Best Deep Fryer Australia (Buyers Guide)

When you’re looking for the best deep fryer it can be hard. The market in Australia crowded with many brands claiming to offer the best models.

So what is the best deep fryer and do you need all those fancy features? Surely the concept is simple, hot oil and a basket. Well you’d be surprised how those features can have a positive impact on your cooking experience.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you’re going to opt for an air fryer vs deep fryer. We’ve done a review on the best air fryers too.

Once you’ve decided to stick with deep frying, you can read through our extensive buyers guide and list of five of the best in the Aussie market.

Why would you buy a deep fryer?

There is an opinion that you can get away with other methods of deep frying at home, for example using a large heavy pot (say cast iron), a fry basket, a spider and thermometer.

That deep fryers are hard to clean, expensive and take up too much space for the use they get. That deep frying is not something one should do very often as it’s an unhealthy way to cook your food and that therefore the purchase of a deep fryer is an unwise expense.

But a different, and perhaps better, view is that a dedicated deep fryer is a preferred option because it is designed to deep fry safely, effectively and efficiently.

It may take up a bit of extra bench or cupboard space but it’s worth it if you like to deep fry as part of your menu at home.

Another point is that deep frying does not need to be unhealthy if you use vegetable oils and have a variety of foods to fry which includes vegetables as an example.

Another factor is that frying from frozen (which is very common) is tricky without a deep fryer as the oil temperature drops instantly and the food is ruined.

A deep fryer is designed to cope with all these conditions and produce properly fried foods without the guesswork.

Deep frying can become dangerous if done in a makeshift way using pots and other equipment not fit for purpose. The temperature of the oil becomes extremely high and can easily catch fire if the pot is filled too high and left unattended over an open flame.

A custom-made deep fryer is built with safety first and foremost in mind.

It is a personal decision but at the end of the day, safety is a very serious consideration, as is the quality of the food that you consistently get to eat.

Best Deep Fryer Australia

1. Breville Bdf500Bss The Smart Deep Fryer

  • Large 1.2kg capacity, 4L oil box
  • Twice fried chip function
  • Electronic thermostat
  • 7 preset functions.

Breville’s Smart Deep Fryer BDF500 comes in a smart brushed steel and black to steal the deep fryer limelight with its impressive super crispy double fried French fries feature.

This fryer has some super features on top of that. With a large 1.2kg capacity, it has a 7-function LCD menu for automatically setting the time and temperature for particular foods (twice-fried chips, fish, wings, donuts and so on).

You can even pre-set your own favourite dish! It has a powerful immersed 2200W element for super-fast temperature recovery and adjusting for frozen or fresh foods.

The unit has an easy to read LCDX display for one-touch temperature, time and menu settings, a countdown timer and a continuous temperature display.

For easier cleaning, the fryer has a ‘cool zone’ underneath the element which traps debris and oil and prevents the hot cooking zone from burning and extends oil life. The lid and frying vessel are designed to reduce splatter and are dishwasher safe. The various parts all come apart for cleaning and storage.

Reviews of the Breville Smart fryer are a bit mixed but on the whole positive, with most customers saying that it’s an easy to use appliance, once you master the various functions (even for the kids), and is easy to clean and store away.

2. Cuisinart DF-250A 2400-Watt Deep Fryer

  • Large basket, 4L oil box
  • 30-Minute mechanical timer
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Rapid heat-up & recovery.

The brushed steel DF-250A Deep Fryer from Cuisinart is a large family deep fryer for all occasions with a powerful 2400W immersion style element for quick heat up and recovery time.

The sturdy mesh basket holds 1kg of food and the 30-minute timer allows for adjustment of the cooking time according to the food being cooked.

The removable stainless- steel oil container has a 4L capacity and an easy to empty pouring spout. The lid, basket and oil bowl are all detachable and removable and dishwasher safe for easy clean.

For safety, the basket has a cool touch handle and the unit has an overload auto shutoff protection function. The fryer will not be able to be powered on until the control panel is properly mounted.

The Cuisinart DF-250A may not have all the bells and whistles of some of its competitorsbut it is a simple yet extremely effective deep fryer. The mesh food basket is shallow and wide which is great for even cooking. And clean-up is very quick and easy. The basket’s handle folds back onto the basket for easier storage.

The manufacturer gives you a 3-year warranty with purchase, and the price is competitive.

Sometimes, simple is just as good!

3. DeLonghi Traditional Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer Australia
  • Sleek looking design
  • Patented cleaning system
  • 1.5kg basket, 2.4L of oil
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Mixed reviews online.

Coming in crisp white, black and chrome the DeLonghi FS6055 Traditional Deep Fryer is an affordable appliance which is perfect for the family with a large 1.5kg capacity and easy maintenance.

A modern deep fryer which doesn’t smell due to a washable and replaceable Anti-Odour Filter and a specially designed Easy Clean System, this fryer is a dream to use.

The adjustable thermostat means you can pre-set the oil temperature between 150-190 degrees Celsius, depending on the food you’re cooking. The fryer has an auto lid release button with a ready to cook indicator light to let you know when the oil has reached the pre-set temperature.

It’s safe, with cool to touch walls, and a transparent viewing window to easily monitor the progress of the cooking process. It also has non-slip feet to avoid nasty accidents. You can even raise and lower the frying basket without lifting the lid.

The interior walls are non-stick and the bowl, lid, basket and timer are all dishwasher safe. You can drain the oil away from the bottom of the fryer for no mess cleaning with no lifting or tipping of the fryer.

If you’re looking for value for money and an appliance from a highly respected appliance designer and manufacturer, this may be the one for you.

It’s extremely reasonably priced and you really do get your money’s worth with all the features which set it apart.

