5+ Best Mountaineering Boots In Australia

What could be an amazing outdoor adventure into the wilderness, can quickly be soured by aching feet and sore muscles. Which is why the best mountaineering boots in Australia can come in handy.

You may find yourself walking slower, getting sorer by the minute, losing stamina and taking more unnecessary breaks due to a pair of ill-fitting, low quality or absence of mountaineering boots. 

But finding a solid pair of quality hiking boots is a long and tedious job, especially if you don't know what kind of features, benefits and elements to look out for. Not to mention, for a reasonable price.

Luckily, we've done the hard work of sifting through hundreds of kinds of hiking boots, to find the absolute best 5 mountaineering boots for Australians hoping to embark on an outdoor adventure.

1. Scarpa Phantom 6000

Sizes: EU39 - 48 | Weight: 1kg | Origin: Italy

  • Good for 6000- meter peaks
  • Bombproof gaiter
  • Waterproof OutDry membrane
  • Removeable inner boot
  • Quick-lace system
  • Vibram Zero Gravity sole

RRP Price: $1099.95

The ultimate alpine boot featuring a combination of Cordura, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), and Cork Shell, the Scarpa Phantom 6000 is essentially a boot within a boot.

Optimised for peak performance at heights of up to 6000 meters, the boot is capable of tackling everything from sharp and rocky environments to wet and icy surroundings.

The gaiter is devised with a combination of elastic S-Tech on the pressure points on the foot instep and in the back area, run-resistant Super-Fabric internally and Nylon and Kevlar externally.

Laminated directly on the internal surface of the Gaiter is an Outdry breathable membrane ensuring the inner shoe remains dry despite the snow, rain, and ice.

The removable inner boot is made from 4mm thermo-insulating EVA felt and has a Primaloft lining protecting your feet in low temperatures.

Slightly lighter than its predecessor this boot caters to the faster alpinist, while ensuring a hardwearing consistency with a Vibram Zero Gravity sole capable of taking on both ice and rock amalgamated in demanding mountains environments.

 The Scarpa Phantom 6000 is an Alpine workhorse scientifically formatted with a Carbon Fiber + EVA Insole, a Microporous EVA midsole, and a Vibram Zero Gravity outsole together creating a hardworking and reliable mountaineering boot that claims authority over all terrains and any peak

2. Scarpa Mont Black Pro GTX

Sizes: EU39 - 48 | Weight: 920g | Origin: Italy

  • Good classic alpine boots
  • Suede & S-Tech fabric
  • Gore-Tex insulated
  • Vibram total traction sole
  • Waterproof

RRP Price: $1099.95

A classic mountaineering boot with a durable and contemporary feel, this dynamic designed promotes and supports the natural movement required laterally and when scaling steep and difficult peeks.

The stretch-mesh tongue and PU (Polyurethane) ribbing dispersers lace pressure evenly over the foot and due to integrated cuff gaiter the shoe remains protected over snow, ice, and mixed alpine terrain.

The Scarpa Mont Black Pro GTX amalgamates materials specifically devised to absorbed negative impacts from the ground anticipated in mountaineering, and reduces stress it can inflict over joints.

Additionally, the heel adds to lateral stability while the Vibram rubber outsole ensures traction and grip over uneven and awkward terrain throughout the trail.

The close to toe lacing provides a snug, reactive fit, while the quick lace correction allows easy modifications.

The ankle is protected from bruising and scrapes due to the ergonomic padded collar and the Extended rand, which wraps the entire boot.

Devised with a Pro-Fiber XT20 insole which creates distance between your foot and the cold ensure your foot remains warm, a PU/TPU (Polyurethane /Thermoplastic Urethane) PU midsole absorbs shock, and a Vibram Total Traction Outsole this boot ensures superb trail traction.

Together they maintain a sturdy and reliable feel without compromising sensitivity. 

