6+ Best Podcast Hosting Providers To Use

Where should I host my podcast? What's the best podcast hosting for live streaming? These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding podcasting. 

Today we're going to be looking at 6 of the best podcast hosting providers available to Australian's as well as those readers around the world. 

Different platforms have different pricing structures and for beginners it can be confusing to understand what they actually need. 

So we've done the hard work for you, plus we aren't affiliates for these platforms and simply recommending the biggest commission (like some other reviewers). 

The Best Podcast Hosting Providers

1. Buzzsprout.com

  • Free and premium accounts
  • Well known hosting provider
  • Embedded players for website

Buzzsprout allows users to start their own podcasts. Various areas can be customized from the title to the description. This platform allows published podcasts to receive attention on iTunes, Google Play and other platforms.

A subscription to Buzzsprout allows audio effects to be added and data statistics. This website also gives members an embeddable player that is compatible with all websites. 

Buzzsprout charges by the number of hours uploaded. It is free to upload a maximum of 2 hours of content in 30 days with removal after 3 months. There is a $12 per month plan for 3 hours with extras at a rate of $4 an hour.

Another monthly subscription costs $18 month where 6 hours of podcasts can be posted with a charge of $3 per hour after the limit has been reached. The final subscription is priced at $24 a month for 12 hours of recordings.

After the 12-hour limit, there is a charge of $2 per extra hour. A 250GB bandwidth comes with each plan.

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2. Podbean.com

  • Free and paid accounts
  • Listen via embedded or subdomain 
  • Easy to use from day one

Opening up a Podbean account brings access to a free subdomain name where listeners can access episodes. Lots of features on the subdomain can be personalized such as the colour schemes, artworks, fonts can easily be changed.

A subscription to Podbean allows search engine optimization (SEO) to bring more people access to the podcasts available. Podcast episodes can be filled with ads to help monetize the content. There are also statistics sheets available to show how many people are watching and where.

There is a free plan that allows 5 hours of content with a 100GB bandwidth. There is a $9 per month plan with unlimited uploads, no bandwidth limit and minor access to monetization means through ads.

More monetization options are available with the $29 and up monthly plan. The most expensive subscription is the $99 and up monthly option which has all the previous features like unmetered bandwidth and unrestricted monetization options.

However, this $99 plan also allows live chat and other business engagements.

3. Castos.com

  • Monetize and upload to Youtube
  • No need to embed content
  • Good for brand building

Castos allows podcasters to upload episodes on YouTube, monetize their work and transcription services depending on the plan purchased. The most basic subscription is at $19 per month for unlimited storage only.

There is a $34 per month plan with unlimited storage and the option to display episodes on Youtube to spread more awareness and attract listeners. Unlimited Video podcasting can be enabled for $49 a month.

Content can be monetized through a subscription service where 20% of earnings go to Castos as a one-of-a-kind RSS feed will be curated for every subscriber.

Castos also has Seriously Simple Podcasting plug-in to allow regular content to be published without the use of an embed code. This WordPress plug-in can be utilized to bring in additional traffic. There is a transcribing service at 10 cents per minute.

Analytics displaying demographics and regions come along with each subscription plan and at no additional charge. Castos is suitable for establishing more presence and bringing more content to dedicated listeners. 

4. Captivate.fm

  • Good for growing your audience
  • Free trial then from $19/mo
  • Calls to action in podcast player

Captivate is a beginner-friendly platform for budding podcasters. The subscription cost depends on the number of downloads per month. There is the Podcaster plan at $19 per month for a maximum of 12,000 downloads.

A step-up from this plan is the Professional at $49 a month for 60,000 downloads. The Brand comes with a download limit of 150,000 for $99 a month. Each paid plan comes with RSS feeds and statistics to show the number of downloads, averages and platforms used to listen.

New shows can be added whenever as long as the downloads stay beneath the monthly limit. A subdomain name is included and there is the option to link WordPress through Captivate Sync.

Captivate is ideal for teams as there is the option to add in editors and producers without having the need for the same login information.

Team members can have their own profiles, ideal for professional use. There is a ‘Call to Action’ function to bring attention to Patreons and other information as well. 7-day free trials are available to test features out.

5. Transistor.fm

  • Easy show import tool
  • In built website integrations
  • Multi-episode support

Transistor has 3 subscription plans, namely Starter, Professional and Business. Starter costs $19 a month for unlimited podcasts, a website, 2 extra users per podcast and a 10,000 downloads cap.

Professional allows a limit of 500 private subscribers for every podcast, 5 more users and a limit of 50,000 downloads at $49 a month. Business comes in at $99 per month with 10 additional users for every podcast allowed, 1000-subscriber limit per podcast and 150,000 downloads.

The Professional and Business plans come with private podcasting options. Each account can be filled with several employee or team members. There is a 14-day free trial period for every plan and paying annually gives 2 months free.

Each plan allows embedded podcast players and statistics. Transistor brings the uploaded content to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts as well.

This podcast hosting service is ideal for well-known businesses who want to another method to interact with customers and consumers. 

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6. Simplecast.com

  • Great stats and analytical data
  • Recast audio file bit rates
  • Affordable prepayment rates

Simplecast has conventional services like other podcast hosting platforms such as enabling a personal website and distribution to Spotify, Google Store and other areas. There are 3 plans available with unrestricted storage, namely Basic, Essential and Growth.

Basic allows a maximum of 20,000 downloads per month. Essential has a limit of 50,000 downloads with the option to add in team members and web players.

The Growth plan brings in advanced features like technology analytics and a 125,000-download limit. Pre-paying an annual subscription brings cost down to $13.5 for Basic, $31.5 for Essential and $76.5 for Growth.

A unique feature from Simplecast is Recast to curate minor audio files that can be shared around by fans and attract more traffic. It is possible to move from another platform to Simplecast and gain possession of previous works.

Likewise, moving from Simplecast to another podcast hosting programme is a smooth transition. This is ideal for both beginners and well-established podcasters, with a user-friendly interface at hand.

Summary: What's the Best Podcast Hosting?

1, Simple and Affordable - Buzzsprout
2. Multi-Show & Brand Growth Tools - Captivate
3. Multi-Show & Private Shows - Transistor.

James Hunter