Best Laptop Stands Australia (For Home, Office or Travel)

In todays world laptops are more than just technology accessories, they are now people’s workstations that they take travelling, to the office and home in the evenings.

While having a portable device is very handy, the lower screen height can cause neck and back discomfort and eye strain.

Rather than buying a monitor for every occasion, there is a solution and that’s a laptop stand that is portable and can be taken inside your laptop bag.

Using a laptop stand can reduce the tension on your back, neck and eyes by lifting your screen to the correct eye level recommended by health advisers.

You definitely don’t need to dig deep either with most of these laptop stands costing less than $100 and built to a high standard, one laptop stand is all you should ever need.

We love laptop stands and decided to review five of the best that we think make the cut for being the best laptop stands Australia has to purchase.

Best Laptop Stand Australia

We recommend buying these laptop stands from as they offer fast (and usually free) shipping nationwide along with a simple returns process if it’s not for you.

While we chose to buy online, you can buy these brands from smaller retailers such as mwave, scorptech and You probably won’t find these brands in major retailers such as JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or Bing Lee.

Check Your Laptop Fits!

Most laptop screens will be 11, 13, 15 or 17 inches. You should ensure your laptop fits into the stand you decide to purchase. Some stands such as the Tendak only support 11 or 13" models while others support up to 17". Search for your laptop model online if you're unsure of the screen size to avoid disappointment. We've provided the fitments for all stands below. 

1. Tendak Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stand Australia
  • Fits all devices up to 13.3"
  • Good ergonomic height
  • Well reviewed online
  • Inexpensive.

Working on a laptop can add strain on your back and neck as you’re sitting on a chair staring at a monitor that is lower than your eye level.

You can improve your health with the Tendak Laptop Stand which allows you to elevate your laptop to eye-level. In this way, you can protect your eyesight and cervical spine as you are not hunching your back.

You can adjust this laptop stand at different angles and heights to personalise the laptop according to your preference and to whoever else may use it in your family.

Made from environmentally friendly materials, the Tendak stand can withstand up to 10kgs of weight. This means that you can attach your laptop and the stand would stay steady the entire time without being damaged.

This laptop stand is universal so you can hold most laptops that are 13.3 inches in size, and you can carry it around while you’re on the go.

All it takes is a second to open and you’re good to go. The Tendak stand has a hollow design so that your laptop can dissipate heat easily, prolonging the life of your laptop.

2. Nulaxy Multi-Angle Laptop Stand

  • Fits all devices up to 17"
  • Can support up to 10kg
  • Ergonomic friendly design
  • Inexpensive.

To promote increased productivity and better health outcomes while using a laptop, use the Nulaxy Adjustable Multi-Angle Laptop Stand to improve your working experience.

This laptop stand is compatible with more mainstream laptops up to 17 inches in size. Made from a premium aluminium alloy, the Nulaxy Stand is durable and strong, having the capacity to hold up to 10kgs without losing balance.

To improve the stability of the laptop on the stand, that rubber pads on the top and bottom of the stand secure your laptop in place whilst protecting it from damage at the same time.

You can adjust the Nulaxy Adjustable Multi-Angle Laptop Stand easily to your eye-level to improve ergonomics so that neck fatigue is minimised.

This would increase your productivity so that you are less likely to get aches and pains from working.

The Nulaxy stand is made from an aluminium alloy material which is ideal for cooling your laptop in case it heats up and the rubber pads elevate your laptop to improve ventilation.

Allowing an efficient cooling system allows your laptop to last longer. To use this laptop stand, all you need to do is unfold the stand and you’re good to go in a matter of seconds.

3. Nuitech Adjustable Laptop Stand

  • Fits devices up to 17"
  • Ergonomic friendly design
  • Cooling material ventilation
  • Adjustable stand.

If you’re after a laptop stand that does the job but is also stylish, the Nuitech Adjustable Laptop Stand is the pick of the crop.

The Nuitech stand is sleek in design and the frame is made with durable aluminium that is heat resistance.

This material can cool down your laptop and the ventilated bottom of the stand prevents overheating, ultimately increase the lifespan of your device.

The silver finish of the Nuitech is intended to match the aesthetics of Apple Macbooks but is compatible with any mainstream laptop between the sizes of 10 – 17 inches.

The stand will blend into your workstation and look beautiful no matter what type of laptop you use. You can store your keyboard and mouse conveniently near the base of the stand to declutter the desk area.

You can adjust the Nuitech to your eye-level to achieve maximum comfort while viewing your monitor.

This will ultimately relieve any pressure on your waist, shoulders and neck as you are viewing at an optimal angle. The angle of the stand is intended to optimise your typing speed as it aims to relieve strain off your wrists.

4. Nnewvante Laptop Stand

  • Fits devices up to 17"
  • 5 adjustable height options
  • Ergonomic friendly design
  • Non-slip silicone pads.

The Nnewvante Laptop Stand is made of aero grade aluminium alloy with a stylish design but better ergonomics when using it on your bed table and desk.

Feel free to use it as an elevator for your laptop, notebook, tablet or book stand, a portable dock, it not only provides your laptop a great cooling experience but also keeps your neck pain-free.

The elevation of the stand gives you more desk space so you can neatly tuck your keyboard and mouse under the stand.

The Nnewvante can withstand laptops of up to 17 inches, accommodating most mainstream laptops. The non-slip silicone pads ensure that your laptop stays in place and does not get damaged.

Start working on your laptop in style and comfort with the Nnewvante Laptop Stand. This laptop stand is made of an aluminium alloy that is aero-grade and has a silver finish making it a sleek and stylish new addition to your workplace.

You can adjust the height of the stand to five various options to work at eye-level with your laptop. This avoids neck, should and hip fatigue, keeping you alert longer.

Combined with the ergonomic forward tilt of the stand, you’ll be super comfortable while you type away.

5. Twelve South HiRise

  • Fits devices up to 15"
  • Aligns with a second monitor
  • Elevation improves air flow
  • Lightweight, grab and go.

Working with your laptop can be great because of the mobility, however, unlike a desktop, it can be difficult to elevate your laptop to eye-level.

To increase your comfort while working on your laptop, use the Twelve South HiRise to relieve fatigue. This sleek and beautifully designed laptop stand can be adjusted to elevate your laptop at the desired height.

This reduces the strain that is built upon your neck and shoulders, making it more comfortable for you to work. The elegant design of the stand would blend in well with any MacBook or mainstream laptop that is 15 inches wide.

The rear piston aids in changing the height according to however you feel comfortable and is also covered in soft silicone so that it grips the base of your laptop.

Your laptop will stay in place and not slip and slide. The arms of the stand allow improved ventilation and cooling so that your laptop is able to last longer as it is less likely to overheat.

The durable exterior of the stand is made of aluminium so it will maintain balance but also make the stand easy to take on the go.


After much deliberation we have come to the conclusion that for those with smaller laptops the best laptop stand is definitely the Tendak as it offers an ergonomic friendly design, height adjustable and a super low price. If you've got a larger screen then you can do no wrong with either the highly rated Nulaxy or if you want to connect a 2nd monitor the Twelve South HiRise. 

James Hunter

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