Best Underwater Scooters Australia (Reviews)

The best underwater scooters are relatively new to the world of technology, but are a worthwhile investment if you are a swimming, diving or underwater adventure enthusiast. 

As a diver or deep sea explorer, this will not only allow you to go further and deeper down, allowing you to explore more, but will do most of the physical work for you and thus conserve your energy.

These underwater scooters are also great for providing a generally more exciting experience overall, giving swimmers the speed and momentum we can't achieve on our own. 

Our 5 picks may seem obscure, but they are awesome products with amazing features that are sure to transform swimming into a sub-aquatic exploration!

The Best Underwater Scooters

1. Sublue Whiteshark Mix

  • Weight: 5.9kg 
  • Depth: Up to 40m
  • Speed: 5.6km/h
  • Feature: Portable

Featuring Sublue’s unique double propelling system, the Whiteshark Mix scooter is an underwater propulsion device for faster movement through the water which can reach speeds as fast as those of the best professional swimmers.

Compact and lightweight, the hand-held device is designed for swimming, snorkeling and diving to a depth of 40 metres (130ft).

With two evenly balanced propellers and an ergonomically designed body shape the Whiteshark is able to reach speeds up to 5.56km/hour. The total propeller thrust is about 8kg. And the motor is silent at 50dB so as not to frighten away underwater life.

The handles, which sit on each side of the body and between the body and the propellers, are comfortable and easy to grip.

Dual magnetic On/Off control switches are located on both handles for added safety. Both buttons need to be depressed for the motor to run. This is to ensure that no accidents occur.

The steerability of the scooter is excellent, with zero torque to inhibit movement under the water. Flexible handle control makes this control even better. Each propeller has a protective cover to avoid any contact with fingers.

A “zero-buoyancy” float ensures that the scooter stays afloat with the user as opposed to sinking down and away. There is a GoPro mount on the underside for recording water adventures.

The detachable Lithium-ion battery has a play-time life of 30 minutes between charges. It has five orange battery life indicator lights. Charging is via an intelligent charger (supplied).

Best Budget Underwater Scooter

2. Yamaha Seascooter 500Li

  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Depth: Up to 40m
  • Speed: 7km/h
  • Feature: Three Speeds

With both power and speed to boast about the Yamaha Seascooter 500Li is an underwater propulsion device for both serious and recreational divers.

The scooter features a large 500W of power which drives it to speeds up to 7km/hour. It can be used down to depths of 40 metres (130ft). Weighing only 9.5kg it is very comfortable to use.

An automatic buoyancy control system enhances the diver’s control over the scooter by giving it neutral buoyancy when submerged. That means that it stays with the diver and doesn’t float or sink away from the user. When it surfaces the internal ballast expels water, allowing the device to float on the top again.

The device is controlled by a handlebar at the rear of the motor made of high impact-resistant materials. This is the primary navigation tool. All the controls are ergonomically located on this handle, including the On/Off button for the thumb and an LED battery status indicator. There are three speed levels.

The powerful removable Lithium-ion battery is both rechargeable and replaceable. It’s also lightweight and eco-friendly, offering double the lifespan of conventional batteries and half the charge time.

There is a GoPro mount on the body and it also features D-ring attachment points for other accessories.

Fastest Underwater Scooter In Australia

3. Apollo AV-2 Evolution

  • Weight: 21.5kg
  • Depth: Up to 90m
  • Speed: 4km/h
  • Feature: 2 hour runtime 

With the capability of hands-free use, the Apollo AV-2 Evolution underwater sea scooter allows the user unlimited torque and flexibility in the water.

When using the saddle for hands-free, steering is done through body movement, not by using your hands, which are free to do other things such as touching the dolphins you’re swimming with, taking photos, or holding accessories. An arm extending from the scooter provides access to all the controls in this mode.

The scooter can also be used by up to three divers simultaneously by use of the wing accessory. This scooter uses a powerful Lithium-ion battery (included with charger) which can drive the device to a top speed of 4km per hour. 

It can run for 120 minutes continuously and travel a distance of 8000 metres. The depth level is rated to 90 metres. The body of the scooter is made from durable and shock-resistant ABS resin. 

It has a brushless DC motor. With a surface weight of 21.5kg it has a -1.3kg underwater buoyancy which prevents it from sinking/floating away from the user.

