5+ Best Engravers In Australia [Top Rated]

You don't need to be an expert when it comes to engraving, with these unique tools. Now anyone can be engrave their name or design on materials that would otherwise be out of reach such as glass, metal and plastic. 

Today we're looking at the best engraver tools Australia has to offer, from lightweight and easy to hold portable devices, through to electrically powered industrial grade equipment. 

Most engravers come with a wide range of accessories and addons, so you can perfect your engraving whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert user.

Below is the 5 best models we found with fast shipping. Further down the page you'll see our buyers guide with guidance on how to choose the best engraver for your budget. 

1. Unimacs UEN-126

  • 5 depth settings, 7200 strokes
  • Lightweight, only 350g
  • Portable unit

The Unimacs UEN-126 is designed to accommodate long engraving sessions due to the 350-gram build. This lightweight construction helps lessen strains and stress on the fingers and wrist. The textured handle makes it easy to grip and secure with one-handed use.

This tool has a speed of 7200 strokes per minute and 5 depth settings which can be adjusted to suit any type of engraving work. The low speed of 7200 strokes per minute allows easier control when working on intricate and detail projects.

This product can be used on a variety of different materials including glass, ceramic and wood. It is ideal for carving names and symbols on personal belongings for extra security.

It is a beginner-friendly tool as there are 2 stencils included to practice with before moving on to free-hand engraving and carving. However, this item is also recommended for professional handymen and artists.

There are also 2 engraver tips that come with a purchase of this product. Due to the small size, it can easily fit into any tool kit or bag, providing on-the-go convenience. This is a wired engraver with an output of 13 Watts. 

Why Buy? The Best Engraver Tool

2. Dremel 290 Engraver

  • 5 depth settings, 6000 strokes
  • Lightweight, only 310g
  • Good for beginners

The Dremel 290 Engraver can be used to decorate and add personalised touches to glass and wood materials. Additionally, this product is also suitable for work on leather, stone and ceramic surfaces without concerns over the tip breaking.

It works at 6000 strokes per minute with 5 depth control settings to allow both intricate and general artworks to be formed.

The depth is controlled using the attached dial. The 6000 strokes per minute speed is ideal for beginners as work can be done at a slower pace, allowing more freedom with movements.

The same hand position for holding a pen can be used with this tool due to the grip which has special indents for finger and thumb placement. The grip is optimised for comfort so that long sessions can commence without stress on the fingers, wrist and hand.

This product is catered towards both novices and experts. Professional artists and DIY enthusiasts can both manage control of this device.

There are letter and number stencils included as well. It is compact and lightweight, coming in at 310 grams. This is also a wired engraver, with a power of 35 Watts.

3. The Original Easy Etcher

  • Miniature portable engraver
  • Lightweight, only 90g
  • High speed, 12,000 RPM
  • Highly rated online

The Original Easy Etcher is miniature-sized, making it easy to use and beginner-friendly. It comes with a diamond tip bit which can be employed on a wide range of materials such as glass, leather, plastic and ceramic.

This product is fitted with a 12,000 RPM motor which is best suited for more detailed and intricate engravings. There is a red button situated near the tip, to easily switch on or off. The lightweight aluminum build comes in at only 90 grams, making this tool incredibly portable.

This tool is around the size of a sharpie and is designed to provide the same control as a regular pen. The grip is embedded with several indents so that it adheres to the fingertips and the contours of the hand.

This etcher is suitable for both causal and professional engravers. There are 10 stencils which feature various curves, symbols and markings. Beginners can practice with these templates before advancing to free-hand engraving.

It is recommended for jewelry making and can be used to place names on personal accessories. This product runs on batteries and also comes with 2 diamond bit tips. Due to the small size, it can easily fit into a tool kit for on-the-go convenience. 

Why Buy? Best Portable Engraver Tool

4. Dremel 2050 Stylo+

  • Multi-use engraver/polisher
  • High speed, 5-22,000 RPM
  • Good for heavy-duty carvings
  • Lightweight, only 150g

The Dremel 2050 Stylo+ is a multifunction tool that can be used for engraving work and polishing up surfaces. The speed can be adjusted between 5000-22000 RPM to cater to both detailed engravings or more heavy-duty carvings.

