5+ Best Drywall Sanders In Australia [Top Rated]

Choosing the best drywall sander can be a difficult task, especially when you're faced with so many different products, each claiming to the best. 

We've decided to do the hard work you, by looking at the top rated drywall sanders in the Australian market, to suit every project and budget. 

Most of the featured options are dustless and ideal for contractors, professionals or DIYers who are looking for high quality gear, capable of getting into small spaces, at an affordable price.

So without further ado, here's the best drywall sanders Australia has to offer. 

1. UNIMAC 1800W Drywall Sander

  • Highly rated online
  • 6 variable speeds, up to 3200RPM
  • 225mm plate, 20L dust bag
  • Lightweight, only 2.8kg

The UNIMAC 1800W Drywall Sander is fitted with a 225mm plate and comes with sandpaper discs. It is powered by a 1800W motor which delivers up to 3200 RPM. There are 6 different speed settings to accommodate any sanding work.

Speeds 1 to 3 are recommended for fine sanding while speeds 3 to 6 are ideal for more heavy-duty sanding. This product can also double up as a vacuum and can be attached to the 20-litre dust bag to reduce clean up time.

The rubber handle is optimised for comfort and has the throttle and speed settings smartly located for easy access.

This item is both catered towards both right and left-handed operators. The large size allows large surfaces to be sanded down without much work and within a short amount of time. This product has a removable lip to enable the corners of walls and other surfaces to be reached as well.

Despite the power of this machine, it only weights 2.8kg making it suitable for professionals who have to frequently move between places. This product comes with 12 sandpaper discs with different grits and a 2m hose. It is available in an orange and black finish.

2. Giantz Drywall Sander

  • Medium weight, 4.6kg
  • 6 variable speeds, up to 1850RPM
  • 20L dust bag, multiple positions
  • Good for long reach

The Giantz Drywall Sander is fitted with an 1850W motor which delivers speeds up to 1850 RPM. There are 6 adjustable speed settings in total for both light-duty and heavy-duty sanding. The plate is 210mm in diameter, an ideal size for quickly sanding down large areas.

This machine is optimised for hard-to-reach areas with an arm reach of 180cm, ideal for cleaning high ceilings. The head is flexible, to sand down the edges and corners of walls. This sander is also designed to be used as a vacuum cleaner and comes with a 20-litre shoulder bag for easy clean up.

The grip can be held in multiple positions and is designed to adhere to the contours of the hand for firm attachment. The grip has the throttle and speed adjustments closely positioned as well.

This product is designed to be operated with both hands when used to sand down high walls. It can be connected to a regular vacuum cleaner as well. This machine weighs 4.6kg and is recommended for use by professional contractors and regular homeowners alike.

A purchase of this sander is inclusive of a toolkit and 12 sanding discs. It is available in a reddish-orange and black finish.

3. Traderight 850W Drywall Sander

  • Variable 7 speed control
  • Up to 2600 RPM on average
  • LED for low light working
  • Lightweight

This drywall sander from Traderight is powered by an 850W motor which has 7 adjustable speed levels. A speed between 1500 to 3000 RPM can be delivered to accommodate various sanding work. The plate is 260mm in diameter which is a great size to cover effectively and efficiently large spaces.

In order to reach straight angles and corners, the chassis of the head can be detached. This product has a ‘Suspended Sanding’ feature for use on uneven surfaces. Additionally, it can act as a vacuum and be attached to any standard vacuum cleaner.

There is a dust bag included which can be carried over the shoulder for easy clean up. To prevent inhaling lots of dust during work, this machine also has an auto dust collection system.

The rubber grip provides a non-slip area for the hands to adhere to. The handle can be extended to reach 180cm in height. There are several LED lights attached to the head to allow working in low-light environments.

This is a lightweight sander which can be utilised by both professionals and hobbyists. It comes with 6 sandpaper discs, several tools and a 4m hose. This product is available in a blue and black finish.

4. Ozito 1200W Portable Drywall Sander

  • 6 speed variable, up to 2300RPM
  • Lightweight, only 2.7kg
  • Dust extraction system

This drywall sander from Ozito is fitted with a 1200W motor which provides variable speed control up to 2300 RPM. It has a 225mm plate which is large enough to efficiently sand down large surfaces quickly.