The easy clean aspects, and the odourless factor, are winners for the person in charge of the dishes in the household. And they suggest that the fryer will be a keeper for years to come!

4. TODO 0.9L Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

  • Sleek circular design
  • Small 0.9L basket, 2L oil box
  • Lower voltage
  • Suitable for 1-2 persons.

The 0.9L mini deep fryer from TODO is a compact deep fryer for a single person or couple. You don’t find appliances like deep fryers designed for singles very much so this is a nice surprise.

To start with it’s a very attractive package with a silver stainless-steel and black finish in an unusual round shape, so it not only fits but it also looks good on the benchtop! And at a mere $35 it’s extremely affordable.

How great to be able to do the calamari and chips combo when you’re doing a Netflix binge on your own or with a friend!

It’s barely 1L oil capacity means that you can lash out and use duck fat if that takes your fancy on a special occasion.

The unit has an 840W element and an adjustable thermostat dial for temperature settings between 80-190 degrees Celsius. The thermostat control has an LED indicator to tell you when it’s hot enough. The basket handle is cool touch for safety.

5. Kambrook KDF560BSS Deep Fryer

  • Large basket, 4L oil box
  • Easy clean process
  • Large viewing window
  • Quite a large unit.

The KDF560BSS deep fryer from Kambrook is another large family sized 4-litre deep fryer with a generous 1kg mesh food basket to feed several people their favourite fried chicken, tempura prawns or plain old French fries!

Finished in a stylish stainless steel and black exterior, this suits any kitchen and perhaps even a commercial setting.

Safe and efficient, this fryer has cool touch handles and a large viewing window in the safety lid to avoid lifting the basket during the cooking time.

The quick heat adjustable temperature control (up to a maximum of 190 degrees Celsius) provides versatility for a wide range of foods. There are Power and Ready lights. The basket handle folds down for storage, and the cord also stores away.

To reduce the smell of the cooking oil there is a removable anti-odour charcoal filter. And for easier cleaning, the oil bowl is non-stick and removable. The element is removable for cleaning of the other parts and then easily reassembled.

The Kambrook deep fryer is a very low-priced unit and there are extremely mixed reviews on it. As with any electrical kitchen appliance, some research is recommended prior to purchasing or using it.

Is Deep Frying Unhealthy? 

The assumption that deep fried food is unhealthy is a common one. Most people believe it. But it may well, if you like, be an urban myth.

The arguments in favour of this position are that oils are high in calories and calories are inherently unhealthy. That oils are fats and fats are, again, inherently unhealthy, especially if they penetrate your food. And that oils which are cooked at too high a temperature can become carcinogenic.

What can be said to refute these points? Well, calories are to be found in all foods, well almost all – vegetables on their own with no additives may be pretty well calorie-free. At least diet plans allow unlimited consumption of them.

But otherwise, we take calories in whenever we eat, whatever we eat. It’s a question of sensible intake and usage through daily life and exercise. Fats? There are different types of fats.

If you use low-fat vegetable oils to deep fry then you will reduce the bad fats, and if the temperatures are high enough the fats will not penetrate the food and therefore will not be ingested into your body.

And, in any event, fats are an important part of one’s diet, in moderation. Carcinogens? Well, again if you keep the oil at a proper temperature and change the oil as required the oil won’t break down into harmful compounds.

Conclusion? It may be argued that the sensible and informed use of a well-designed deep fryer may help to make deep frying ‘not unhealthy’.

How Do You Deep Fry? 

Both vegetables and meats/fish can be cooked to crispy perfection in a deep fryer. But it has to be done properly to cook the food inside and crisp the outside without burning.

And safely to avoid the risk of fire as you are dealing with highly flammable oils at very high heat. So it’s very important to read the instructions that came with your deep fryer because they all operate slightly differently and need to be assembled properly.

Choose food that fries well. Most proteins (meats and seafood) are fine, and robust vegetables are good as well. Coating the food first is best, using an egg wash and flour or crumb mix. Always pat the food first so that it’s dry – water will make the food and coating soggy.

Choose an oil with a high smoke (or burn) point. Generally, vegetable oils are best, but not olive oil. Your user’s manual will list the oils you can use. Put the basket to one side and then pour the required amount of oil into the fryer before turning the power on but only up to the maximum fill line.

Turn the power on and the switch to the heat point after closing the lid. The oil needs to heat to about 325-375F (163-191C). The fryer will usually have a built-in thermostat or come with a thermometer. If the oil smokes, it is too hot. Again, follow the instructions.

Place the food into the basket and then slowly submerge into the hot oil. If you don’t have a basket carefully lower the pieces into the oil being careful not to splash oil on yourself. If you have one, place the lid on while the food is frying.

Fry the food until it has a golden-brown colour. Check your recipe for cooking times (15 minutes is a general guide) and monitor to make sure the food isn’t burning. Never overcrowd the basket – fry in batches if need be.

Once cooked, remove basket and place food onto a rack or paper towels with tongs to cool and soak up excess oil.

How Much Electricity Does A Deep Fryer Use?

According to the Government a typical household deep fryer will have an input power of around 2000W or 2kW.

At current electricity rates that equates to around $1/hour of usage.

A batch of frying takes usually 5-10 minutes to heat the oil and a further 15 minutes to cook a batch so let’s say a total of 45 minutes each time you cook a meal of deep-fried food.

So we can safely say that every time you use your deep fryer to cook a meal or snack it will cost you around 41. Not something to lose sleep over!


When it comes to deep frying, many people are now considering healthier options such as air fryers but if you're like me, you love deep fried french fries or chicken! Thankfully there are still many models of deep fryer you can purchase and I'd recommend getting the Breville Bdf500Bss for it's useful smart features, affordable price and large capacity and oil box. 

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