5+ Best Melbourne Motorcycle Transporters

How much does it cost to transport a motorcycle interstate? What's the best company to ship a motorcycle nationwide? Is it safe to use a motorcycle mover? 

These are all questions we started asking ourselves, so we decided to go out and find the best Melbourne motorcycle transporters, based on our 29-point selection criteria. 

After looking at online reviews, website content, prices, contact details and the overall brand, we've found five of the very best companies that can help to answer those questions.

Most of these providers offer a free quote, and all specialise in motorcycle towing. This is where they treat your bike for what it is, not like a car or crammed into a crate. 

And as you'll see below, using a motorcycle hauler, rather than a generic transport hauler, can make all the difference!

1. Motowgp

  • 24/7 emergency breakdown towing
  • Specialise in safe transportation
  • Experienced and professional staff

Need your motorbike transported but worried about proper care? At Motowgp, safe transportation of motorcycles is their specialty, so you won’t have to worry about any damage or rough handling.

To ensure the safety of your motorbike, Motowgp uses a van built low to the ground for this kind of transportation to ensure that no ramps are required. Instead, one of Motowgp’s experienced professionals will move the bike themselves.

Even better, they use only the highest quality tie down straps to securely transport motorcycles, along with fully enclosed transport and towing. So, you can rest assured your investment is in the best hands.

Motowgp transport all kinds of motorbikes including quad bikes and go-karts, all for competitive prices. 

What’s most impressive is the 24 hour emergency breakdown towing service offered by Motowgp, giving you the peace of mind knowing that if you’re in a difficult situation, this local Melbourne company can always help you out.

Customer Review:

Fiona King left this google review:
-“Impeccable service...Gave us a time, gave us notice when he was on his way. Took great care of the bike. Highly recommended.”


Melbourne Wide


0401 219 170


Emergency breakdown towing, motorcycle, general quad bike and go-kart transport and towing, showroom to home transport, insurance claims, transport to and from mechanics, action pickups, dealer to dealer transport.

2. All Motorcycle Transport

  • Commercial or residential motorcycles
  • Experienced riders with shared values

If you’re looking for motorcycle transport conducted by experienced, like-minded riders, All Motorcycle Transport is one of the best options in Melbourne.

Not only are they like minded, but the staff at Motorcycle Transport see your bike as your prized possession and take the necessary precautions to ensure its safety.

Even better, their services are offered widely. They provide daily transport in Melbourne, weekly transport in regional Victoria and fortnightly interstate transport.

To suit everyone’s budget, All Motorcycle Transport provides you with the option of trailer or enclosed transport so that affordable prices are offered to everyone. Their services are also known to be offered for the best value in the area. 

Both commercial and residential services are provided, with an additional parts and accessories courier service offered to commercial customers.

Customer Review:

Joe Oldman left this google review:

-“Service and professionalism was amazing, and while I hope to never need a tow again, if I do, I know ‘All Motorcycle Transport’ and their enclosed vans are the people to call.”




0474 221 951


Daily Melbourne transport, weekly regional Victoria transport, fortnightly interstate transport, commercial accessories and parts courier service, multiple motorbike transport, flexible business hours for emergency towing

3. Top Notch Towing

  • Motorcycle or car towing services
  • Family owned and operated
  • 10 years experience

For a family owned business with over 10 years of industry experience, Top Notch Towing is the perfect choice for your motorcycle towing needs in Melbourne.

Choosing Top Notch Towing means going with a reputable and trusted brand that prioritises safe and careful towing for your motorbike.

They are a passion-focused brand with great interest in the automotive industry, so their service is friendly and delivered by like-minded professionals.

Most importantly, Top Notch Towing ensures that you can call on them for motorcycle towing at any time due to their 24/7 emergency towing service offering.

To give you peace of mind about your motorcycle towing needs, Top Notch Towing could be your first choice in Melbourne.

Customer Reviews

Ruby Rockman left this google review:

-“We have used Mark on a number of occasions and each time he has been fantastic! He takes great care and is easily the best towing service in Melbourne. 110% recommended.”


Bentleigh, VIC 3204


0488 500 800


Emergency motorbike towing service offered 24/7 across Melbourne, emergency car towing, machinery towing, bog towing, free car removal.

