5+ Best Knee Pads For Work In Australia

While you may not consider your knees a particularly vulnerable part of your body, it is highly important to protect them with the best knee pads for work in Australia.

Damaging your knees will directly affect the functioning of your lower back, legs and feet, not to mention your ability to walk and run, exercise and lift any sort of heavy weight.

In addition to safety, knee pads provide added comfort when on your knees for an extended period of time, thus making your work that much easier and comfortable. 

A product such as this is in abundance in the protective gear market, which is why it's important to find the absolute best model of knee pads for you and your situation.

1. NoCry Professional Knee Pads

  • Gel core, interior EVA foam
  • Slip-buckle clip
  • Double-stitched straps

With the NoCry professional, you’ll save yourself the pain and be able to extend the time you can kneel without having to get up to relieve the pain. Even the pain if getting up from a kneeling position will be alleviated.

These knee pads have gel cushioning and a padded surface to protect your knees from hard and uneven surfaces. Their gel core and interior EVA foam padding are soft and ergonomic. The outer shell is made from a thick heavy-duty poly material which also protects you from cuts or scrapes.

Two adjustable elastic neoprene straps keep the knee pads in place throughout the day, as you move around and get up and down. The straps have a slip-buckle clip fastening for easy fitting and greater stability.

They can be crossed over each other for an even firmer fit. The straps are double-stitched with nylon thread for durability. And you needn’t be concerned about damaging your floors if you’re working indoors – the knee pads feature a flat cap design to prevent them from rolling around when in use.

The knee pads will fit any knee up to 22” in circumference. Wash after use in tepid water with a brush or cloth and store in a dry place, and you’ll have these for years.

2. Carib Gear Pro Knee Pads

  • Vibrant colour scheme
  • Mixture of various materials
  • Velcro adjustment
  • Bonus glasses and gloves

Designed for comfort and durability the Carib Gear knee pads are a must-have for anyone who spends long periods kneeling for work or around the home or garden.

If you do you’ll completely understand the pain that goes with that – both as you kneel and when you try to get up from that position.

These kneepads feature a foam-encased gel core and a foam padded outer which moulds to your knees for all-day comfort. The design is lightweight and flexible for optimal freedom of movement and effective impact-resistance. An extra pair of 10” strap extenders is included.

The kneepads are made from a combination of thermoplastic rubber, neoprene, gel cushion foam and 600D polyester. A Velcro adjustment feature on the strap above the knee allows for a tight fit, eliminating the ‘roll down’ effect that many kneepads suffer from.

The kneepads come in a set with UV Safety Glasses and a pair of Leather Work Gloves. The glasses are fog, glare and scratch resistant and will protect your eyes from flying debris. They are an easy fit and provide excellent coverage of the eye area.

The gloves are ideal for general work. They’re water and oil resistant and will protect your hands whilst allowing for a good grip with their non-slip design and reinforced padded palm area.

3. CE’CERDR Knee Pads

  • Gel core, EVA padding, PVC cap
  • Adjustable straps
  • Quick release clips

The extra-long (thigh-high) professional knee pads from CE’CERDR provide exceptional protection for your knees when you spend time kneeling on hard surfaces. They’re also comfortable to wear and extremely durable.

And they suit wear on any surface and in any setting, inside or outdoors, domestic or industrial. The kneepads feature a quality soft gel core with high-density EVA foam padding underneath a heavy-duty PVC shell cap. The contoured shape of the cap fits the kneecap perfectly. The caps are abrasion resistant and skid-proof.

Wide adjustable neoprene straps are breathable but flexible and can be secured to your legs above and below the knees with strong and reliable quick-release clips. They won’t roll or slip out of place during wear. And nor will they pinch.

Being manufactured from sturdy PVC, strong ballistic nylon, and breathable neoprene they are made to last for many years.  These kneepads are ideal for anyone who does a lot of kneeling or anyone with knee injuries.

And especially useful when the surface you’re kneeling on is damp, wet or oily. Even rock-climbers recommend using kneepads and these especially long ones are an excellent choice for that because they protect so much of the leg. And the price is also excellent value for an excellent quality product.

4. Thunderbolt Knee Pads

  • Brand new release for 2020
  • Power-Shield
  • Extension straps w/ fasteners

Designed for those who kneel on hard surfaces for work (construction, flooring, tiling, shelf stacking etc) or otherwise (gardening, cleaning etc), the Thunderbolt Platinum Pro-2X knee pads are an excellent choice for both men and women.

These are a brand new release for 2020 with extra-thick double gel cushioning, comfortable extra-strong materials and heavy-duty reinforced stitching for a longer life.

In greater detail, the already excellent quality Thunderbolt kneepads now feature a heavy-duty non-slip Power-Shield which protects your knees and your clothing whilst also preventing any damage to the underlying surfaces.

This means they are absolutely safe to wear indoors on hardwood flooring. And they will prevent your clothing and your knees from coming into contact with nails, screw, glass etc.

A soft gel and thick engineered foam core provide optimal protection for the knees when kneeling for prolonged periods, including not only the kneecap but also the patella tendon below and the quadriceps above the knee. The rubber outer cap fits neatly around the kneecap.

Fully adjustable straps will keep the knee pads securely in place all day without risk of slipping down or around. Free 7” extension straps with Velcro fasteners are supplied with purchase.

5. DEWALT DG5204 Kneepads

  • Famous tradie brand
  • Non-slip cap
  • Buckle fastener anchor

From Dewalt come the DG5204 Professional Kneepads for work or domestic use on all flooring surfaces. These are designed for use on really hard textured surfaces including steel decking, rough concrete, brickwork etc and can really take a beating.

These are made from high-quality materials and designed for maximum comfort and durability. They feature a layered gel, non-skid, heavy-duty cap which is stable (ie won’t slip across the surface you’re kneeling on) and long-lasting.

Inside is a layered gel over a thick closed cell foam padding which surrounds the entire knee for support and comfort over prolonged use.

You might think that the non-slip cap would restrict movement of the knee but it doesn’t – your knees retain full flexibility of movement inside the protection of the kneepads.

Wide adjustable neoprene straps with a heavy-duty slip buckle fastener system anchor the pad onto the leg and there is a convenient upper tab to reposition the pad on the knee for added stability. This ensures that the pad won’t slip around or down when being worn.

The use of ballistic poly materials, neoprene fabric liner and the reinforced stitching of all the seams provide strength, durability and comfort. Reviews suggest that these last for several years of continual and hard use without issues.

Where To Buy Knee Pads For Work?

Not sure where to buy your knee pads from? Has your boss or employer recommended you get a pair for your next role? Well the cheapest place to purchase them from is Amazon.com.au. 

You can also purchase knee pads from Bunnings, Mitre10 and Supercheap Auto. Depending on where you live you may have smaller stores such as Home Hardware, Home Depot. 

You can also find some cheaper brands in Aldi when they do their hardware sales. 

Amazon offers fast shipping and the largest range, including major brands such as Dewalt, Bosch and Thunderbolt which is a very popular brand in the United States. 

Best Knee Pads For Tradies

In our opinion the best brand to checkout is the Thunderbolt brand. They are a well known brand that offers a high level of protection at a budget friendly price. They come in a range of colours, although we think orange and black looks best! 

They are heavy duty and come with a fully adjustable fastening system that makes taking them off and on very straight forward. They also come with extension straps for larger tradies. 

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