5+ Best Hidden Spy Cameras Australia (Reviews)

In a world as dangerous and untrustworthy as this, safety and security is anyone's first priority. For a non-discrete, subtle option for home surveillance, see below a list of the best hidden spy cameras

From cameras embedded in USB's, glasses and even clothes hooks, installing a hidden camera in your home has never been easier, or more invisible.  

Many models offer features such as night visibility, motion detection, weather protection and camouflage. 

For a product that will give you peace of mind without breaking the bank, see five different versions of the top rated spy cameras below. 

Best Hidden Spy Cameras

1. Hidden Spy Glasses

  • Discreet camera in glasses
  • Records to micro-SD
  • Shoot images or videos

With surprisingly clear still image and video quality these spy glasses from YAOWE are such an easy way to record hands-free whatever you’re looking at wherever you are. Record a special event such as a wedding or birthday party, a hiking trip, or use it for security purposes.

The tiny camera is hidden in the frame of the eyeglasses which look 100% genuine but have no function as glasses. The glasses measure 11.9*10.9*7.1 and weigh only 240g. The video camera has a resolution of 1280*960 and 30fps. It is a 5MP CMOS camera.

It accepts a mini SD card (not supplied) for recording both still shots and videos and is compatible by Plug & Play with all PC’s, laptops without any additional drivers.

And of course, the SD card can also be removed and used in a card reader to view all images and videos.To ensure that no video recording is lost the system saves every ten minutes to the SD card.

The glasses feature a single function button which operates all the modes: Power On/Off, Shoot Still, and Video On/Off. A power-saving Auto Shut-Off kicks in after non-operation for a certain time period has elapsed.

A Lithium-ion battery runs the camera. It requires charging before use (approximately three hours) with the supplied USB cable.

Add This Micro-SD card 

2. Hidden USB Spy Camera 

  • Discreet USB 100 degree camera
  • Records to micro-SD card
  • Requires power source

The Rettru WiFi spy camera is a USB with a small camera cable attached which is ideal for any spying you want to do.

The 14mm video camera hidden at the end of the short metal flexible cable uses a CMOS motion sensor with a resolution of 1080P and shutter speed of 30fps. It features a wide-angle lens for better surveillance footage.

The video format is AVI and can be stored on a micro-SD card up to 32GB. If the SD card is full the camera loops and overwrites the earliest video recordings.

However, the camera doesn't start capturing video until the motion sensor detects movement in its field of view so this conserves storage space.

The camera has two buttons: one for On/Off Continuous Video Recording and the other for On/Off Motion Detection Monitoring.

You can use the camera permanently mounted in one location set up as long as you can charge it with a nearby power outlet or portable power supply.

Alternatively, it is highly transportable and can be moved around to different locations. Again, it is a plug & play unit (USB type with an adaptor – not supplied, or into a PC USB port) so it needs a power source to operate as it has no internal power such as a battery.

The camera measures 15.5*2.5*1.3 cm and weighs 22.7gm.

3. CREUSA Tiny Thumb Camera

  • Hide the camera in many places
  • Records to micro-SD
  • Various modes and resolutions

CREUSA’s hidden Tiny Thumb Camera can be used as a nanny cam, security detection camera or for any other surveillance purposes. It does not need WiFi or external power to operate so can be used anywhere.

It can be wall-mounted (holder supplied) or hidden in a pocket or on a belt (a clip is also included) or at other locations, wherever you may be. The camera does not emit any light or sound when recording or in standby mode.

The camera takes both stills and HD video with clear image quality. It has a resolution of 1920*1080P/1280*720P. The videos are in AVI format and recorded onto a micro-SD card up to 64GB (not included).

The camera has motion detection capabilities, a good battery saving feature. It also features looping to ensure that no current recordings are lost.

There are only two buttons: one to start/stop the recording and the other to select between HD and FHD quality.The unit is battery operated with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (supplied with USB cable).

The recording capacity per battery charge is approximately eight hours in motion detector mode and it will continue to record while being charged.The unit measures a tiny 12*8*4.5cm and weighs 99.8gm.

4. YAOAWE Clothes Hook Camera

  • Discreet clothes hanger camera
  • Good for close ups
  • Records images or videos to micro-SD
  • Rechargeable battery (2 hour life)

With excellent video quality and sound and so easy to install the Clothes Hook Spy Camera from YAOWE is undetectable if you’re not aware of its presence.

Designed to look like a small hook on the wall which can be used as a hook and still function as a video camera, it’s perfect for use as a nannycam or other surveillance tool. All accessories required to install it are included with purchase.

The camera itself has a pinhole lens which is capable of shooting 720P at 30fps. The image quality is excellent for its size. It is not WiFi or Bluetooth enabled and requires a micro-SD card up to 16GB (not supplied) for storage of videos. There is no internal storage.

There is a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which charges for two hours via USB cable (included) and lasts for 2-3 hours between charges.

The camera does not feature motion detection so the battery life is limited when turned on to the 2-3 hours quoted.

And the camera does need to be taken down for recharging at a USB port and reinstalled each time. The camera measures a tiny 13.8*8.8*4.8cm and weighs 141gm.

It will take weights up to 5 pounds on the hook.

5. OnReal G1 Body Camera

  • Go undercover and record
  • Record stills or images
  • Distance up to 10m
  • Records to micro-SD

The G1 bodycam from OnReal is a highly versatile mini camera for concealed surveillance.

The video camera measures about the size of your thumb and arrives with a clip, suction pad, magic stick and magnetic kit which allow flexibility around where you place it: on your clothes or in other locations inside or outside your home or office. It can even be mounted on your drone.

The hidden camera, which takes both stills and videos, measures a tiny 1.7*1.7*0.8” and weighs only 25gm.

The image resolution is 8MP, and the video resolution is 1920*1080. 

The distance range is up to 10 metres. Both stills and videos taken are of excellent quality: clear and crisp with great sound.

This is a WiFi-enabled camera and requires activation before use. The User Instructions explain how to do this.

The camera is controlled by an app on your smartphone so can be completely portable. It does require a micro-SD card up to 32GB as well (not included).

The integrated WiFi and phone interface enables use for time-lapse photography and live streaming on social media. In the package, you receive: mini camera, USB cable, manual, magic stick, magnet chuck, hook, and suction bracket.


Whether you want to go undercover or simply capture someone in the act, these discreet hidden spy cameras are definitely something you should consider. They offer tiny camera lens and micro-SD storage which can be used to capture images or video. 

Some even capture audio as well and can be used for surveillance. We've seen other models including pens, rings and even fake door knobs with cameras in. 

Be sure to add your micro-SD card during checkout. 

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