5+ Best Smart Weather Stations For Your Home

While an at-home weather station is certainly a must in any modern home, accuracy is an important factor and can only be ensured by the best smart weather stations out there.

While an app connected to a public weather station a significant distance away does work, a private weather station provides a much more precise and targeted weather prediction that is tailored specifically to your area. 

The weather is unpredictable and affects everything you do, a simple rain pour, storm or windy day can throw a wrench into your daily plans. 

That being said, why not invest in a smart at-home weather station? Stay on top of mother nature and be prepared for any weather conditions thrown at you. 

Best Smart Weather Stations

1. ECOWITT HP2551 WiFi Station

With a higher resolution TFT display than the older LCD models, the Ecowitt HP2551 Weather Station is a user-friendly self-contained wireless digital weather monitor which doesn’t require pairing to a phone app or other home devices.

With 100m range wireless connectivity, the all-in-one outdoor sensor transmits from your roof or other suitable vantage position to an indoor monitor.

The sensor unit includes a wind vane and cups, rain gauge, UV/solar radiation sensor, bubble level and solar collector, and thermo-hygrometer sensor.

Because it’s WiFi-enabled the station transmits publishes directly to international data sites Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW and to the downloaded Ecowitt app WS View on the indoor monitor.

You can also upload data directly to ecowitt.net to receive email alerts for all of the sensor data.

Once set up it allows you to see at a glance on the large indoor colour screen monitor pretty well all the data you could want about what’s going on outside your home including current temperatures.

As well as minimums and maximums, wind speed and direction, rainfall stats, humidity, dewpoint, moon phase, solar radiation, etc.

It also features weather forecasting and historical archiving of data for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

The interface of the monitor is extremely well designed with two choices of backgrounds (light or dark) and easy to use toggling between the different optional data choices.

Ecowitt provides excellent customer support and firmware updates are easily installed with a downloaded file on an SD card inserted into the monitor.

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2. ECOWITT WH2910C Station

Ecowitt’s Model WH2910C home weather station is a WiFi capable device which allows you to monitor all weather conditions you really could want to know within 100 metres of its sensors (obstacle-free) on your rooftop or other suitable placement.

The setup is quite straightforward and the directions easy to follow. The station includes a wireless outdoor sensor and an indoor colour LCD screen for viewing the data relayed to it.  

The 7-in-one outdoor sensor includes a wind vane, wind speed cups, thermo-hygrometer sensor, rain gauge, solar collector and bubble level, and UV/solar radiation sensor.

The sensor readings are transmitted wirelessly to the indoor monitor which uses the Ecowtt app WS View. You can receive email alerts about the local data via uploading to ecowitt.net.

They can also be transmitted to the international data collection sites Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW.

The information you receive on the monitor includes rainfall, temperature (indoor and outdoor), wind speed and direction, dew-point, humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase, solar radiation and more.

You can also collect historical data and use a weather forecasting function. There is a weather alert function (using self -determined parameters) and a battery backup in case of a power outage

3. Ambient Weather WS-1550-IP Station

With the ability to use both wireless and cable connections, the Ambient Weather WS-1550-IP Smart Weather Station is a home device for monitoring all weather conditions around the outside of your home.

If you also purchase the eight optional WH31B indoor sensors you can see the check conditions inside the home, as well as the air quality if you purchase the optional PM2.5 sensor.

The sensors send the data collected to AmbientWeather.net which is downloaded to your Smart device for viewing.

The Honeywell HPM Series Particle outdoor sensor is solar-powered, and also have rechargeable batteries where there is no sunlight.

The data collected includes wind speed and direction, rainfall, indoor and outdoor temperatures, barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, wind chill factor, solar radiation and UV, humidity (indoor and outdoor), UV, and more.

The data can be viewed in a variety of formats to suit personal preferences: numbers, dials, graphs, and text. Further analysis can be performed after the data is downloaded into a suitable file on your device. Store historical data for your own use and interest.

Share the weather data with family and friends.

There are alerts which you can set for particular weather conditions and you can pair the IFTTT app with Alexa to set other home appliances such as automatic blinds, air conditioners, heaters, watering systems etc to turn on or off with particular weather conditions.

This is a useful and sophisticated home weather station which helps save time and money by only using weather-related appliances when they're needed.

4. La Crosse Technology C83100-INT

Providing easy real-time access to weather conditions at your home 24/7 the C83100-INT home weather station from La Crosse Technology is an affordable way to keep on top of all those little things that depend on weather conditions.

Like watering the garden, turning air-conditioning and heating on and off, adjusting blinds etc. Whether to pack a coat or umbrella. As well as being interesting in its own right.

The system consists of an outdoor sensor which can operate as a stand-alone unit without any WiFi connection if that’s all you want. That has a rain gauge, thermometer, barometer etc which can all be manually read.

The sensor has a 100-metre range (without obstacles). You can choose to add up to four additional sensors (probe, water leak, and more) to monitor other areas of your home.

The station is WiFi-enabled however and can be connected wirelessly to your smart device via the La Crosse View app to show you all the data you need wherever you are.

This includes both current and forecast weather conditions from AccuWeather. Check rainfall, temperature, wind chill factor, wind speed, humidity, etc.

Maintain historical data, set alerts and share your information with friends or family.

The unit also comes with an indoor stand-alone monitor (as an alternative or in addition to using your smart device) which has an LED display with adjustable contrast settings and dynamic icons. Its features include a calendar, seasonal foliage changes, customisable alerts, and much more.

5. Ambient Weather WS-2000 Station

With a hard to go past display and high-tech features, the WS-2000 smart weather station from Ambient Weather is a high-end home weather data service that lives up to its excellent reviews.

This is a stand-alone unit which does not require intermediary software or any other hardware. The system is WiFi-enabled and connects to the Ambient Weather Free Network.

It allows you to send data to the AmbientWeather.net site, the most user-friendly interface for monitoring your personal weather data across several different platforms, including a share function.

The outdoor sensor (which has a transmits wirelessly to the indoor monitor which has an excellent TFT display console.

The WiFi/internet settings are very easily entered on the console, not from an app. And the unit supports both WiFi and Internet cloud services.

The dynamic and brilliant colour display shows all the usual data you’d expect from a weather station as well as “Feels Like” temperature readings (Wind Chill and Heat Index Factors), sunrise and sunset times, forecasts, moon phases and so on.

The unit also supports up to eight additional Thermo-Hygrometer Sensors (sold separately) for measuring more extensive areas around larger properties or businesses.

Use an SD card to store historical data and download software updates.

What to look for in a smart weather station?

When it comes to buying one for your home, you'll want to consider a few factors including:


You'll want to ensure your weather station can handle all the elements thrown at it. Luckily most models offer great durability and are weather and windproof. Others may have advanced protection features such as cyclic erosion or moisture. 

Be sure to ensure the model you're buying comes with a good warranty. 

Transmission Distance

Most smart weather stations come with wireless, bluetooth or cabled connection. You'll want to ensure your display is setup within a reasonable distance. 

Most sensors usually only work up to 330 feet, but wireless options may be more limited and buildings, hedges and walls can limit this. 

More expensive models offer ranges of up to 1000 feet. 


You're buying a smart weather station, so ultimately you'll want something that connects with all your other tech. 

Most common is models that integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and others. While most models now offer this, some don't and may have their own hardware. 

Weather Station

Not all smart weather stations offer the same weather stations. Some connect with AccuWeather, while others only connect with AmbientWeather. You'll want to test out the weather station on your computer or tablet first. 

Do you like what you see? If so it's a good idea to get the same weather station that supports that platform. 

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