail Cameras

1. Campark Trail Camera

  • 120-degree wide angle view
  • <1 second speed recording
  • Up to 75 feet range
  • Includes colour screen on back
  • Night vision

The Campark T40 Hunting Camera is a trail camera with infra-red night illumination to take daytime colour and night-time black-and-white stills and FHD video of wildlife for hunting or observational purposes.

The camera has a 120-degree wide-angle view to expand the shooting range and a rapid trigger speed of up to <1 second for recording accurate real-time movement of the target. The detection and illumination range is approximately 75 feet (22m).

Night vision is enhanced through the use of 42 pcs low glow infra-red LED’s.

FHD 1080P video and 14MP stills are available with motion-sensored activation when you’re not physically present – excellent when you’re wanting to catch predators and farm thieves or just to catch shots and videos of animals in the wild.

The camera has a TFT colour LCD display, several video resolutions between 1080P and 240P, and still shot resolutions between 1m and 14m. It supports a micro SIM card up to 32GB (not included). And is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac 10.2 via USB connectivity (USB cable included)

It’s powered by AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries (not supplied).

The box contains the camera, a mounting belt, a tree mount, the USB cable and a User Manual.

2. Moultrie A-25i Game Camera

  • Perfect entry level camera
  • Wide field of view
  • Night vision

Moultrie’s A-25i Game Camera is a beginner level trail camera with invisible infra-red technology and superior sensors for excellent performance at any time of day. It comes on the market at a great price point.

Use it to experience night images of moving targets, both still and video, which are captured in excellent quality and with great reliability. The low-glow infrared flash will not frighten an animal away.

Its 12-megapixel resolution ensures quality stills and the video is 720 HD for greater resolution and a better playback experience. And the camera supplies the date, time and moon phase details on the strip.

A wide field of view and rapid trigger speed (<0.9) mean that you’ll be able to capture moving animals more reliably, while the illumination (invisible infrared type) and detection range exceed the flash range of 50 feet to ensure a clear shot every time.

The controls interface is user-intuitive with backlighting for night vision.

This camera is also mobile compatible so you can enjoy your stills and videos on your mobile device on a Moultrie monthly mobile subscriber plan.

The camera is battery operated with four AA batteries (not supplied) and is solar power capable by adding a solar panel (purchased separately).

Moultrie cameras have many accessories to add for an even better experience, like a Solar Power Panel, Camera Battery Box, Security Box, Universal Camera Stake, etc.

3. Blazevideo No Glow Trial Camera

  • Wide-angle 65 degrees
  • Up to 65 feet distance
  • Time lapse mode
  • Embedded 2.4" screen

Waterproof, robust and low-glow when taking night shots this trail camera from BlazeVideo is used for wildlife hunting and observation as well as security purposes around the home or commercially. Sports videoing is another popular application for trail cameras.

A sturdy strap and buckle are supplied for mounting it to posts, trees or other structures for Away mode functioning.

The camera will capture stills up to 16MP and videos up to 1080HD. It can be set to motion-sensor mode when you’re not there. Images are monochrome at night and full colour during daylight hours. There’s also a ‘Cam + Video’ mode to take both at every trigger point.

The wide-angle is 65-degrees and the camera has night vision capabilities up to 20 metres (65ft). Trigger speed can be set to as high as 0.6 times per second with motion sensors enabled. Stills are captured between 1MP – 16Mp, and 1920*1080 videos between 25fps – 30fps.

Time Lapse Mode is an attractive feature of this camera, together with a Timer function. Trigger intervals can be set to between 5seconds and 60 minutes.

The user interface for operating the camera is highly intuitive with an embedded 2.4” LCD screen and simple menu. The camera accepts a micro-SD card (8MG – 32GB).

The camera operates on 8 x AA batteries (not supplied). An Auto Power Off function, as well as a Standby mode, preserves battery life.

4. Crenova 20MP Camo Trial Camera

  • Huge 120 degree wide angle
  • First rate audio capture
  • 65 feet range
  • 0.2 second trigger speed

Crenova’s 20MP Camo trail camera is equipped with new technology CMOS motion sensor detection to take beautifully clear 20MP stills and HD videos day and night.

Daytime images are in full brilliant colour. Night shots are monochromatic. The camera also features first-rate audio with the 1080P video.

This is a sturdy weatherproof camera which is equipped with a wall-mount and mounting belt for outside use for security and time-lapse observational purposes.

You may want to simply see what wildlife occupies your nearby area, or what your garden thieves are, or guard your home or commercial premises.

The camera features superior night vision courtesy of an automatic infrared filter and 36pcs 940nm IR LED's.

It has an exceptionally wide 120-degree angle detection area and a detection distance of 65 feet with a lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds. The camera performs a scouting function with its three motion sensors and will shoot when movement is detected.

Photo resolution range is between 8MP and 20MP. Video resolution is between 1920*1080 and 640*480, all at 30fps. Trigger distance is at up to 20 metres.

The camera supports SD and SDHC memory cards up to 32GB and is compatible with most operating systems via mini-USB (supplied) and TV-out.

It uses 8 x AA batteries (not supplied).

5. Neewer Trail Camera

  • 20M night vision range
  • 0.4 second trigger speed
  • IP66 waterproof design

Neewer’s Classic trail camera is designed for outdoor use with a tough weatherproof outer case, an IP66 standard waterproof opening structure for the lens to keep it dry and unfogged, and the necessary mounts and straps for a permanent spot in the outdoors.

It can be used for several purposes – tracking and recording wildlife for hunting or other observational reasons, security at home or commercially, etc.

The camera takes both stills and HD videos – daylight shots are in full colour, night shots are monochromatic.

The still camera shots are taken in 16MP clarity and the video is in 1080HD with audio. Trigger speed can be set to as high as 0.4 seconds with a distance of up to 20 metres both night and day.

At night the camera uses 40 pieces of No Glow 940nm infrared LED for a wide and long illuminating range without spooking animals or other targets.

It supports a 32GB SD card (not included) and images are stored as JPEG and AVI.

The camera uses 8 x AA batteries (not included). 

It features a Standby mode to preserve battery life.

 Included with the camera itself are a belt, tree mount, USB cable, 3 screws and a User manual.

Who Should Buy A Trail Camera?

Trail cameras are now used by more people than just hunters. Some of the other use cases for these awesome little cameras is home security, property surveillance, wildlife monitoring, farm security, tracking animal movements and livestock management. 

Trail Camera Pricing

Trail cameras are now cheaper than ever, thanks to the advancements in technology. You can pick one up for a little over $100 with free fast delivery using sites such as Amazon.

It's no secret that the USA is the main market you want to purchase a trail camera, with brands such as Neewer and Moultrie rarely exporting internationally. Therefore sites such as Amazon offer international delivery to your door, for free on certain orders over $39 or for prime members. 

You definitely get what you pay for in terms of features, much the same as a normal camera or video camera. A bigger budget will probably get you better quality photos, better night vision and night vision photos as well as an LCD screen for checking pictures in the field.

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