5+ Best Things To Do In Dubai Should You Visit

Dubai, a thriving tourist hub amidst the relentless heat and desert is a place you should add to your bucket list. Whether you're transiting through or want to spend a week or more, be sure to stop off in Dubai and explore this charming city.

There's over 1,500 hotels to choose from and more adventure activities than any where else on the planet, there's great food and even an indoor ski slope. 

We'll give you an insiders look into the best things to do in Dubai should you visit. 

  • Population: 3.3 million
  • Currency: AED
  • When To Go: Nov - April 

5. Ski Dubai

If you like the snow, and winter activities, as well, this is the right place for you to visit when you're in Dubai. Ski Dubai is the first Middle East's indoor ski centre that offers you many different activities, such as: a chairlift, a freestyle snowboard zone, room for toboggan runs and snowball fights.

There is also one very interesting thing you can do here, especially if you came to Dubai with your family and that is taking pictures with penguins. I'm sure that the younger ones would be delighted!

Here you can also take some stunning photos, no Northern Lights included though. This is one of the things you should definitely try when you come to Dubai.

4. Phobia Room Dubai

This might be one of the most interesting things to do in Dubai, if you are a big fan of playing games. Phobia is an interactive escape game played in real life.

The point is that you have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape the room. In order to reach your goal, you should solve the puzzles, find clues, in one word, you should open your mind and thing out of the box.

They offer various games such as Sherlock vs the Ripper, Dark Room, Battle of Wizards, Vault, Live and Impossible Mission which range from 2-5 people and are priced at 115AED per person. 

It is the perfect way to spend some great time with your friends in Dubai. Sounds interesting, right?

3. Gold Souk

You just can't come to Dubai and not to visit one of the city's traditional souks, or bazaars. The Gold Souk, located on the Dubai Creek's south bank in the Deira, is one of the most famous gold jewellery trading centres in the world.

One of the things many tourists recommend when you come here to buy something is, negotiating. Their experiences show that you could get a piece of jewellery even for half of the first price.

So, who could resist all those golden necklaces, bracelets and earrings? But, even if you had no intention to buy something, you should definitely visit the Gold Souk, just because this market has a cultural value.

2. Dubai Museum

This museum occupies the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in Dubai. Here you can find some very interesting things to see: goods sold in the 1950s, but you can also get the information about the marine life that lies under the Arabian Gulf.

For the youngest there is a folklore wing, and also the boats and the bamboo houses decorated with furniture used during that time period.

Dubai museum has a huge historical and cultural value, and it is definitely something you should visit when you come to Dubai.

1. Jumeirah Beach

If you came to Dubai to catch a little bit of sun, or just to relax by the water, you're at the right place. Jumeirah beach is the perfect spot to be with your family or friends.

If you have kids, there is a big playground, and many picnic areas, so everyone could enjoy and have a lot of fun. Here by the extraordinary turquoise water and beautiful white sand, you can take some stunning photos to bring home with you.

This place is definitely one of those which will stay forever in your memory! Plus you'll get views over the world's most expensive hotel

How To Get To Dubai?

Getting to Dubai directly is easy with direct flights on Emirates from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and seasonally Perth. Emirates offers affordable economy tickets from these cities with connections to Europe, North America, South America and Asia. 

You'll nearly always find a cheap deal on flights if you stopover in Dubai on route to another country. Flying directly to Dubai on a return ticket can be much more expensive than flying return via Dubai. The best place to find flights is on Google Flights.

Many airlines offer one stop connections to Dubai such as Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Saudia and Etihad Airlines. You should do your research, as using one of these airlines might be cheaper than a direct flight to Dubai, if that's your final destination.

Dubai International Airport is located close to the city, with public transport and taxi's aplenty. You can get to downtown within 20 minutes and Deira city is even closer. 

Most Expensive Dubai Hotels

You can pay any where from $50 per night for a normal hotel, up to $500,000 per night for the presidential suites of some luxury hotels. 

The most expensive hotel for normal guests is the Burj Al Arab which is located in Jumeirah Beach and looks like a boat's sail. It's a 7 star hotel built on reclaimed land. 

Rooms typically cost a minimum of $1,500 per night for the cheapest rooms overlooking the city. From this price, you can upgrade to larger more spacious rooms.

Breakfast is often excluded in the price, costing $125 per person per day. You can buy a breakfast and dinner package for around $3,000 per night. 

So what makes this worthy of a stay? It might be the 9 signature restauraunts and opulent full-service spa. You also get chauffeur driven in Rolls Royce's or by dedicated helicopter to the roof. 

Lower down, there's two swimming pools with luxury cabanas for rent as well as the Sky View Bar which is suspended 200m above sea level. 

Probably the most famous of all and why most people choose to stay in the Burj Al Arab is the Al Mahara Aquarium restaurant which offers incredible surroundings of a fully stocked aquarium. You feel like you're dining underwater as the tables are surrounded by a huge oval shaped aquarium. 

For the experience, a 4 course lunch will cost you $230 per person, while the 7 course dinner will cost you at least $460 per person (includes one free drink). 

Is it worth it? You can decide for yourself! 

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