5+ Best Push Pull Golf Carts In Australia

Walking between shots is a great way to exercise, socialise and take in the beauty of the golf course, and the best push pull golf cart can save you from the pain of carrying your golf bag. 

A push pull cart will not only make it easier to carry your clubs around the course, but prevent you from acquiring any back or shoulder pain that could negatively influence your ability to play. 

Any professional golfer knows that all push pull carts will make your golfing experience easier in a variety of ways, but a good quality cart will also save valuable time, energy and money. 

Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds, makes and models of push pull golf carts and how they can make your golfing experience easier and more enjoyable. 

1. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull

Weight: 6.8kg | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 3 | Holders: Umbrella, drink

  • Height adjustable handle
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Fold's down in one second

With a speedy one-second fold up and handle lift release time this is certainly an easy to use push pull golf cart. The handle is height adjustable to avoid back strain on users. The ball-bearing wheels make for a smooth movement over rough terrain.

Its aluminium frame means that it’s extremely light yet durable. The whole cart weighs only 6.8kg.

The cart holds your golf bag very firmly with elastic straps. When folded down it is very compact and easily transportable size.

The ergonomically designed handle is suitable for use by both right and left-handed users and has rubberised grooves underneath to hold fingers comfortably without slippage.

And for a limited time, the manufacturer is throwing in an umbrella holder with purchase to keep you and your equipment dry in all playing conditions!

It also has a drink carrier attached and a small compartment with lid for a wallet, keys, phone and some tees.

An expandable mesh bag hanging under the handle provides even more storage space for food etc. The top of the lid has a handy space for a scorecard, pencil and three tees.

2. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Weight: 4.5kg | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 3 | Holders: Umbrella, cup

  • Parking hand brake
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Storage net, various mounts

The Clicgear 3.5+ golf pushcart has many features and many optional add-ons to choose from. This is not a cart for those on a tight budget – it has a lot of bells and whistles.

To begin with, it is a very light golf cart with a total weight of only 4.5kg.

Made from aircraft-grade, scratch-resistant aluminium tubing it also features puncture-proof and maintenance-free airless tyres for traction and durability.

When folded down, with a patented simple slide-to-close mechanism, it’s extremely compact and transportable. When unfolded it’s an extremely wide and stable golf cart.

It has a parking brake on its handle (easier than being at one’s foot) to keep it in position. And its adjustable bag saddle ensures that it will accommodate all golf bags. The push handle is suitable for players of all heights. And the cart is nicely manoeuvrable.

Accessories include a cup holder, four accessory tabs, easy clip bag straps to securely hold the bag, an umbrella mount, large compartment to hold golf balls, scorecard, pencils, and tees.

It also features an expandable storage net for other things such as phone, wallet, keys etc.

The Clicgear 3.5+ comes in a variety of colours so you can stand out in a crowd.

3. CaddyTek One-Click Folding

Weight: 7.7kg | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 4 | Holders: Umbrella

  • One click button fold down
  • Foot brake
  • Four wheels for all terrain

Designed and built for comfort the CaddyTek folding 4-wheel golf cart is a light 7.7kg with a strong and durable aluminium frame and stable 4-wheeled body.

The maintenance-free ball-bearing wheels are large and cushioned, making cross-country manoeuvring in tall grass and along slopes easy and slip-free.

The multi-positional handles also assist in steering and navigation in all terrains. The cart will accommodate all golf bags, including shorter ones.

The cart has a quick ‘push’ action foot braking system for instant control.

The comfortable padded handle is adjustable for different pushing positions and heights, and also includes space for a scorecard, umbrella holder and separate mesh storage compartment.

Its patented advanced ‘one-click’ folding mechanism is convenient and extremely simple to use, making the cart compact and easy to fit into the car boot.

Accessories include plenty of storage spaces and also an umbrella holder, cup holder, and built-in cooler to keep snacks and drinks cool on warmer days.

CaddyTek has equipped their One-Click folding cart with everything a golfer could want or need. For example, the umbrella holder can be moved down against the lower part of the cart when not in use to free up space around the handle.

The section of the cart which holds the top of the golf bag is secure and tightly clips on to the bag to hold it firmly, unlike other carts which often allow the bag to move around.

Overall, this cart is of a very good quality design and build with some innovative features.

4. Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser

Weight: 6.0kg | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 3 | Holders: N/A

  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Two-step collapsible
  • Anti-slide wheels
  • No brakes

Coming in at a budget-friendly price this is an excellent entry-level golf cart for anyone who's tired of the backache and over-tiredness that accompanies carrying your own golf bag around an 18-hole course for half a day.

This is in some ways a unique product. Its wheels are designed to be anti-skid when one stops suddenly. This is an important feature to prevent accidents on the course. It also has waterproof components so not will the cart not be inclined to rust, but your belongings won’t get wet.

Its frame is made of aluminium so it’s lightweight and durable. The frame collapses and unfolds in two easy steps. And the anti-slide wheels fit into the frame quite easily then you’re ready to go. The entire cart assembled only weighs 6kg.

The cart doesn’t come with many accessories – you wouldn’t expect it to at the price. But it does have a pencil holder and a scorecard holder with some storage space underneath that.

It doesn’t have brakes which is worth noting, and the front wheel does not steer at all so the user has to push the cart in the direction he/she wants to move.

At the price this golf cart retails for though it’s a good buy for a beginner or someone short on funds.

5. CaddyTek 11.5 v3 Superlite Deluxe

Weight: 5.5kg | Frame: Aluminium | Wheels: 3 | Holders: Umbrella, cup

  • 4 pushing options
  • Patented folding mechanism
  • Foot brake

Another extremely affordable golf cart is this CaddyTek 11.5v3 Superlite Deluxe.

Weighing only 5.5kg it is extremely light, and it easily folds down to a very compact size to fit into most car boots. The folding mechanism is very simple to use.

Your golf bag can be fitted to the folded cart which is a bonus feature. And the patented bag holder will fit all types of golf bag.

The cart has the CaddyTek patented ‘push to brake push to release’ brake system.

Smooth rolling and traction on all terrains are assured by the ball-bearing maintenance-free tyres, 2 large wheels at the rear and a smaller single front wheel. A front wheel alignment mechanism is included.

The wide body design (27”) allows for easier pushing.

The handle is padded for comfort and adjustable with four pushing positions. A basket net and sand bucket hook are included, as is an umbrella holder, mesh net and cup holder.

If design and appearances catch your eye then the Caddytek Superlite Deluxe will bring you in for a closer look. It’s certainly a good looker on the course and has some design features to sell it, especially at the retail price.

How To Choose The Best Golf Cart? 

When it comes to choosing the best cart, the first factor is often personal preference. What suits you, what colour's and what are you specifically looking for?

Most push pull golf carts work universally with all bags, however if you've got something unique, you'll want to check it fit's before splashing the cash, so check with a friend that your bag fits. 

You'll want to look at these features:

  • Braking system
  • User comfort
  • Wheel sizes
  • Storage and accessories. 

Braking System

Similar to a car or electric scoter, having a good braking system is pretty important. Could you imagine playing on a hilly course and choosing a cart that doesn't have any brakes. You'd have to position the cart on an angle every time you stop to play a shot. 

This is simply not a good way to play golf, so if you're playing on hills you'll need brakes. Nearly all models come with a braking system with the exception of cheap golf carts. 

User Comfort

You'll want to ensure the golf cart is comfortable, especially if you're going to be pushing it up and down hills for 3 or 4 hours at a time. You'll want to look for carts that offer height adjustable handles to ensure you're in control of the brakes. 

You'll also want to ensure the weight is low, as some of the cheaper models are steel which is much heavier than aluminium. A good weight is around 5-8kg maximum. 

Wheel Sizes

Thankfully most golf carts have airless wheels which means you're not going to suffer a puncture on the middle of the course, however be sure to check as some cheaper models don't offer this. 

You'll need to decide on 3 or 4 wheels. 3 is definitely the most common and much lighter and easier to fold away. 4 wheels are great for hilly courses or where the terrain is more rugged. 4 wheels usually cost more and are more bulky even when folded away. 

Storage and Accessories

Most carts now offer additional storage and accessories. These might be an umbrella mount, a pencil holder, a drink cup holder or even just a place to store your clothes. 

Remember to factor in the weight of your average clothes on top of the weight of the cart to get a good idea of the weight you'll have to push or pull around the golf course. 


Whether you're a pro golfer, or an amateur, getting yourself a robust and reliable push pull golf cart can make your game much more enjoyable. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to push pull golf carts. 

Today we've looked at various options to suit every budget. Whether you want all the bells and whistles, or something modest, there's something for you. 

If you're playing on a hilly course, you'll want something with good breaks and potentially 4 wheels for an all terrain performance. 

Duncan Liu

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