The scooter has a three-speed variable pitch propeller, progressive acceleration system, acceleration system On/Off switch and a protective thermal auto-Off switch.The body measurements are 720*340mm.

4. Yamaha Seascooter RDS300

  • Weight: 8.2kg
  • Depth: Up to 30m
  • Speed: 4.8km/h
  • Feature: Go Pro Mount

Designed for recreational divers the Yamaha RDS300 sea scooter can travel up to speeds of 4.8km/hour, dive to depths of 30metres and operate up to an hour and a half at normal speed before needing to be recharged.

The device has a two-level rotational speed control. There is a removable buoyancy control chamber (ballast) for anti-buoyancy when it’s under water.

Weighing only 8.2kg (including the battery), it measures a compact 612*385*312mm for easy handling in and out of the water.

The hull is made from heavy-duty shock-resistant rubber. It's also waterproof so no flooding of the motor will occur. Auto shut-off occurs when the triggers are released by the user. The unit has a thermal switch for protection against overheating, and a water leakage indicator.

The scooter is powered by a sealed lead acid battery, which does require charging (charger is included) and occasional maintenance (refer Instruction Manual).

The box you receive includes: the scooter, a GoPro mount, rechargeable battery, international charger (AU plug), canvas carry bag, pump, silicone grease, and Instruction Manual.Add a bit of new fun to your enjoyment of the underworld by cruising with a sea scooter!

5. Robo Sea Sea Flyer

  • Weight: 4kg
  • Depth: Up to 45m
  • Speed: 4km/h
  • Feature: Compact

Save both oxygen and energy, and add some extra fun to your diving experience, by playing with an underwater scooter.

The RobSea SeaFlyer is designed for use in both sea and fresh water and can run for up to one hour at normal speed on a single charge.

There are two speed levels with a top speed of 4mph and a normal speed of 3.5km/hr. It can operate at depths up to 45 metres.

The scooter is lightweight (only 4kgs) and extremely compact, and it also features positive buoyancy, so it’s very easily managed underwater and floats to the surface when turned off. The hydrodynamic thrust of the propellers increases the manoeuvrability in the water.

The design is both streamlined and ergonomic. Inspired by drone technology, the unit has two powerful water-jet propellers, one on each side of the handles and the central body (which holds the motor and battery).

There are two operating triggers (one on each handle) and a full OLED dashboard. Its operation is highly intuitive for the diver.

The dashboard shows details such as speed and battery level and status.And it’s quiet, only 50Db, so it won’t frighten the sea-life away.

It’s powered by a 10,000Ah replaceable and rechargeable battery (148wh output) which is both waterproof and washable.The scooter also features a GoPro mount for hands-free camera operation.

How To Choose Best Underwater Scooter (Buyers Guide)

When it comes to choosing the best underwater scooter you need to consider various factors. If you're using it for snorkelling then your requirements will be much lower than someone who will be going scuba diving, who will want to go deeper, for longer and much faster. 

You might even want to use your scooter for cage diving, ship wreck exploration or cave diving, which you might need one that comes with a light or extended battery to help you get back to the boat or shore quickly! 

Ultimately it all comes down to price and budget. If you've got deep pockets, you can get the wholly grail of underwater scooters. If you're on a light budget, you can still purchase one but it will lack a lot of features that you'll need to compromise with. 

Maximum Depth

For most people, maximum depth is the most important feature. If you're a snorkeller though you might only want something that can go down to 10-20 metres, which nearly every underwater scooter actually offers. If you're a scuba diver then you might need something that can go down to 40 or 50 metres. 

Unless you're a professional diver, you probably wouldn't need anything that goes any deeper than this but some expensive models such as the Apollo AV-2 Evolution can travel down to 90 metres.

This does come at a cost though and it's going to cost upwards of $4,000 for something that can go as deep as this. 

Power and Battery Life

Power and battery life is the next thing to consider. Underwater scooters, unfortunately are notorious for offering short battery lives which can be annoying, especially if you're planning a deep and fast exploration. 

When this technology first launched, you'd have been lucky to get 10 minutes of juice, but thanks to the advancements in technology you'll now see anywhere from 60 minutes up to 3 hours. 

