5+ Best Ultrasonic Cleaners Australia

Ultrasonic cleaners are a new and innovative way to clean more fragile or precious items such as jewellery, glasses, watches and more, using oscillation technology to create vacuum bubbles.

As the bubbles in the solution pop around your items, they remove the grime and built up dirt collected on the surface and in the nooks and crannies. 

There are multiple designs, appropriate for different items of varying fragility, lucky for you, these designs and models are more abundant than ever with increasing demand.

Take our advice and check out these top 5 great ultrasonic cleaners, to save you time and money in the long run.

How To Choose Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

You don’t need harsh chemicals or even elbow grease to keep your accessories clean. An ultrasonic cleaner does the job just as well, better in fact because of the science behind it.

Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the microscopic bubbles produced by high frequency sound waves vibrating through water to blast the dirt and grime off the surface of items they come into contact with. This means that if the items are in a bath of the vibrating water the bubbles will enter crevices that the naked eye can’t even see.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a mess-free and highly effective way to clean a multitude of things. Most people think immediately of jewellery but ultrasonic cleaning can be used for so much more including spectacles, cables, electronic parts, glass objects, ceramics, plastics, etc. Even dentures can be cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaners work by producing tiny bubbles through high frequency vibrations which collide with the item being cleaned and literally blast the dirt off the item.

That item can be anything from a piece of jewellery to a greasy nut or bolt. Applications for ultrasonic cleaners include home use (jewellery in particular but also any number of other uses), chemistry labs, dental clinics, car repairers etc.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaners

1. LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Large 600ml tank
  • 42,000 Hz frequency
  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Viewing window

The Life Basis Ultrasonic cleaner is made from stainless steel and has a large 600ml tank with removable basket and watch stand.

It has 5 cleaning modes for light through to heavy cleaning. It produces 42,000 Hz frequency of ultrasonic waves through the water to clean quickly and effectively.

On its lowest timer setting the cleaner is gentle enough even for pearls. Simply fill the tank with water, add the items to be cleaned, choose the sonic cleaning timer and switch the unit on.

You can add a few drops of liquid soap to help with cleaning particularly dirty objects. The machine has a cooling fan in the base to prevent overheating.

The lid has a viewing window so you can see the progress of cleaning.

The touch screen and digital display make it easy to use, and the detachable power cord makes it safe around water. It also has a very small footprint so it won’t take up much space wherever you decide to place it.

The cleaner is suited to home use, or by jewellers, opticians, electronics workshops, mobile phone holders, anyone who needs to clean small ‘bits and pieces’.

2. GS&GM Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Large 2500ml tank
  • Multiple settings
  • Commercial grade

Sitting at the pricier end of the market for ultrasonic cleaners the GS&GM model is also a large unit with a 2500ml tank measuring 18.5 x 13.7 x 9.9cms.

It will take items up to 20.4cms.

The GS&GM uses ultrasound at a level of 70W distributed evenly around the tank. It has a ceramic heater which gently increases the water temperature to 60 degrees, with the sonic waves being increased at the same time to 80W.

The cleaning strength is adjusted simply by the time the item is cleaned for. The lowest time is 2 minutes, the highest is 10 minutes.

The GS&GM cleaner uses a commercial grade ultrasonic generator and is highly durable. It’s thermal shielded circuitry prevents electrical overload and its moisture-resistant PCB boards make it safe from water splashes.

If you’re looking for a commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner that’s capable of cleaning larger objects and more items at the same time this may be a good choice for you. It’s perfectly suited to home use as well as the business user.

3. Digitech 170W Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Large 2500ml tank
  • Multiple settings
  • Commercial grade

With a large 2500ml water tank the Digitech 170W ultrasonic cleaner is made from sturdy stainless steel, has a heating element you can adjust and digital controls.

It has a basket to hold items being cleaned and is a good size (150L x 245W x 76Dmm) for holding many items.

This is a commercial grade machine at an affordable price. It’s safe to use on glass, rubber, plastic, metals including gold and silver, gemstones …. anything that is safe to be cleaned with water.

Use it to clean even delicate circuit boards and automotive parts, hearing aids, watches and more. The 170W transducer creates many millions of microscopic bubbles which will get into all the spaces you want cleaned. It does a quick job and it does it brilliantly well. The timer has 5-minute increments so you can control the process.

Use the cleaner with tap water and a cleaning solvent if necessary (dishwashing liquid is fine for most things). Importantly it’s best not to crowd the basket.

You’ll achieve a much better clean if the items don’t touch each other because then the bubbles can reach all the nooks and crannies it needs to. And dirtier items may need more than one clean to really achieve a great result.

4. Kogan Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Small 600ml tank
  • Portable home use
  • Automatic timer

So, enter the Kogan ultrasonic cleaner. This is a model designed for home and professional use. It has a water tank which measures 20.8cms long so it will hold quite large items.

The tank holds 600ml and is made of stainless steel. The unit has an automatic timer switch which you can set depending on how dirty the items you want to clean are. The vibration rate is 42000Hz.

The Kogan U/S cleaner is effective and efficient for cleaning all sorts of household and other items.

5. Floureon Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Portable 400ml tank
  • Suitable for home use
  • Anti-skid feet

Floureon’s ultrasonic cleaner is a compact and budget friendly ultrasonic cleaner probably best suited to household use, particularly jewellery, eyeglasses, dentures, razors etc.

It has a small 400ml stainless-steel water tank and uses 40Hz vibrations to create the cleansing bubbles the process relies on for its cleaning results. The anti-skid feet make it safe from slipping on the benchtop or other surface you have it on.

It’s so easy to use that you hardly need the Instruction Manual! Simply fill the tank with water (from the tap is fine) to no more than the Maximum line (400ml at the most). 

The small footprint this cleaner has means that you can easily store it away between uses.

How To Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Place the item(s) you want to clean into the tank – for optimum results it’s best not to have them touching each other at all.

Turn the cleaner on and the auto shut off will kick in at 3 minutes. Your items will then be sparkling clean - as good as new.

Sometimes finishing off with a soft toothbrush can add a bit of extra shine. Adding a few drops of dish-washing liquid is also a good idea if your items are particularly dirty.

Or putting them through several cycles is another tip.


Keep your things clean at home with these ultrasonic cleaners that can fine clean pretty much anything that will fit inside. Perfect for a wide variety of use cases, all five mentioned here today are perfect ultrasonic cleaners. 

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