3. Scarpa Fuego-U

Sizes: EU39 - 48 | Weight: 1kg | Origin: Italy

  • Classically styled mountain boot
  • Double tongue for excellent fit
  • Durable rough out uppers

RRP Price: $1099.95

An innovative yet traditional boot, willing to take on any terrain you can throw on it.

A simple and refined shoe without any of the unnecessary embellishments, the Scarpa Fuego features a surplus of support thanks to the durable PU (Polyurethane) midsole, which is further amplified by a TPU film.

This adds to the rigidity and overall structure of the boot, making it very stable and enhances the overall sensation of protection and comfort.

The breathable and waterproof upper is made of the suede and nylon, and is then further lined with Gore-Tex ensuring airflow.

A rubber tip increases additional protection over the toes.

The shoe generates and light and uplifting springiness due to the V-shaped lugs on the Vibram M4 Tech outsole and the torsionally stiff and firm midsole providing the stability necessary to carry you for miles and miles regardless of the type of terrain, rain, hail or shine. 

With the use of a single piece of waxed Italian leather, the boot is suited for long-lasting durability and strength designed to last for multiple seasons.

The Scarpa Fuego delivers a beautiful combination of protection, traction, and stability.

Classically styled, double-tongued durable and tough, yet also durable and nimble this boot is ideal for foresters, wildland firefighters, and mountaineers. 

4. Asolo Alta Via GV

Sizes: EU39 - 48 | Weight: 1.2kg | Origin: Italy

  • Do it all boots
  • Gore-Tex insulated comfort
  • Waterproof

RRP Price: $1099.95

Designed for crossing glaciated terrain, technical climbing in the alpine, and high altitude mountaineering, the Asolo Alta Via GV consist of a one-piece water-resistant 2.4 mm Perwangar leather, this provides strength and longevity to the boot.

A Gore-Tex insulated lining creates a waterproof and breathable membrane even with multiday climbs through wet weather.

The rigid Pebax support frame reduces pressure and strain, as well as providing dependable torsional constancy.

The Full rubber rand with the Vibram outsole provides extremely deep and well-spaced lugs, effectively enhancing the boot's overall grip and traction practically in snow.

Furthermore, the overall rigidity of the boot means your feet have to do very little work in order to stabilize over steeper terrains heightening climber confidence.

There is a very effective hinge system in the cuff area allowing full ankle flex on steep approaching slopes, and sole construction that keeps your heel in the pocket.

The lateral shell is an injection-molded TPU, this along with the lateral rubber rand and heel locking feature provides heightened strength and protection.

These three key components combine together to make up an enveloping, protective, and high-performance assembly. 

5. La Sportiva Karakorum

Sizes: EU39 - 48 | Weight: 900g | Origin: Italy

  • Idro-Perwanger Roughout
  • New-matic crampon compatible
  • Aggressive Vibram sole

RRP Price: $1099.95

A heavy-duty and serious boot intended for traditional mountaineering, trekking, and working outdoors. This boot longs to be taken off the beaten track.

An armour tough functionality is delivered in a 2.8mm single piece hydro repellent leather upper, capable of keeping your foot dry while maintaining durability.

Furthermore the upper has no membrane and therefore is extremely breathable.

And due to the multiple flex points afforded by the cutouts in the upper the boot requires a very minimal break-in time, unusual for such a robust leather boot.

The ankle is provided with dependable protection and stability due to the three hooks on the cuff.

This combined with the Vibram sole absorbs negative impact with the ground and performs well both on uphill and downhill paths.

A midsole with a honeycomb-like grip provides shock-absorbing air pockets capable of withstanding significant hammering without breaking down.

The tongue padding protects the shin from shoe-rubbing and the D-ring locking laces secure the heel stays in place, this with the fine-tune fit safeguards against toe-banging.

Overall the La Sportiva Karakorum boot is capable of taking on serious hikes and advanced alpine mountaineering.

Now you know the best mountaineering boots available to buy in Australia, please let us know in the comments which model you actually went ahead and bought?

Kirsty Scott

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