Best Pedestal Fans Australia (Top Picks For This Year)

There is no doubt that a pedestal fan is a far more cost-effective and sustainable option for cooling your home, as opposed to an air conditioner, which can drive up your electricity bill. 

But they are also incredibly convenient! Not only are there many models which allow you to adjust the oscillation, height, strength and direction of the fan, but there are a variety of wireless options which give your pedestal fan the portability an air conditioner lacks. 

Rest assured, despite it's convenient size and features, this is not in exchange for a lesser quality airflow. The best pedestal fan should be able to cool down a large room with ease. 

Nowadays there are so many different styles, sizes models and makes, it can be a cumbersome task to find the right pedestal fan for your home. 

Listed below are some of the best pedestal fans with varying features, that will help make your home cool and comfortable throughout the summertime! 

Best Pedestal Fans Australia

1. Goldair 40CM DC Pedestal Fan with WiFi

  • Up to 70% less electric
  • Much quieter than AC fan
  • Remote controlled

The 40cm DC pedestal fan from Goldair is an energy-efficient cooling unit with a remote as well as WiFi connectivity so you can download the app and control the fan from your smartphone. This is a great advantage at night when you don’t want to turn on the light to see the buttons on the remote.

DC technology has several advantages over traditional AC powered fans. Firstly, it means that the fan will use up to 70% less electricity. The DC motor will be ultra-efficient, and It will be significantly quieter than an AC fan.

The voltage used is much lower and is, therefore, safer than an AC fan is. A DC fan is waterproof, another safety factor in its favour. And finally, it's much easier to vary and control the flow of a DC fan.

This fan has 3-speed settings, it oscillates, has a 7.5-hour timer, and remote control, as well as the WiFi already discussed.

The fan features a quiet mode (ideal for night-time sleeping hours) and it is extremely quiet. The fan has a tilting head and adjustable stand.

The oscillating feature means that you can set the fan to cool a whole room or to reach individuals within a space on a hot day.

2. Kogan DC Motor Pedestal Fan

  • Up to 70% less electric
  • Much quieter than AC fan
  • Height adjustable

With our Australian summer fast approaching, you'll want to be prepared and fans are an inexpensive way to stay cool when properly placed in a room.

The Kogan pedestal fan offers some nice features for you to consider.

The fan has a DC motor which means that it uses around 70% less power than a traditional AC motor does. It’s also significantly quieter, it’s safer and it’s waterproof.

The fan has four fan speeds for your different needs. It also has three fan modes: Normal, Natural and Sleep for a very gentle and genuinely whisper-quiet fan.

The75-degree oscillation allows you to reach all of the room and the people within the space.

The stand is height adjustable so you can change it when you’re in bed for example to suit the height of the top of the bed.

The remote control allows you to control the on/off switch, the speeds and the timer. You can set the timer to turn the fan off after you’re likely to have fallen asleep.

The fan is easy to assemble and of a good quality sturdy build. The base is quite large for stability which may affect the space you have to place it.

3. Kambrook 40cm Pedestal Fan

  • Super silent for sleeping
  • Many fan speeds
  • Cool remote control

Stylish in its design the 40cm pedestal fan from Kambrook has a DC motor like many other modern fans on the market. The fan has some great features to explore.

It has a 12-hour programmable timer so you can set it to turn off after you’ve been in bed for a certain time.

There are 26 speed options. These include four silent settings and a continuous speed setting.

There are also 3 fan modes:  Normal, Natural and Sleep modes. The quiet sleep modes are perfect for warm nights for those who need a very quiet low airflow fan to simply move the air around without drying out their eyes out and disturbing the silence.

The silent mode is deathly silent. And even on the quietest speeds the fan still circulates an amazing amount of air.

It has an 85-degree oscillation for reaching every space in the room, and the pedestal height is adjustable.

Being DC the motor is extremely efficient and will save you around 70% of the cost of an AC driven fan.

The timer is programmable up to 12 hours ahead so you can set it to turn off at a certain time after you’ve gone to bed.

The remote control is also a little fancy on this fan, and a bit of fun – it has a spinning wheel control to adjust and fine-tune the fan speed.

The timer also allows you to adjust the direction of the fan. The light on the remote turns off after a few seconds to let you get back to sleep quickly. The lights on the fan’s own display panel can also be turned off at night – now that’s thoughtful.

4. Sunbeam 40CM Pedestal Fan

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, safe and balanced
  • Multiple modes
  • Remote control

Described as ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’, as well as being highly praised for its performance, the Sunbeam Infinity is a popular choice of fan.

With unique 3-mode oscillation options for the fan head (horizontal, vertical and figure-8) the fan also features 6 fan speeds to choose from, and a remote control to allow you to change the wind speed, wind mode, and timer functions.

The speeds range from a gentle breeze to a very powerful gust but are always quiet. There are pre-programmed modes as well like a ‘simulated breeze’.

The Sleep mode is perfect, with no noise and nothing more than a flutter of air to keep the room cool until you sleep. The timer can then be set to turn the fan off at a programmed time.

The three oscillation options (horizontal, vertical and figure-8) are extremely effective depending on your needs.

The figure-8 easily covers a whole room and the combo of the movements provide welcome relief on a very warm day because the air is circulated up and down as well as back and forth.

The fan is height adjustable, and the unit is very easy to assemble and is extremely stable and safe with a sturdy and balanced base.

The fan comes in an elegant black and chrome finish and has a reasonably small footprint to stand in a corner of the room.

5. Delonghi 40cm Pedestal Fan

  • 360 degree horizontal oscillation
  • Good mix of features
  • Remote controlled

Avoid the cost of resorting to the expensive split system this summer and try a fan instead on the not so sweltering days.

Very often just the movement of air is enough to cool you down and make the heat so much more manageable. There are a lot of fans on the market but here’s one that’s simple yet effective.

With their usual panache, Delonghi has put their stamp on this pedestal fan by creating a 360-degree horizontal oscillation. That means that the fan head moves in every direction to create air movement everywhere in the room. Alternatively, you can choose a 90-degree vertical oscillation focused on one area of the room.

The fan has three speeds, and three wind modes: Normal, Nature and Sleep.

The fan also has an auto-off timer for night-time use. The timer has four settings: 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours.

Despite the simplicity of the design of this fan, it has all the features that you probably need in a pedestal fan. It has a good oscillation to move the air around the room – the 360-degree feature is interesting. It has a choice of air speeds.

It's quiet. It has a Sleep mode which is an extremely important feature – essential actually. It has a timer. And it has a remote control.

So it does lack the differentiating features that other modern pedestal fans boast but it does the job and does it well and perhaps that’s enough.


When it comes to choosing the best pedestal fan for use here in Australia, you're really spoilt for choice. You first need to consider whether you want to buy AC or DC fans. If you want something quiet, to sleep at night you have to buy a DC fan.

If you want something powerful then AC, but DC consumes less electricity and often has up to 30 different speed settings as well as timers with automatic shut-off features. DC fans are usually more expensive but are totally worth it.

We'd recommend checking out the Goldair or Kambrook fans, we're actually using both of these in our own homes, right now! 

James Hunter

Last Updated: December 2, 2021 by Rhys