5+ Best Budget Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Right Now

The very best budget bagless vacuum cleaners are cost-effective and Eco-friendly! and are in turn a fantastic investment to replace your outdated, clunky bagged vacuum cleaner.

The cost of constantly replacing the dust bags can accumulate very quickly, adding yet another inconvenient household expense. 

Not to mention the impact on our already creaking environment, as disposable dust bags contribute to the growing pile of waste creating fossil fuels.

Going bagless, and relying on vacuum cleaners with filters and dust canisters, is a far more attractive option when it comes to saving money and saving the environment.

Here are the best budget bagless vacuum cleaners that won't compromise on quality or function, and won't break the bank.

Best Budget Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

1. Akitas 2400W Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2400V powerful motor
  • 320W+ suction capacity
  • Short 5M power cord
  • 3L dust container

Coming from Japan and featuring a powerful 2400V motor, 320W+ suction and >24Kpa vacuum, the Akitas bagless vacuum cleaner is excellent value for money. It has cyclonic filtration technology and a good-sized 3L dust bag. No need to buy bags, and easy to empty.

Weighing only 5kg and compact, it’s easy to manoeuvre but weighty enough to do its job. And storage is easy as well. Accessories include a telescopic tube, soft hose, 2-in-1 floor brush, and a full set of crevice tools. The 5m cord is auto rewind. 

You will probably need an extension cord but most vacuum cleaners have cords which won’t reach the whole house.

It has excellent suction which suits most household dust and dirt, even on carpeted flooring. It operates on a single speed but that is not a problem for most vacuuming tasks.

The Akitas 2400 has been rated as highly by some customers as a Dyson! Now that may be taking it a bit far but nonetheless, it is a very well-liked vacuum cleaner by those who should know: it’s owners.

They particularly praise the suction, portability and it’s very easy to empty. Given the price tag that’s probably enough boxes ticked to give this vacuum a rating of 4 stars (it does have its detractors) in its category of budget bagless vacuums.

2. Devanti 2800W Turbo

  • 2800W power
  • Suction up to 19kPa
  • 4L dust container
  • Retractable 5M power cord

With a massive 2800W of power, the Devanti turbo vacuum has an adjustable suction up to a powerful maximum 19kPa.

The vacuum uses a multi-cyclonic system which separates fine dust from larger debris and filters the fine dust through a HEPA filter for elimination of allergens. This is technology that vacuums in the much more expensive price brackets use.

The bagless system and washable filter make cleaning the vacuum easy: remove and empty the 4L dust container, then remove the HEPA filter and wash it before replacing it for the next use.

The vacuum has a retractable 5-metre cord, a 360-degree rotatable hose which is attached to the top of the vacuum, stainless steel telescopic handle, and accessories which include a 2-in-1 convertible nozzle.

Weighing only 4.5kgs it is easily manoeuvred around the house, and the brush is a good size to clean more quickly than other vacuums do.

The Devanti 2800 does seem to have some design faults but it is a low budget vacuum cleaner so that is probably to be expected.

The main issues appear to be that it is a little too light and that the hose is attached at the top of the barrel so the vacuum has a tendency to fall over.  But that is not mentioned in all the reviews so perhaps it is simply a point to be noted.

3. PUPPYOO P9AU Powerful

  • 2000W P9AU motor
  • HEPA filtration system
  • 2-in-1 floor brush
  • 5m retractable power cord

With an advanced cyclonic filtration system, PUPPYOO has brought to the budget bagless vacuum market its 2000W P9AU vacuum.

The filtration design has 2 air inlets which produce a centrifugal force to separate the dust from the air, trapping the fine dust particles in the HEPA filters and releasing the clean air back into the room.

HEPA filtration systems are used in the top range vacuum cleaners like Dyson and Miele. They are regarded as a sign of quality. And if you have asthma sufferers in the house they are worth having.

The vacuum has a powerful suction to perform high-quality cleaning. Even when you think you’ve picked everything up you’ll be amazed to find that the PUPPYOO has found more dirt!

A telescopic stainless-steel tube adjusts to suit your height to avoid backache. The primary adjustable 2-in-1 floor brush is designed to clean both hard and carpeted floors effectively.

Crevice tools supplied help clean those hard to get to places like corners, furniture and skirting boards. And the dusting brush is great for curtains, bedding and upholstery.

The 5m retractable cord and flexible EVA tube give you 7.5m to reach without needing extra length. And the 2.5L dust container is sufficient for daily use.

The vacuum is compact, light and easy to store.

4. Devanti Stick Vacuum

  • Stick vacuum cleaner
  • Powerful 150V motor
  • 25 minutes running time
  • Adjustable suction

There is no doubt that stick vacuums are a great innovation in vacuum cleaner world if for no other reason than to relieve backache! Especially for those of us on the tall side. They are just so easy to use – almost a pleasure (almost!).

The Devanti stick vacuum falls into the budget range of this category of vacuums, so expectations immediately fall a little.

It has the selling point of being able to be a handheld vacuum by removing the stick, so it can be used to clean the car for example.

As a stick vacuum though it has a powerful 150W 3000rpm motorised head with a very strong suction of 8000Pa. The head swivels and can be fitted with a variety of attachments (brushes and nozzles) for various purposes.

This versatility makes it perfect for cleaning all areas of the house from floors to shelves to cobwebs to soft furnishings to under the furniture.

Being battery operated, the Devanti Stick has a running time of 25 minutes and a charge time of 5 hours. Its dustbin capacity is 0.5L and tube length is 62cm.

The suction is adjustable to suit the surface being cleaned. The stick is also steerable for easy manoeuvring. It comes with a number of accessories including a wall-mounted charging dock which is space-saving.

 Perhaps with all those features, the Devanti Stick Vacuum is as good as a floor unit, at least for small.

5. PUPPYOO Upright Vacuum

  • Strong 1400W power
  • Five height adjustments
  • Special pet hair brush
  • 2.9L dust bin

The PUPPYOO bagless upright vacuum cleaner has a strong 1400W power with great suction (adjustable) and a large 2.9L dustbin.

It is a 4.9kg vacuum so it’s not too heavy for frequent use, but it is designed for large spaces with a decent size brush, five height adjustments and nozzles for hard surfaces, carpet and pet hair. The longer than usual cord is also a bonus.

The handle of this vacuum can be easily detached and connected to the hose of the vacuum to double as a cleaning wand for getting to hard to reach places. The handle length is also adjustable to get to high spots.

Pet hair has been thought about as well with a special brush attachment designed to be used with the strongest suction setting. And it works.

Very often pet hair (which is a problem on carpets and soft furnishings) attachments require such strong suction that it’s almost impossible to move the vacuum. Not so with this one. It seems to be able to manage to pick up the pet hair without needing to be on the highest suction setting.

Being a budget bagless vacuum this PUPPYOO upright does tick a lot of boxes and has some attractive features which set it apart from its competition.


You don't have to spend a fortune when you're looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner but the saying is generally true, you get what you pay for.

However, when buying a on a budget you probably want something that's powerful and picks up dirt from your carpet. All these budget bagless vacuum cleaners do exactly that, some do it better than others.

If you want high quality and super clean carpets then you'll probably need to spend over $250 and buy a high quality vacuum cleaner instead. 

If you want to spend less than $100 you can definitely pick up something decent as we've shown today. Many happy customers bought and rave about the Akitas due to it's low price tag and extensive feature set. 

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