4. Spirit Towing

  • Secure transport in flatbed truck
  • Trusted reputation

What you need in a towing service is a reliable, trustworthy business with community recognition. Spirit Towing is one of the leading towing providers in Melbourne and boasts years of experience.

Spirit Towing is also known for the speed and affordability of their services, as they offer low prices for their high quality services to customers across Melbourne and metropolitan suburbs.

Their flatbed trucks are capable of towing and transporting a variety of motorcycles in a secure fashion. Motorcycle transport is also available for emergency situations at any time to put your mind at ease in case of an accident.

Their status as an independent group of tow truck drivers working together means that Spirit Towing uses only the most skilled and passionate in the industry to help when you’re in need.

Customer Reviews:

Aaron McGowan left this positive google review:

-“Great service, easy to deal with, very knowledgeable and got me out of a real fix. I’d recommend it to anyone. Fair price too!”


South Eastern Suburbs of Victoria, Australia


0401 264 950


Emergency motorbike towing service offered 24/7 across Melbourne and metropolitan suburbs, machinery and equipment towing, bog towing, jump starts, wheel changing

5. Motorbike Transport

  • Transports all types of luxury motorbikes
  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Inter-state movers

For a transport and towing company that specialises in moving motorbikes and is known as the leading national motorbike transporter agency in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Motorbike Transport in Melbourne.

Known as 1300-Motorbike-Move, their ability to transport motorbikes of varied kind and quality, including Harley Davidson, Ducati and even Vespas, has allowed them to become industry leaders over 10 years of operation.

Even better, your location is no limitation due to their specialisation in interstate motorcycle transport services to many other major Australian cities.

They even offer an online quote estimation service for your motorbike transport, so you can get an understanding of their reasonable prices in interstate moves.

So, for an easy motorcycle transportation service that takes the stress out of your situation, no job is too big or too small for this group of experts in Melbourne.


Customer Reviews:

A customer by the name of Chad left this fitting testimonial:

-“Thank you so much for your service and for being such a delight to deal with.”


219 Osborne Ave, Clayton South VIC 3169


03 9755 5064


Loose motorcycle individually transported, country and interstate transport, specialised Harley Davidson moving crates

Why Use A Motorcycle Transporter?

Any company can ship your motorcycle interstate, but will it arrive in the same ship as when you sent it? We're not sure. That's why you should consider using a motorcycle transporter, and we've looked at some of the best companies based in Melbourne. 

After contacting a random courier company we were advised that we should put our bike into a crate or securely strapped to a pallet.

You won't receive such a service with a motorcycle transporter, instead they'll actually take care of your bike as part of the service. This is what they do all day every day, so they'll actually nurture and take care of your bike, with adequate strapping and protection. 

Some providers even offer pickup and drop off at either end, rather than depot collection. 

Plus when loading, you'll be more relaxed knowing the person moving your motorcycle knows how to actually load it onto the van/lorry correctly. 

How Much Do Motorcycle Transporters Cost?

It entirely depends on the two locations. We couldn't possibly provide the most accurate pricing for the 5 companies we looked at, without knowing your shipping locations. 

You will however likely receive a range of prices, if you ask for your no obligation quote, which most companies seem to offer these days. 

We recommend you choose the 'Full Insurance' option if provided, as you'll want to ensure you're covered if there's any damage to your bike. 

The cheapest price, may not be the best price as Insurance may not cover the full value of your bike, so take out a quote that does cover the full value. 

Depot to depot will also be cheaper than house to house, so if you're keen to ride your bike to the depot and get collected by car, this can save you money too. 

Best Budget Friendly Motorcycle Transporter

If you want to save even more money then you can use Australia's number one freight marketplace called Truckit.net. Here you can move anything, anywhere with 100's of individual haulers and providers who compete to provide the best price. 

Be sure to check the price, insurance cover and ratings of anyone you deal with on this platform. 

This can be a great way to get the cheapest price. 


Now you know the best Melbourne motorcycle transporters out there, you're able to contact each of them and ask for a free quote, to see which company offers the best price and service. 

Once you've successfully transported your motorbike, scooter or ATV, be sure to let us know in the comments section how you got on. 

James Hunter