Best Selfie Stick Tripods (Take Better Travel Photos)

The selfie has definitely revolutionised photo taking while travelling, however, some of the best selfie stick tripods can take it that one step further.

The best way to capture that picturesque landscape or beautiful backdrop, is a reliable, durable selfie stick tripod.

Not only will it allow you to adjust your angle and distance, but it is a safer and easier option than using your arm and produces better quality photos. 

Below are 5 options from a wide range of models, for an affordable, yet decent quality selfie stick tripod, so you will no longer have to hassle a stranger to take your picture. 

Best Selfie Stick Tripods

1. BlitzWolf Wireless Selfie Stick Tripod

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Sturdy 3 leg tripod base
  • Portable only 150g

With this Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Selfie Stick you’re getting 3 products in the 1 package: selfie stick, mini selfie stick tripod and table-top tripod.

Plus a detachable Bluetooth remote control (maximum distance 10m) which enables you to take selfies from a distance. Sync the remote to your phone and press the button to capture the shot. Take video as well.

The remote has a 65mAh rechargeable battery as well and can take 50,000 shots before needing a recharge.

The stick and tripod are both extendable to allow for better angles and distances, and to take shots of large groups of people.  

It also gives it a smaller footprint to carry around when folded away. The tripod head can be rotated 360 degrees when holding a phone to give portrait and landscape camera modes and unusual and interesting angled shots.

The tripod has non-slip rubber feet for added stability, especially when you’re shooting in video mode. This is a very good tripod for time lapse photography as well.

The unit is solidly constructed from ABS plastic, PC material, and aluminium alloy for maximum stability, strength and corrosion resistance.

It’s also very lightweight, weighing only 150gms, for easy portability. The remote takes 1 lithium Polymer battery (included with purchase).

This is a very robust and versatile product.

2. Ottertooth Selfie Stick Tripod

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Study three leg base
  • Extendable up to 135cm
  • Handles up to 5kg weight

What a versatile product the Ottertooth Wireless Selfie Stick and Tripod is!

Use the bottom stand as a sturdy tripod or detach it and use it as a selfie stick with a great extension length of around 135cms. 

The head of the stick will hold a smartphone, iPad, tablet, GoPro and even a small regular camera. You can angle the phone 360 degrees to get great creative shots including standard portrait and landscape.

When folded away the Ottertooth is extremely compact and very light. It’s made from aluminium and imported ABS, weighs only 360gms and shrinks down to 315mm. At full extension it has a height of 1340mm. The tripod can handle an impressive weight of 5kg.

The holder (for smartphone, cameras and SLR) is extra-wide and will take a phone or camera between 3.5” and 6’. 

There’s a ¼” screw at the bottom to attach the mini tripod as well as digital and GoPro cameras and SLR.

The device has a remote for wireless functionality (using Bluetooth only) which is fully compatible with IOS 6 and Android 4.3 and above.

It will only work with one device at a time. Some Samsung phones will not be able to use their Zoom function with this remote. The instructions deal with this how to manage this issue.

This is a popular selfie stick with a lot going for it. It’s very user friendly and the fact that it can be used with devices other than phones is a definite plus!

3. YUNTENG Selfie Stick Tripod

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Extendable up to 92cm
  • Highly reviewed online

Featuring a very sturdy and firm grip on the phone, an extendable stick (up to 92cms), stable adjustable tripod and Bluetooth remote control (up to 10meters) this selfie stick from YUNTENG is an impressive product.

It is very portable with a weight of only 235gms and a collapsed length of 20cm. This is an all-in-one unit of selfie stick and built-in mini tripod.

The product is made from lightweight aluminium alloy, which is corrosion resistant, and premium ABS plastics.

As a fully adjustable selfie stick the phone can be rotated to any angle for unique and spectacular shots and videos. And the extendable stick and tripod with the 10m remote mean that you can capture large groups of people, or panoramic views, with ease.

Simply pair your phone to the Bluetooth remote and you’re ready to go. No need to download additional apps.

And gone are the shaky blurred images from handheld short-range selfie sticks. If you’re using an Android phone the remote will allow you to zoom in and out.

The head of the stick is universally compatible with pretty well all smartphones which measure between 52mm and 105mm wide. It will also accept cameras which fall within those size parameters.

The YUNTENG wireless selfie stick is a great product with every feature you could really want or expect from a wireless selfie stick in this price range, and probably much more!

4. TERSELY Wireless Selfie Stick Tripod

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • 6 stage extendable stick
  • Portable, collapse to 19.5cm
  • Lightweight, only 191g

TERSELY (a sub company of Statco AU) has brought out their Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick tripod with remote.

The product has all the features that their competitors do with one added extra: a ‘built-in high definition rear mirror’ which allows you to use the rear camera on your phone for a better picture quality.

This selfie stick has a tripod stand which is extendable by up to 6 stages, the longest being 70cm. It has non-slip rubber footings for greater stability and avoidance of shaking or trembling affecting the picture quality.

The stick head and phone holder are very versatile and can be rotated and adjusted 360 degrees to get the photos you want – don’t have your imagination be limited by technical restrictions. The TERESLY lets you live your photographic dreams. This feature and the easy to sync remote allow for a greater freedom in selfie style photography.

The stick and tripod are made primarily from stainless-steel and the product weight is a light 191gms. The fully collapsed length is only 19.5cm so this is a very compact unit and easily carried around in a handbag or backpack.

The stick is compatible with all IOS and Android phones. And the Lithium-ion battery (included) is rechargeable.

5. BlitzWolf Wireless Selfie Stick Tripod

  • Fast, stable bluetooth remote
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Vertical or horizontal mode
  • 60z extendable stick

Taking selfies has come a long way hasn’t it? No longer is it confined by the length of your arm and the shakiness of your hand while you’re laughing or striking a pose!

No indeed, selfie sticks these days are 3-in-1 units which include tripods and remote controls to allow for stable based photo taking, quality group shots with nobody being missed out, weird angle shots for a joke or for art’s sake, and videos. 

They’re even being used for serious photography like time lapse and long-distance vistas.

The BlitzWolf selfie stick is no exception. It has all the features that its competitors boast.

 The package includes a monopod (i.e a stick) and tripod with a detachable wireless Bluetooth remote.  

The head holding the phone can rotate 360 degrees (by twisting the cradle head) for changing the angle of the shots you’re taking, from straightforward portrait/landscape to unusual angles.

The stick/tripod is made from an aluminium alloy and ABS plastics with PC material which are durable and corrosion resistant.

The tripod’s feet have non-slip rubber soles. The remote has a rechargeable lithium battery which can take 50,000 shots between charges.

As a lightweight (150gms) and compact product (7.87” fully collapsed) the BlitzWolf is very portable, easily fitting in to a handbag for the ladies or backpack for the blokes.

A very good buy.


Whether you're travelling solo or with a friend, having a bluetooth selfie stick can help you to take better photos. No more turning on the self-timer and running back to your photo spot!

These best selfie stick tripods are all priced under $50, making it affordable and with battery lives lasting up to 50,000 photos, you won't have to worry about changing them either. 

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