5+ Best 2 Slice Toasters In Australia To Consider

Even the simplest of meals, toast for example, can be an unreliable process if you don't have one of the best 2 slice toasters

What is supposed to produce crispy, golden brown crunchy bliss, is often inconsistent and faulty, with unnecessary bells and whistles substituting functionality. 

Some toasters can be too intense, or toast the bread for too long, rendering the bread blackened and inedible. 

Some toasters can be too weak, and don't toast for long enough, leaving the bread popping up untouched and under-done. 

If you're looking for a highly rated 2 slice toaster with all the accessories and quality you could ever want, take a look at these 5 great options below. 

1. Kambrook Wide Toaster

Power: 900W | Weight: 1.87kg | Dimensions: 17 x 28 x 19cm | Crumb tray: Yes 

  • 6 stage browning control
  • Carriage control lever
  • Self-centering extra wide slots

At a very budget-friendly price, the KTA 120WHT 2-slot toaster from Kambrook features extra wide and extra deep slots which will accept any slice of bread you happen to have in your kitchen whether it’s a standard loaf, home-baked or an artisan loaf from a specialist baker.

You can even toast buns, crumpets, croissants or bagels in this toaster – it’s best to use the lower browning settings for thicker breads though.

It has a handy defrost button so you can toast bread directly from the freezer.

The slots are self-centring so your toast will be evenly cooked on both sides every time, whatever the width. And there are six levels of toasting for the perfect crispiness whatever your preference is.

The toaster also features a carriage control lever which has an extra high lift level so you'll avoid burnt fingers or the risk of other injuries by sticking an implement inside to pull the toast out.

The removable crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze.On top of that, the toaster is a nicely compact design, ideal for those without much bench space in their kitchen. A clean white finish suits most kitchen décor.

2. Kenwood KMix 2 Slice

Power: 900W | Weight: 11.6kg | Dimensions: 7 x 21 x 21cm | Crumb tray: Yes 

  • Adjustable browning control
  • Multi function; bagel, reheat, defrost
  • High-rise bread lift design

Combine the KMix 2-slice toaster with the KMix kettle and your kitchen will take a step up in style and design. The toaster also performs like a winner on the functional front.

With an attractive array of features, the toaster wins prizes on every front. You can use the Defrost button to toast bread straight from the freezer.

The Re-heat mode means that you don’t have to eat cold toast or throw it away. A Preview mode allows you to see how your toast is going partway through the cooking process without having to reset it.

Bagels can be toasted on one side with the One-side Bagel function, and there’s a Cancel button to stop the cooking process at any stage.

All these electronic functions are controlled by modern-looking illuminated buttons.Five different toasting levels are also available to choose from for the perfect level of browning.

And due to all these features, the KMix perfectly toasts any slice of bread to your personal preference every time.

The toaster features a handy High-rise Lift lever for removing smaller slices of toast so you never need to burn your fingers or use an implement to remove them.An easy to clean removable crumb tray is also an integral part of the thoughtful design.

3. Sunbeam Maestro 2 Slice

Power: 900W | Weight: 2.4kg | Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 24cm | Crumb tray: Yes 

  • Countdown timer/progress
  • Crumpet, muffin, defrost mode
  • LCD screen adjustments

Featuring a unique LCD displayed countdown timer to let you know precisely how long before your toast will be ready, the Maestro 2 Slice toaster from Sunbeam is an extremely attractive kitchen appliance on many fronts.

The countdown timer mentioned makes coordinating a hot cooked breakfast a breeze. And a bell alerts you to when the toast is ready.

With a brushed stainless-steel finish, the toasters blend into most kitchens. And it’s quite compact so is also great for smaller spaces.

A five-setting browning dial means that you can choose the crispness of your toast to your preference.

Longer bread slots mean that the toaster will cook larger slices from top to bottom – handy for non-standard bread sizes.

It features Quick-Check function so you can see where your toast is in the cooking process without interrupting the pre-set cycle.

It has a high-lift lever for smaller slices of bread, croissants, bagels, muffins, crumpets etc to be taken from the slots easily and without the need to burn your fingers or use implements.

A removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy and increases the general safety of the appliance.
And the toaster has a Standby mode when unused for a while: a reminder to switch it off at the wall for safety purposes and energy conservation.

4. Breville Lift and Look

Power: 900W | Weight: 1.9kg | Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 29cm | Crumb tray: Yes 

  • Wide self-centering slots
  • Frozen and crumpet setting
  • Fast toasting

From Breville comes a Lift-and-Look 2-slice toaster with a lot of features at a very affordable price.
The Lift-and-Look function allows you to raise the toast mid-cycle to see how it’s progressing without interrupting the cycle.

Extra-wide and deeper than normal slots give you the ability to toast all sorts of breads in it including artisan, home-made and other non-standard breads, muffins, bagels, rolls, crumpets, croissants etc.

The slots are also self-centring which means that the slices cook evenly on each side every time. And the slots are also longer than usual and can accommodate four standard slices of bread, or two larger slices of other breads - ideal for any occasion.

There are several browning settings to choose from. The toaster also features several other functions including a Cancel mode, Frozen mode, Crumpet setting, and a Bit More mode.

And it also has a handy countdown timer to let you know how long it will be before your toast is ready, with an alert when the time is up.

The exterior surface stays cool to the touch when on so there’s no risk of burnt hands when using this toaster. The White and Chrome finish is sleek and stylish.

5. De'Longhi 2 Slice Toaster

Power: 900W | Weight: 2.7kg | Dimensions: 7 x 21 x 21cm | Crumb tray: Yes 

  • Durable high gloss plastic
  • Progressive browning control
  • Multiple electronic controls

From renowned brand leader De’Longhi comes the Avvolta 2-slice toaster. With a highly unusual look of either ultra-modern or, as the manufacturer describes it, ‘avant-garde’ appearance, this is part of their Avvalta range of breakfast appliances.

It’s a blend of technological excellence and craftsman style. It has three colour blend choices (Black/Red, Grey/Black, White/Pale Grey) in high-gloss finish with chrome trim. Even the power cord is colour coordinated.

This is not a compact appliance, and you would not want to hide it away in a cupboard anyway!
Functionally the toaster has a lot to offer.

It features a browning dial with six levels for the perfect toasting to anyone’s preference. Essentially, the numbers represent the minutes the toaster will cook for and it has a guide to show you the browning levels.

The slots are a good width and depth to accommodate different types of breads and other foods being toasted like muffins, crumpets, bagels, croissants etc. Pop-tarts and pizza slices do well in this toaster as well.

It also has several modes with illuminated neon buttons, including Reheat, Defrost, Cancel, and Bagel. An extra-lift lever means that you can easily manage to retrieve small slices or other breads like crumpets without burning your fingers or using a knife etc with the attendant risk that brings.

A removable crumb tray makes cleaning quick and easy. Non-slip feet ensure safety in the kitchen.

Kirsty Scott

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