Alfordson Gaming Chair Review [What We Think]

Welcome to our Alfordson gaming chair review. Today we'll be looking at this ultra budget friendly chair and whether it's worth it, or if you should pay a little bit extra and get a ThunderX3, ZQRacing, DXRacer or GTRacing version instead. 

During lockdown, we purchased one of the orange branded chairs from Amazon, the number one stockist, with fast free shipping of these chairs in the country. 

How much did it cost?

We paid $199 with free delivery for our chair. We've seen this chair advertised at $199 - $269 over the last year, but right now it appears to be the lowest price we've seen. 

There's two models available, one is $10 more than the other and offers additional colours, a slightly wider chair and the Alfordson brand across the top of the seat. 

Initial Setup 

Out of the box, the chair required some assembly. There was a set of instructions included, that weren't that detailed but we managed to follow along. 

We were skeptical if it would be as straight forward as the Amazon listing made out. We saw a review about a guy who needed to use a file to make a screw hole wider, but we're pleased to say we had no such issues. 

Setup was done within 15 minutes, the hardest part was the arm rests. It took two people to successfully mount the seat to the base. 

Alfordson Build Quality

We found that the build quality was good, given the low price. Some parts do feel a little flimsy, especially the retractable footrest. 

I'm personally around 85kg and I feel like the chair is sturdy. We had a colleague who weighs 120kg sit on it and it still felt like it had a lot more to take. The manufacturer recommends a maximum weight capacity of 150kg. 

Available in blue, orange, gray, red and white, there's a colour scheme for the whole family. I'd have loved to have seen black or some more adventurous colour schemes like DXRacer offer such as neon green, pink or baby blue, but we can't complain too much.

The wheel base is a lot smaller than some of our other office chairs, but it's still sturdy and easy to move around on a plastic floor mat.  

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Alfordson Features

The seat back is built in an S-curve design which is the best fit for your body and provides long periods of comfort. 

The chair doesn't seem to offer a preset number of comfort hours like you'd expect on a more reputable chair, but after using it for 4 hours straight, I still felt great. After a 30 minute lunch break, another 5 hours were equally as comfortable. 

We didn't test 8 or 12 hours of solid gaming, so we can't comment on whether it's suitable for such as intensive gaming session. 

The chair swivels like any other chair, and the 135 degree back recline was up to par, although we didn't use it much as it was being used as an office chair, rather than for gaming. 

Back Support

This chair comes with back support and neck support, which fits around the chair. Both lumbar supports do their job but they weren't as high quality as a more premium chair. 

However, given our extended period of time in the chair, and no known issues it's hard to say if it would help with reducing back or neck pain. 

Alfordson Gaming Chair Review

This is a super cheap gaming office chair and there's a few cheaper alternatives on eBay but these are unbranded and you're entering difficult territory if you need to return the item. 

Amazon handles the returns process, so with something of this size, it's definitely handy. 

It's confusing which model to buy as there's two types that seem to cost a similar price, but the chair is good and offers extended comfort for all day use in the office or gaming. 

Not everyone wants to/or has the money to spend $600 on DXRacer or ThunderX3 so it's a great option. If your son or daughter wants a chair like this for Christmas, this is also a great entry level model that requires minimal maintenance. 

It's comfortable, easy to put together and looks good. 

The one negative that might not be a negative for you is that the cheapest model chair doesn't have a badge across the top, which some people prefer as it invokes a status symbol. It appears unbranded, even though it is actually branded.

You can pay an extra $10 for this branded model, with a wider more executive style seat. 

James Hunter