This product is about the size of a marker and weighs 150 grams. This small and lightweight construction minimises the risk of aches that come along with long engraving sessions.

Additionally, the slender build of this pen allows easy handling. The grip also enables secure attachment to the fingertips and palm.

This engraver pen is optimised for casual DIY work such as jewellery making and adding personalised touches to personal belongings. Alternatively, engravings can be added to toys to gift away to friends.

It is safe to use on surfaces like glass, wood, ceramic and leather due to the strong tip. This product comes with 15 extra accessories, making it a great starter kit for people who are new to DIY projects.

The accessories include different sized engraving tips, sanding material and a mini wrench. The sanding material can be used to clean up old belongings. This is a wired product with a 2-meter-long cord. It has a power output of 9 Watts.

5. General Tools 505 Precision Engraver

  • Portable hand held engraver
  • High speed, 20,000 RPM
  • Lightweight, only 100g
  • Highly rated online

This product comes with a diamond bit tip that can be employed on wood and metal surfaces. The diamond bit tip is incredibly durable and is best utilised for more complex and intricate linings.

Like most conventional engravers, this product can be used to add names to personal belongings for an additional layer of security.

Unique symbols and number combinations can also be etched in to avoid confusion over what item belongs to which person. This engraver is safe to use on power banks, toys and glass cups.

This tool is equipped with a 20,000 RPM motor which can be controlled using the on/off switch positioned on the grip. It is made out of aluminium and weighs only 100 grams to enable a wide range of movements.

The lightweight composition is gentle on the hand and wrist so that cramps and strains are less likely to pop up. It is wireless and runs on batteries so that a power outlet is not needed. The cordless design provides on-the-go convenience.

This product is recommended for both beginners and professionals alike. The small size makes it easy to fit into a tool box or a pencil case.

How to choose the best engraver tool?

Before choosing an engraver, you may not know what features you should consider. Below we've gone through the main considerations to consider. 

Type of Power

There are a few different options here including manual, pneumatic, corded and battery. We've only chosen to look at corded (electrically powered) and powered by battery options. 

Manual and pneumatic are often used by experts who know what they are doing. If you're a hobbyist or DIY user then you'll want to use an electrical corded or battery powered option.

From our experience a battery powered engraving tool can be beneficial as it's portable and doesn't require a power source. But the battery could run out half way through a project so you'll want something with a status level light if possible. 

High quality battery engravers usually cost more than corded options, but still offer a high level of RPM's and speed, which is important for accomplishing most projects. 

Weight & Comfort

You'll probably be holding on to your engraving tool for long periods of time, so having something comfortable or ergonomic is preferred. Most of the units we looked at today, offer lightweight use making them comfortable for prolonged periods of use. 

You can check to ensure there's a rubber guard for your fingers, similar to holding a pencil for long periods of time, your skin will develop a sore. This guard can assist with protecting that from happening. 


Most engravers have variable speed options and their speeds are measured in RPM. You'll want to find something that offers this, as single speed options aren't good for all types of work. If you can't, then three speed is just as good as variable. 


Most engraving tools now allow you to adjust the depth such as fine lines to deep grooves and again can be beneficial depending on the work you're doing. 

How much do engravers cost?

You'll find various engraving tools in the Australian market, ranging from inexpensive to expensive. As mentioned earlier battery powered is often more expensive, but offers portability. Corded often offers more power and variable speed settings. 

You should expect to pay around $30-$50 for a decent engraver, with premium options costing upwards of $100. Some brands come with accessories and kit sets, and these may cost more. However this will reduce the requirement to buy the accessories in the future, so may workout cheaper than buying down the line. 

How to use an engraving tool?

When it comes to using an engraver you should follow these basic tips and tricks:

  1. Apply pressure
  2. Use a template
  3. Practice first
  4. Use a clean surface
  5. Don't overheat
  6. Experiment your depth
  7. Secure the material
  8. Outline first
  9. Use good light
  10. Remove dust. 

Resources Used

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