Best Welding Helmets Under $100 (Reviews + Ratings)

Welding is a dangerous task, involving a lot of risk, so it is therefore paramount that you find a quality welding helmet. Luckily for you, we have found the best welding helmets under $100. 

While welding, you may experience a bright flash of light, this is an extremely dangerous arc flash emitting harmful UV rays, that can cause severe injury and long-term harm.

In addition to the safety aspects, the helmet must also be able to adjust or be adjusted to function under different conditions, whether it's bright outdoor light, or the dark indoors. 

Viewing screen, ventilation, adjustment, safety and practicality have all been tested with these 5 top picks for welding helmets, under customer reviews and ratings to ensure an honest review. 

Best Welding Helmets Under $100

1. Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

  • Weight: 907g
  • Origin: USA
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 required 
  • Features: Auto-dark

Supplied with a bonus pair of quality welding gloves the Tanox Auto-Darkening solar powered welding helmet is a budget-priced high-quality item that you can't go past.

If you encounter a sudden burst of heat and bright light whilst welding you want your eyes, face and neck protected in a flash (so to speak) and that is what this helmet does well. Flash burn, heat, ultra-violet light, sparks and infrared light are serious risks for a welder. This Tanox helmet meets the optical safety standards EN375 and ANSIZ87.1.

It can rapidly change from light to dark in 1/25000 of a second. It has a high UV protection rating as well as a high IR radiation protection rating should an electrical failure occur.

This helmet is perfect for both home DIYers and professional welders. It has an optical class rating of 1/1/1/2, a wide viewing range, solar shade lens, grinding 0000, adjustable response range of 4-9/9-13, adjustable sensitivity knobs and only weighs 0.45kg.

The large viewing field of 9.8 x 4.4 cm provides a safe area for the welder to see from a wide-angled perspective. And the lightweight, as well as a padded hard head adapter, makes it very comfortable to wear.

With an automatic darkening function, the helmet can be safely used for all types of welding jobs including grinding, arc goughing, MMA, MIG, plasma etc.

The variations in shade are rapidly accomplished so the work isn’t delayed unnecessarily.There are two solar panels as well as a Lithium-ion battery. There’s also a low volume alarm.

As well as the complimentary gloves (16-inch Kevlar stitched with long sleeves) the helmet also comes with an extra lens cover.

2. ATF Auto Welding Helmet

  • Weight: 599g
  • Origin: China
  • Battery: 2 x CR2 included
  • Feature: Solar Powered

Powered by solar cells as well as batteries (supplied) the LEOPARD automatic darkening welding helmet from ATF is approved under standards CE: EN175, EN379, EN166, ANSI Z87.1, CSAZ94.3, and AS/NZS 1338.1.

The helmet suits all types of welding jobs and suits both home welders and professionals alike.

Made from strong fire-retardant materials it will auto darken or can be manually adjusted to personal preference for the optimal protection of the eyes, face and neck against heat, burns, infrared light, sparks, and ultraviolet.

The 100 x 50mm viewing area is large and safe, providing a good view of the work area. Powered by a solar panel as well as a Lithium-ion battery it has an auto on/off function.

It features an optical class rating of 1/1/1/1 with both UV and IR protection and 4 arc sensors. The switch time from light to dark is less than 0.1 minute but there is a manual delay function which can be used for the reverse dark to light mode.

With an adjust to fit headband design and other ergonomically thoughtful design features the helmet is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

The package contains the helmet as well as an auto-darkening filter, adjustable headgear, spare cover lens and User Manual.

3. TACKLIFE Welding Helmet

  • Weight: 953g
  • Origin: USA
  • Battery: 1 x CR2
  • Feature: Full Shade Range

Tacklife’s auto-darkening solar powered welding helmet is a great helmet at an excellent price, suiting all welding jobs both professional and DIY.

Welding is a risky job with sparks, light flashes, heat and other chances for serious injury to the eyes, face and neck area. An auto-darkening helmet is an answer to these issues.

Equipped with four arc sensors this helmet has fully automated ON/OFF power with an optical clarity of 1/1/1/1 for the optimal welding results without risk of injury.

The helmet incorporates both UV and IR protection to DIN 16 standards. It has a full shade range from 3/ 4 to 8/9 – 13.

The light to dark reaction time is 1/25000 seconds. There is a dark to light delay function to suit particular jobs and personal preference.

It uses both solar cells and batteries. The helmet meets safety standards EN 379, ANSI/ISEA, and Z87.1–2015.

The 98 x 43mm viewing field is large and safe for seeing the entire work area from a range of angles.

Made from high-impact Polyamide Nylon material the helmet is both rust-resistant and fire-retardant, durable and lightweight. An adjustable headband provides comfort to the neck area.

The helmet is compatible with optional extra cheater lens, magnifying lens and adjustable headgear for extra comfort.

4. Bossweld F1 Welding Helmet

  • Weight: 495g 
  • Origin: China
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 included
  • Feature: Certified AS/NA 21337 1338

This X-Sight Series electronic variable shade welding helmet from Bosswell is an auto-darkening helmet which responds automatically to the bright flashes of light from welding to protect your eyes, face and neck from flash burns, eye damage, sparks, UV, infrared, and other injuries.

It meets EN175 and AS/NZ 21337 and 1338 Safety Standards.The helmet suits MIG, stick electrode and TIG welding jobs and is priced to meet any budget.

The helmet uses a combination of spectral filtering, photoelectric inductive control and liquid crystal light control technologies.

When the four arc sensors detect the start of the welding at the arc the liquid crystals change colour virtually instantaneously.

The auto-darkening reaction time is 1/30000 seconds. When welding ceases they turn back to light again enabling a clear view once again.

The operator can vary the shade range from 5 to 8 or 9 to 13. A delay timer can also be used to keep the darker shade on for a longer period. The helmet is battery operated, using a replaceable Lithium cell.

With a large viewing area of 100 x 53mm, the operator can see the work site from all angles and with good clarity (rating 1/1/1/2). Adjustable headgear and lightweight provide a comfortable environment for the wearer.

5. Bossweld VR1 Welding Helmet

  • Weight: 450g
  • Origin: China
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 included
  • Feature: Certified AS/NZ 21337 & 1338

Suitable for MIG and Stick electrode welding jobs the Craft Series VR1 variable shade electronic welding helmet from Bossweld is a necessary accessory for the handyman who does a limited range of welding work around the home.

It’s a very affordable item of safety equipment, and absolutely necessary if you are planning to do any simple welding of the type described.

Welding can cause serious injuries to the eyes, face and neck from flash burn, sparks, UV and infrared light and high heat. The helmet is certified to meet Safety Standards AS/NZ 21337 and 1338.

With dual sensors detecting the onset of flashes of light and heat the helmet will automatically darken to shades between 9 and 13 (adjustable by the user).

The response time for darkening is 1/30000 seconds, virtually instantaneous. When the source of light ceases the helmet viewing area will automatically lighten again to give a clear view once more. This lightening process can be delayed if wanted.

A well-sized viewing area of 96 x 39 mm provides a good clear of the welding work area from good angles, with an optical rating of 1/1/1/2.

Weighing only 45g and with an adjustable headband inside the helmet is very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.


When it comes to buying the best welding helmet under $100, there's plenty of different brands and models to choose from. Whether you want to purchase locally with a budget brand from Bunnings, or a USA imported brand, the choice is entirely up to you. 

USA brands typically come with more features and settings than the Australian brands, as they are more technologically advance. 

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