Best Pet Hair Removal Tools In Australia

Pet hair seems to be a never-ending problem at home, but this can be easily dealt with with the best pet hair removal tools on the market.

Whether it's a dog, cat or any other fur-covered animal, their hair will cling to your floor, furniture and clothes and is impossible to vacuum up. 

You could try resolving the problem by constantly cleaning, or taking your pet to the groomer, but a more realistic, cost efficient way to keep pet hair at bay is investing in the products below.

For a fur-free home, you may want to consider purchasing some of these pet hair removal products below, because once you do, you will wonder how you ever got by without one!

Best Pet Hair Removal Tools

1. Chomchom Roller

  • World famous brand
  • Dust container
  • Easy clean design
  • Amazing results

Anything dog hair and cat fur can stick to it will. And getting it off your bedding, furniture, clothing and carpets can be a real chore.

But now you have the ChomChom Roller on the market, simply the best pet hair remover possibly in the world. No more sticky tape or paper lint removers. No more heavy vacuuming which doesn’t really work anyway.

All it takes is a few strokes of the roller back and forth to pick up all that matted mess and stray hairs. Completely pick it up.

The hair collects into a dust container which is easily emptied for the next use. How does it work? The two rollers inside the device are each covered in a fabric which has fibres running in opposite directions.

These rollers each capture the pet hair as you move it back and forth. Then there are brushes inside which collect the hair and let it drop into the dust container. So simple yet ingenious.

This gadget doesn’t need any power, it can be used over and over again, it’s clean and extremely efficient. Indeed, it’s so good that it’s in the awesome category of useful little home pet gadgets! Use it anywhere and everywhere and you will be amazed at the results!

2. PetsPro Grooming Gloves

  • In-genius grooming gloves
  • Left & right handed
  • Easy clean design

With these gloves you can completely groom your pet while he or she is blissfully unaware that that’s what is happening. To your beloved furry friend it’s simply some loving attention, some petting and stroking.

But with these gloves on you’ll be able to remove all stray pet hair before it’s shed and makes a mess all over your house.

With an adjustable wrist strap the gloves should fit any wearer. They’re flexible and breathable so your hands won’t get hot and sticky.

The product come in a set of left and right-handed gloves so you can use both hands at once. That makes for a faster grooming job. And because they’re five fingered gloves you can easily reach everywhere you need to on your animal, including the trickier places like the face, ears, legs and underside.

The palm-side of the gloves are fitted with long silicone grooming tips to loosen hair and to give your pet a massage at the same time. The gloves can be used wet or dry.

A regular massage with these gloves will keep both your pet and your home clean from a build-up of stray hair. They will stimulate skin oils and promote a shiny healthy coat.

3. TLCPet Grooming Brush Tool

  • As seen on TV
  • 100mm stainless blade
  • Reduce shredding
  • Multiple sizes

The TLCPet grooming brush will collect 90% of dead hair and tangles from your dog or cat in just ten minutes.

The tool has a 100mm stainless-steel blade which grabs and removes the animal’s loose undercoat hair without affecting the top-coat except to make it shinier due to the release of oils by the stimulation of the skin. Being made from stainless-steel the brush will last for years.

The tool comes with a cover to protect the blade, and a sturdy ergonomically designed handle.

With regular use the brush will significantly reduce your pet’s shedding and make life a lot easier all round.

4. Evriholder Firemover Broom

  • Extendable 3ft - 5ft design
  • 12" rubber head
  • Highly innovative

Would you like to find out just how much pet hair you do have embedded in your soft furnishings? You may be amazed and possibly shocked. But truly: just because you can’t see it all does not mean that it’s not there. And once you do know you will want to clean it all up.

The Evriholder Furemover is a tool designed to do both. It will allow you to easily pick up all the per hair from your carpets, rugs etc and then it will collect it like a broom ready for the dustpan and brush. It will also work on hardwood floors.

Looking like a broom or a rake and having an extendable handle (3ft out to 5ft), the Furemover has a 12” rubber head which has electro-static properties.

This means that it will draw materials like hair, dirt, debris and fine particles towards it. Although designed primarily for pet hair the Furemover is a lot more versatile than that and can be used on windows, cars, and even spills with its Squeedgee properties.

The industrial quality rubber head can dry all surfaces including windows. The extendable pole means a long reach for length or height. The head comes off for cleaning and storage.

The Furemover is in essence a very large and practical lint roller for carpets and floors. It achieves remarkable results. It picks up hair and other dirt that you wouldn’t imagine was there, that a vacuum has missed.

Highly innovative and unique this product is truly amazing and is sure to tempt most people who have pets, and even those who don’t.

5. Chi-Chi Pet Hair Roller

  • Dual lint rollers
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly

The Chi-Chi Pet Hair Roller may be the answer to your prayers.

This tool is a lint roller with a difference. Inside the enclosed case there are two rollers which are each covered in a hair collecting fabric.

These rollers each capture the pet hair as you move the gadget back and forth. The brushes inside collect the hair and let it drop into the dust container for emptying when full.

So, all it takes is a few strokes of the roller back and forth to pick up all that matted mess and stray hairs.

This appliance is very effective and very easy to clean. It’s also extremely easy to use and quick to finish the job. No more mucking about with lint removal sheets.

The pet hair roller uses no power and is eco-friendly.


Pet hair removal doesn't need to be difficult and while others recommend purchasing a stick vacuum such as the Dyson Animal, there are cheaper alternatives such as those one's we've recommended above. You can buy some of the best pet hair removal tools under $50. 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys