Best Coding Academies: Learn To Code Online Fast

So you want to learn how to code but aren't sure how to start? Well many years ago you'd need to go to University or a college course, but with the power of the internet and many tech startups you can now use some of the best coding academies out there.

Today we'll be looking at 5 top platforms for learning to code a wide variety of languages including Python, C#, C++ Java, Javascript, PHP and everything in between. 

Whether you want to create the new world famous game, a piece of software, or simply get a better job in the future, learning to code can be very rewarding. 

So take the first step and sign up for one of the best coding academies we've reviewed below. 

Best Coding Academies

1. Code Academy is an online education company that offers free coding classes in a variety of different programming languages. The company was founded in 2011 by Ryan Bubinski and Zach Sims.

The platform offers coding classes in 12 programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, Python, C++, Sass and mark-up languages including CSS and HTML. There is also a paid ‘pro’ option for users which offers access to realistic projects, quizzes and personalised learning plans together with live support.


They also offer career paths to help guide users through their required career skills, Skill Paths and courses with interactive lessons.

Courses are available for free through their online platform and promoted through YouTube, social media, LinkedIn and sponsored Google Ads.

Codeacademy is a great option for those who’re looking to build a side project, play around with programming or learn a new skill for their career.

They have an extensive range of courses from learning coding, to game development, to practical data cleaning.

They even offer a course in non-technical life skills including how to make a budget and how to choose the right health insurance. Users can put their learning into practice with tailor-made quizzes and will receive instant feedback so they know they’re on the right track.

A selection of helpful articles, community forums and informative blogs are also available for those looking to gather inspiration or find out more.

2. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a non-profit organisation which provides online courses in web development. It was founded in 2014 by Quincy Larson who had a mission to help people learn coding for free.

The organisation offers interacting learning with building projects and coding challenges for many languages including JavaScript, Python and CSS to name a few.

There are over 5000 tutorials, thousands of articles, videos and interactive coding lessons all available to the public for free.

The courses offer self-paced study and take around 300 hours of learning, however learners may take as long as they need.

All certificates are also verified and upon completion of all six free Code Camp certificates, learners will receive their Full Stack Development Program Certificate, signifying approximately 1,8000 hours of coding experience.

Free Code Camp is an online platform however they have thousands of study groups all over the world. They promote their services through YouTube and Twitter.

The courses provided by the site are verified and are offer a great tool to help people learn the skills they need for their dream jobs in technology.

Over 40,000 graduates from the free Code Camp have then gone on to work at some of the world’s top tech companies including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Spotify and Apple. For those studying alone, there is also a large team of volunteers available who can help answer any questions and provide support through their online forum.

3. Team Tree House

Treehouse is an online school of technology that provides courses in design and coding. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Portland, United States. offer courses in web development, mobile development, game development and web design.

The courses are taught by a team of expert teachers and aimed at beginners who would like to learn coding skills to pursue a career in the technology industry.

They are designed for beginners and feature interactive quizzes, code challenges, guided learning paths and classes on technical, soft and professional skills.

Learners can walk away from the course with a Techdegree, a comprehensive certificate for those who want to move into a career in the tech industry.

Courses are available online and learners are targeted through sponsored Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Treehouse program allows the student to learn practically by building 9-12 projects which can then be shared with prospective employers.

These are real-world projects with in-depth code reviews which can then be used to create a career-ready portfolio.

During the course, learners can build a network through their exclusive community of teachers, staff and students allowing for sharing of tips, feedback and advice.

There is also live support and the courses can be completed from anywhere at any time. As an added bonus learners can also trial the first seven days of the course for free.

4. Plural Sight

Pluralsight is an American online education company that offers courses in technology. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Utah, United States. offers courses in today’s most popular technologies with learning paths, expert-led content and assessments.

There are a wide variety of courses on offer for many different programming languages including Java, Angular, C#, Python, JavaScript and React.

They also offer a full library of other tech courses including IT operations, information and cyber security, professional data skills, architecture, construction, manufacturing and design and business professional skills.

Courses are available online and learners are targeted through LinkedIn, social media, sponsored Google advertisements and their popular YouTube channel with informative videos and over 57K subscribers.

Plurasight courses are a great option for those wanting to advance in their current role, stay up to date with critical topics and increase their tech skills.

It’s also an ideal tool for companies who would like their teams to learn the skills they need to improve workflow efficiency and move into more modern roles.

Their three products, Plurasight Skills, Plurasight Flow and Pluralsight ProServ help companies to easily set a plan as to how to coach, scale and develop their existing teams and create learning paths as to where they need them to be.

They also offer a free 10 day trial including assessments for current skill levels, guided learning and expert-led courses.

5. Hackr is an online education company for tutorials and courses in technology. It was founded by Guarav Gupta and Saurabh Hooda in 2016.

The company offers a collection of online tutorials and courses in programming, data science, DevOps and design.

Each course type includes video tutorials and courses, structured roadmaps for learning paths and a blog with many informative posts on related topics.

Live online classrooms are also on offer for programming courses with Hackr Plus, with course options for professionals, teachers and students.

The live classrooms feature mentors with in-depth industry experience, the highest rated references and resources, group learning, assessments and quizzes, hands-on industry projects and assistance in finding a job or internship.

All Hackr classes are available online. The company promote their courses through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and their website. aggregate courses from many providers allowing users to easily find what they’re looking for all in the same place without having to search through multiple sites. Their platform is unbiased and all tutorials are voted for and submitted by community. It’s also easy to find the most suitable courses as users can filter and search by type, language, reviews and fee including free options.

There are an extensive range of courses on offer for a variety of budgets, levels, languages and mediums to suit every learner for both desktops and on the go via their App. 


Learning to code can be a very rewarding skill whether you want to earn more money, change your career path or simply do something enjoyable in your spare time. Gone are the days of going to University to learn how to code with the invention of the best coding academies, anyone can learn a new coding language from their own home with minimal investment. 

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