This product can act as or be attached to a vacuum cleaner and comes with a dust bag to minimise clean up time. In order to maintain workplace safety, there is a dust extraction system embedded in to this machine which prevents large amounts of dust from being inhaled by the operator.

This product is designed to be used using 2 hands with a side and front handle neatly positioned near the throttle for easy access. There is a simple hook and loop paper fitment to make swapping out discs a hassle-free task.

This product can be used on both walls and high ceilings to prep for painting. It is lightweight with a mass of 2.7kg, making it easy to move around between places. Both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts can operate this machine as it is easy to control using the throttle.

It comes with sanding paper and a hose, as well as a shoulder strap. This product is available in a grey finish.

5. Kuller 710W Drywall Sander

  • Good for high ceilings
  • Heavy, 8kg (commercial use)
  • Various speeds up to 6000RPM

This drywall sander from Kuller is fitted with a 710W motor and a plate 210mm in diameter. With the delta sandpaper, a diameter of 287.5mm can be reached which is great for sanding down large areas in a short amount of time.

It is ideal for use to on high ceilings as the handle can be extended up to 190cm. There is the delta sander which has speeds ranging from 3000 to 6000 RPM and the disc-type sander for speeds from 600 to 1500 RPM.

The design of this product is meant to dust-free for safety and there is a hose-twist prevention system for that same reason. This machine can be attached to a vacuum to reduce the cleaning times. The handles provide enough space for both one handed and two-handed use as well.

This machine is hefty, coming in at 8kg. It is recommended for use by both professionals and regular DIYers. A purchase of this product is inclusive of sanding paper and a spanner.

It is ideal for both light and heavy-duty sanding to prep for paint work or add finishing touches. This product comes in a red and black colourway.

How to choose the best drywall sander?

Drywall sanders all have and serve a similar purpose, to help prepare walls for decoration. 

Whether the walls are plaster or drywall, you need to ensure walls are smooth before adding paint or wallpaper, for the best finish possible. 

This is what a drywall sander is used for. You will likely need to complete the job with a detail sander, most of the main work can be done using a drywall sander. 

But how do you actually choose the top rated option for your needs? 

You want to choose one based on the project at hand:

What does your project or work requirement actually entail? 

  • Will you be doing a one off project or future work?
  • Is it going to be for home or commercial use?
  • Do I need to cover a large area?
  • Is it only going to be used on drywall?

Once you know what you'll be doing, it's time to look at the features and specifications.


Probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a drywall sander. If you're going to be standing on a ladder, holding the unit above your head...for extended periods of time, you'll probably want something lightweight.

Trust me, you don't want a heavy unit for doing the ceilings. You'll have a dead arm within minutes, unless you're a big guy who loves lifting at the gym. 

Most units are around a few kgs, so i'd choose something as light as possible, even if it ended up costing slightly more than a heavier unit. 

In the commercial world, the heavier units are often preferred by commercial users, but for home owners, lighter is better, although less durable. 


The higher the RPMs the better, in theory. But it's not always the case for home users who probably won't even notice the difference. For commercial users, you can definitely get the job done faster with a higher RPM device, but this often comes at a higher price tag and heavier unit, as the motor is often larger. 


You'll want a unit that's flexible in terms of it's features. Can it be extended? Can it reach into the corners? Can it be customised to offer detailing? These are all features you may wish to consider when choosing a drywall sander. 

The more features you can get out of your device, the better. 

Sanding Discs

Most sanding discs will connect to your device, but some devices may only work with certain disc brands, or may require extensions to integrate with them. 

If it's not easy to get replacements then you may want to level up to another brand that offers discs that can be purchased in any hardware store.

Trust me when I say you'll be really annoyed if you've got to buy specific discs, as they'll either be more expensive, or may be sold out when you need them most. 


There are many good options out there, but some of the best drywall sanders Australia has to offer are not the most expensive brands in the market. You just need to figure out which is the best one for your individual needs and type of project. i.e. commercial vs home project. 

If you want to get the best drywall sander, then we recommend the Unimac 1800W. It has everything you need to get started, is durable and at an affordable price for Aussies. 

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