Of course you'll want something with a longer battery life but you might have to compromise on either your budget or speed, to get access to a longer battery life.

Most underwater scooters now come with a digital LED power status so you can keep track of your usage and how long you've got before the battery dies. 

If you're going to be snorkelling and using the device near the shore, you don't need to worry too much about the battery life as you can easily return to the surface. If you're going deeper then you don't want to have to worry about getting back to the surface in time. 

Some of the longest battery life comes from the Apollo Evolution AV-2 which offers 2 hours. Other models such as the cheap Sublue Whiteshark only offer 30 minutes, while the Yamaha 500Li offers a run time of 90 minutes on normal speed and 40 minutes on full speed. 


If a device has a surface weight, this is much different once you start to use your device underwater. It actually becomes much lighter. However, you want a device that offers a high level of buoyancy so that if you drop it, it won't sink to the seabed. 

However you don't want the device to be so buoyant that you can't actually control it under water. You'll also need to choose a device based on it's usage, will it be used in freshwater or saltwater? 

A freshwater underwater scooter may not be able to be used in saltwater and vice versa. Some more expensive models actually have specific modes for choosing your buoyancy levels. 


As I mentioned above, the surface weight and water weight are completely different. But you definitely don't want to be lugging around a 20kg scooter if you're taking it on holiday with you. Most of the portable scooters are around 6kg which makes them lightweight for traveling with. 

If you're going to be using the device professionally, or locally and have a car then it doesn't matter how heavy the device is, but if it's going to be carried far you might want to go for a lighter version.

The heaviest scooter that we reviewed today was the Apollo which is 21.5kg dry. This is pretty heavy but can be carried by an adult without much issue. 


Price is always a contributing factor and if you're on an ultra low budget then you should consider the Sublue Whiteshark which was the cheapest coming in at under $700. You'll need to check for the best price. Scooters can go to upwards of $4,000 - $5,000 depending on the features you need. 

Entry level scooters can be purchases for under $1,000 which is a worthwhile investment for most people given the endless hours of fun you'll have exploring the ocean. The short battery life can be annoying though so if you can afford it, go for an extra battery or a higher end model.

More expensive water scooters come with larger batteries and more features such as lights for cave diving or larger motors for deeper dives. 

Q: What is the best underwater scooter vehicle?

A: There are a few major players in the underwater scooter market. These include Yamaha and Seadoo, although here in Australia, Yamaha is definitely the most popular brand to buy. If you're looking for ultra budget friendly brands then Sublue is another one to consider. 

The best underwater scooter in our opinion is the Sublue for snorkelers and those who are looking for an entry level model and don't want to spend a fortune on the latest and greatest features. For an all round model, the Apollo Evolution is my go to device. 

You will have your own requirements and features that are needed, and this will of course ultimately decide which model you purchase. All the models we reviewed here today are great underwater scooters and will give you endless fun in the water. 

Q: How do underwater scooters work? 

A: Underwater scooters have a motor and a battery-operated propeller protected by a grill, that takes water in one side and pushes it out the other, creating a propulsion. There are handlebars to grip on top and the device will pull you along. 

Similar to motorcycle or mountain bike handlebars, you'll change your direction of travel by moving your arms forwards or backwards. 

Different models offer different battery levels so you may get up to 2 hours of use, while others only offer 30 minutes of use. Different buoyancy levels will mean some devices are easier to use than others. 

Most underwater scooters are simple to use and can be used by kids as young as eight years old, however manufacturers do recommend most devices are used by adults only. 

The scooters are designed for going down to depths as deep as 90 metres and moving around at speeds of up to 7km/h although most common is 4km/h. 


Explore the depths of the ocean while scuba diving or snorkelling with these underwater scooters, that will pull you down to explore the wildlife. 

I'm sure you've tried to swim down 10m while snorkelling, it's difficult. With the help of an underwater ocean scooter, you'll be able to get down quicker (most offer speeds up to 5km/h) and start exploring, without using any energy. 

If you're on a budget and want something ultra portable with fast speeds then you can do no wrong with the Sublue Whiteshark which offers speed up to 5.6km/h, and offers a revolutionary lightweight, handheld propulsion device.

For those with deeper pockets or looking for a more powerful device, with a longer battery life then you should consider the Seadoo brands, which you can purchase from

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