Best Australian Domain Registrars (5 Top Picks)

There are dozens of providers in the domain name services industry so it can be difficult to know which company to use when registering your next domain.

We love creating websites and BestFive is just one of a handful of websites we own, so we regularly purchase domain names for our new projects. 

Over the years we've had the experience and displeasure of using different Australian domain registrars and while most are a pleasure to deal with, some can be a disaster. 

With that said, we've been looking at reviews and ratings, trust, history and services on offer from five top providers in the country. These are all tried and tested, with domains registered by us at each provider. 

Best Australian Domain Registrars

1. OnlyDomains

OnlyDomains is a Domain Registrar based in New Zealand but has offices all around the globe. They offer global Domain names and hosting at affordable prices, and have numerous partners and an extensive community of start-ups and mentors to assist with the Domain process.

With over 1,100 extensions available, it is easy for customers to register a Domain and take their company global. On offer are Domain names with extensions that are familiar to your users, SSL certificates as secured customers are more likely to complete purchases, trademark clearinghouse which offers the ultimate protection for your trademark, global hosting which promote faster user interaction, phone numbers and an email address.

SSL protection prices start at $20.38 AUD a year, professional emails from $5.08 AUD a month and .org addresses from $14.54 a year. Prices vary for different domains which each have differing registration times and minimum terms.


For specific prices, there is a list of all domains and prices on their website as well as a search function to search for a specific domain. For the domain, pricing starts at $9.95 AUD per year and transferring to this domain from an existing AU domain name is free. All you need to acquire this domain is an ABN, ACN, trademark number or registered business name.


Free services and products on offer with your domain include free domain parking, free DNS hosting, free 24/7 support, free account 2-step verification, free account IP whitelisting and free management tools. 

2. CrazyDomains

Crazy Domains is a leading domain name registrar in Australia, Europe, India and the Middle East that was established in 2000. With great deals and prices, it is easier than ever for companies to boost their online profile, whether they are start-ups or larger established businesses.


It boasts a simple business platform that allows users to manage and connect to cloud web hosting, email hosting, online marketing services, website and email security, logo design and much more. They offer everything a business needs in order to establish a competitive edge and be successful online which will translate into offline success.

They have a team of dedicated IT professionals ready to assist with every facet of the online world including technical support, customer relations, development, systems and network engineering and more.


Customer support is available 24/7 which includes live chat, email, telephone and social media where customers have access to professionals who on average resolve problems within 24 hours.

With Australia’s cheapest domain names on offer, prices for domains are $9.99 AUD for 1 year, $29.98 AUD for 2 years and $83.95 for 5 years. Renewal is able to be set up to continue automatically so customers are not at risk of losing their domain. Renewals for domains start at $20.99 for 1 year, increasing to $39.98 for 2 years and then $84.95 for 5 years. 

3. Godaddy

Go Daddy is a domain registrar that assists businesses to build an online presence by offering a range of website and hosting solutions.They offer hundreds of domain extensions so that finding an address to suit any business is easier than ever.

Simply reach Australians using the domain name which gives them the heads up that they are being catered for. This domain name can be used for more than just big companies and businesses; it is perfect for blogs, building awareness for a cause, making an announcement or promoting and starting a hobby business.


It provides recognition and trust within the Australian community so that customers are more likely to access the website and trust the brand it represents. These domains start at $14.95 for the first year and will renew at the standard rate of $19.95 AUD per year.

Included in the price of a domain are a simple domain set-up, easy domain forwarding to any existing website, up to 100 subdomains to customise the site, and 100 professional email aliases. As well as domains, Go Daddy hosts a range of other services including websites and marketing, emails, promos, web security, hosting and WordPress.

The community is inclusive and knowledgeable, as are the customer support team who are available at all hours to assist and support. The website also has an extensive list of resources for further information on a range of topics. 

4. NetRegistry

Net Registry is an Australian domain registrar that is part of the Arq group who have teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They’ve been assisting small businesses get online since 1997 and now have over 500,000 business entrusting their livelihood to this company.

They offer unlimited support from a reliable and knowledgeable customer service team who are accessible via email, phone or live support chat during Australian business hours.

As well as domains, the site offers hosting, website creation, online marketing, email and office apps. By following the ‘Get Started’ link on their website, users can follow further links of ‘establish my brand’, ‘build my presence’ and ‘attract my audience’ to understand all aspects of their online journey.

By finding and registering the perfect domain, businesses are taking the first step in establishing their online brand in order to create an online presence that will allow customers to find them more easily and accordingly increasing web traffic and sales.

Once the domain is registered, businesses can build and promote their company and will receive all the tools they need to succeed online including a professional email address.

There are over 2 million domains to choose from and it is easy to browse available domains or search for a specific website name to see if it’s available.

Prices for domains are $14.95 AUD for 1 year, $29.90 AUD for 2 years, $70.99 AUD for 3 years, $93.99 AUD for 4 years and $116.99 for 5 years. 

5. Namecheap

Namecheap is a domain registrar where users can buy a domain name and create their website in order to increase their online business presence and build a successful brand. A wide variety of domains are available that are simple to register.

It is also easy to transfer existing websites to Namecheap. Users can search available domains using the search feature on the main page in order to see if their choice is able to be purchased. domains are $21.86 AUD for 1 year, $43.62 for 2 years, $65.43 AUD for 3 years, $87.25 for 4 years and $109.06 AUD for 5 years. 10 years is the maximum time available for purchase at $212.12 AUD.

Auto-renew settings are available to be activated so that your domain will never expire. These domains are for Australian registrants only and ID is required for purchase.

Hosting plans are also available starting at $2.88 AUD a month. These are secure and high-performing and have perfect solutions for every website.

Users can also acquire SSL certificates to ensure their websites and customers are protected to a high degree. Other security options include WhoIsGuard, PremiumDNS, VPN, 2FA and Public DNS.

With outstanding customer service, they guarantee excellence in service and support, ensuring customers are satisfied with the website they have built and able to receive technical support whenever required by chatting with a live person. 

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