5+ Best Fabric Shavers In Australia

Do your clothes suffer from fuzz build-up and pilling? You're in luck, because technology has worked its magic once again with some of the best fabric shavers out there. These are also commonly referred to as lint removers. 

Proper care and maintenance of your clothing is the only way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and presentable, and therefore requires a good quality fabric shaver. 

Of course no fabric shaver is one and the same, as each model caters for fabrics of different types, textures and delicacies. Often coming in either manual form, or electric. 

Rather than scouring through millions of online stores, without any knowledge of which model is best for your clothing, we've listed the most highly rated and reviewed fabric shavers of 2020. 

Best Fabric Shavers Australia

1. House of Wonderful Wonder Lint

  • Famous US brand
  • Large 2.5" shaving head
  • 3 replacement blades

Thinking you might get some more life out of those old jumpers and track pants, or even your sofas that are looking a bit tatty? The right fabric shaver is often the cheap alternative to replacing perfectly serviceable clothing and other items.

The House of Wonderful Wonder Lint remover can be used to shave lint, pilling, bobbles and fuzz off all those items listed and more.

Using 4 x C batteries or a plug-in power cord, the Wonder Lint shaver has a large 2.5” shaving head and sturdy and durable stainless- steel rotary blades and grill for quick and safe shaving. The lint catcher is large and easily removed for emptying.

The shaver arrives with a cable and plug, 4 x C batteries, 3 x spare blades, brush for cleaning, and handy drawstring bag for storage.

Replacement blades can be purchased from the original supplier. If your Wonder Lint has run out of battery charge you can even run it while it’s plugged in at the power socket.

The shaver is so gentle and safe on fabrics of all types that you can even feel secure using it on more delicate woollens, lycra, silks, cottons, furniture, blankets and curtains.

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2. Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver

  • Two speed settings
  • Three shaving sizes
  • Battery powered (portable)
  • Replacement blade

Breathe new life into some of old favourites with the Beautural fabric shaver. No need to throw away expensive clothing just because they’re showing their age. If it’s just a bit of pilling the Beautural fabric shaver may save their lives!

With a large blade surface, three shave heights, two speeds and three shaving head hole sizes for different fabrics and lint sizes you have ultimate versatility at your fingertips. Because let’s face it, lint is not lint.

Every fabric is different when it comes to how it degrades with age and wear. And one fabric shaver can’t really be expected to cope with all situations with the one shaving head and grill.

Beautural has created an adjustable fabric shaver to suit different fabric surfaces. The extra-large cutting head covers a larger area and makes every shaving job that much quicker.

The adjustable height spacer prevents fabrics being caught up in the shaver foil.

This is particularly useful with delicate fabrics. Sometimes it takes a few runs to get the desired result but there are times when it’s better to be safe than sorry and that’s why this fabric shaver has these inbuilt safeguards.

To protect your precious items from being damaged by an unnecessary snag.

The shaver arrives with a cleaning brush, protective cap, instruction manual, 30-day refund guarantee, and 12-month warranty. Batteries are required (2 x AA) but not included.

3. Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver

  • Large blade surface
  • Battery powered (portable)
  • Well known brand name

Rejuvenate old jumpers, scarves, leggings, woollen coats, pants and skirts, and so much more. You’ll have so much fun that you won’t be able to stop using this Philips fabric shaver!

The design of this shaver includes a mesh interface with three different sized holes to pull in and cut off different sizes of fabric pilling and bobbles.

The large blade surface and the fast motor (8800 blade rotations per minute) both equate to a quicker job. The cap has a height adjustment for your more delicate fabrics.

The lint bin is easily removed and emptied. The shaver uses 2 x AA batteries (included with purchase). A cleaning brush is also included.

Forget using cheap disposable razors! Protect your clothing and other items and do the job safely, quickly and amazingly well with the Philips fabric shaver!

And this will tackle fuzz. Many shavers don’t manage the finer pilling very well at all but the Philips shaver does.

An expensive wool coat is worth preserving and revitalising if possible. After all they rarely go out of date and are very expensive to replace. Even cashmere can be tackled with this machine.

4. Evercare Fabric Shaver, Large

  • Comfortable handle
  • Battery powered (portable)
  • Good reviews online

Been annoyed by fuzz balls on your favourite clothes for years? You’ve carelessly put the wrong clothes together in the washer or dryer and disaster has visited!

Well, now there’s an easy, and cheap solution – if you still have those clothes, or just for the other clothes that are old and looking their age.

Despite the name ‘Giant’ this fabric shaver by Evercare is actually an average size shaver. But it will tackle your de-pilling jobs, large and small, without an issue.

You can use it to de-fluff pretty well any fabric you have whether its clothing, furniture or curtains. Even socks can be made to look like new with an Evercare fabric shaver.

As with any fabric shaver you need to be a bit careful with the pressure you apply when using it, particularly on lighter and more delicate fabrics, but otherwise it’s very easy to use.

With a comfortable handle it’s not heavy on the arm when tackling larger jobs like furniture or drapes. And its heavy-duty motor is a workhorse around the house. The lint collection bin is easily removed for emptying.

The Evercare runs on 2 x AA batteries (not included with purchase) - using rechargeables can save time and money.

This machine is a gem at the price. Reviews are consistently positive – glowing in fact. A few have had issues but nothing much to be concerned about. If you read the instructions and treat the shaver and your fabrics with respect you should have no problems with this product.

5. ULTPEAK Fabric Shaver

  • Powerful, sharp blade
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable height spacer

Distributed by ULTPEAK AU for Amazon, this fabric shaver promises to rescue all your sad old clothing, furniture and curtains from unwanted and unsightly pilling, fuzz, bobbles and lint balls within minutes. Save them all from the recycle bin or the tip!

The machine has a sharp stainless-steel rotary blade underneath a large shaving grill head (with holes in the grill) which glides (by hand) over the fabric and pulls the pilling etc through the holes and cuts them off.

The lint then falls into a catchment container which can be removed and emptied. There is an adjustable height spacer to put on the shaving head to protect delicate fabrics from becoming snagged in the grill. And when not in use there is a protective cap to fir onto the grill.

The shaver is made from ABS plastics and uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Charge time is 6-8 hours. Running time is 30-40 minutes.

The battery charger is a USB cable which connects to a computer or 5V charger dock. The shaver is quite small so it’s ideal for travelling. The supplied cleaning brush makes cleaning of the shaving grill head and blade very quick and easy. All in all, this fabric shaver from ULTPEAK AU is a good purchase.


When looking for the best fabric shaver or lint remover available to buy in Australia, there's many different options available to you. Some brands promise a lot, others cover the essentials, some are cheap, others are expensive. 

Our top 5 picks should help you to choose a suitable shaver for your needs. 

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