5+ Best Safety Glasses In Australia

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, and also one of the most delicate, which is why the best safety glasses are an absolutely necessary addition to your protective wear.

They may not be the coolest, or most stylish piece of gear, but is looking cool really worth it when it comes to your own safety?

Whether your job involves dangerous tasks or you simply enjoy a high-risk hobby, safety glasses will ensure your safety and prevent any life-altering injuries to your eyes. 

Keep yourself safe from minor debris, heat, sawdust or other minor irritants and other harmful situations with one of these 5 top picks for safety glasses below.

Best Safety Glasses Australia

1. DeWalt DPG94 Dominator Glasses

The DeWalt DPG94-1C Dominator safety glasses are certified to meet ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards, that is they qualify as devices to provide ‘Personal Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection’ against impact, non-ionising radiation and liquid splash exposure. 

With a light reflective ‘smoke lens’ tint they also protect against 99.9% of UV rays. And they won’t fog even on a hot summer day.

The lenses are made from lightweight Polycarbonate, a preferred material for safety glasses due to its strength and durability.

The glasses feature rubberised tips at the temples as well as rubber nose-pieces for non-slip comfort. These features combined with a lightweight of only 1.5oz make the glasses extremely comfortable even with long periods of wear.

The full-frame and big lenses provide a large coverage over the eyes and upper section of the face for greater protection, and wide arms cover the sides of the face as well.

The fit of the glasses is perfect for a standard size face – they can be a little tight on larger head shapes but it needs to be borne in mind that they are designed to be a snug fit.

They are also quite stylish and easily worn as regular sunglasses – not something you’d expect to hear about safety glasses.

2. NoCry Safety Glasses

Made from latex-free and lightweight Polycarbonate, the safety glasses from NoCry are designed for all sorts of trades and other activities which expose the wearer to harmful radiation, liquids, flying particles etc.

They are also used by hunters, golfers, doctors (surgeons), gardeners, etc. They’re strong and durable and designed in a wrap-around style to protect not only the upper part but also the sides of the face.

A 6” width will fit any head size or shape. Extendable and flexible arms with soft rubber tips fit comfortably and snugly around the head without risk of slippage. They can be worn underneath a hard-hat, helmet, ear-muffs, surgical mask or respiratory mask.

The rubber adjustable nose-pieces also make them comfortable to wear for extended periods. The lenses are clear but are coated with a 380nm UV protective layer for 90+% protection against UVA and UVB radiation both natural and artificial.

They are also anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and distortion-free.
The clear wraparound design ensures that there are no 'blind spots' on the periphery of your vision.

To maximise the life of the glasses and the scratch-proofing coating the manufacturer recommends that you purchase the NoCry glasses case for storage and use the supplied cleaning cloth regularly.

3. Dewalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer

The DeWalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer Rx is a two-in-one safety glass and reading glass. This is not a prescription spectacle – it is a bifocal glass with a magnifying lens (diopter) built into the bottom of them for those who use basic magnifying assistance for reading.

Apart from the moulded magnifier, the glasses are the same as other safety glasses from DeWalt. Ideal for tradies and others who want or need protection for their eyes from harmful rays, liquid spills or flying debris.  They can be comfortably worn under hardhats, helmets, masks, etc.

They feature rubberised handgrips on the temples for a secure comfortable fit which won’t slip off during use. The soft rubberised nosepieces are also designed for maximum comfort.

The glasses are a wraparound design to maximise protection to the sides of the face.

The Polycarbonate lenses are tough, durable but lightweight. They’re impact and scratch-resistant, distortion-free and UV coated for up to 99.9% UVA/UVB protection.

The bi-focal strengths available are 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. They are not designed as a replacement for prescription spectacles but rather as an aid for the occasional need to read labels. Instruction manuals and so on.

A soft micro-fibre pouch is supplied to store the glasses when not in use.

4. Calabria 91348 Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

Offering 100% protection against UV rays and bifocal lens capability, the Calabria 91348 Safety Glasses in Copper are a great option for those in occupations requiring eye protection but needing magnification assistance for reading labels, instructions, manuals and so forth.

Or simply to see close-up work. They’re also a good buy for people who like to wear safety glasses when undertaking leisure activities and sports like cycling and motorbike riding, horse-riding, golfing, gardening etc.

Night driving is also better with these glasses on to cut out the glare and enhance the view of the dashboard.

The glasses are made from shatterproof Polycarbonate, which is also particularly lightweight and extremely comfortable.

The glasses are quite heavily tinted and are great in full sunshine, but equally effective moving into the shade. They’re distortion-free, even at long distances.

In terms of ergonomics, the arms have soft rubber grips which provide not only comfort but also a firm grip for non-slip. They are a snug wrap-around design which fits under hats, helmets, respiratory masks etc.

And of course, their light weight keeps them comfortable with extended use. They also look good. The magnification powers available are 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. 

5. SolidWork Professional Safety Glasses

Featuring multi-coating SolidWork’s Professional safety Glasses are a little pricier than other options but they are a premium product with more to offer than many others.

The lenses are coated to ensure that they are resistant to scratching, fogging and UV rays. They are certified to comply with US standards ANSI, DIN EN 166 and EN 170.

These standards all relate to the UV protection rating.  The glasses feature integrated side protection to give complete safeguarding for the upper part of the face from damage from flying debris, liquid or UV.

Ergonomics are well-considered with a mix of hard and soft materials used: the glasses fit snugly yet softly against your nose and ears so they won’t slip but be comfortable with extended wear.

They do not create any pressure points because they are flexible and adjustable at the temples to suit your own head shape and size. The nosepieces are also adjustable.

And the glasses are very lightweight so you can easily forget you have them on. With purchase you’ll receive a pair of shooting glasses and a soft microfibre storage bag.

These safety glasses are ideal for anyone who needs or wants protection for their eyes at work or on other occasions like gardening, cycling, golfing, etc.

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