10+ Best Dishwasher Tablets To Buy Online

We all want clean dishes with minimal effort. You might have a dishwasher, but that's only half the process, what you actually put into your washer, in the form of dishwasher tablets is what makes the biggest difference. 

We've taken a look at the best dishwasher tablets Australia has to offer from all the major brands, as well as environmentally orientated alternatives, as well as budget friendly options. 

So without further ado, checkout our top picks. 

1. Finish Powerball Quantum Dishwasher Tablets

These dishwasher tablets are designed to removed the toughest grease stains. Each tablet has a gel, powder and power ball which act together to both clean dishes and leave behind a shine.

This is a convenient product with easy application as just one tablet needs to bet inserted into the dispenser area of a dishwasher. There is no phosphate present in the mixture, making it safer for use.

It is advertised that each cleaning unit is 12 times more powerful than other dishwasher tablets. A lemon-like fragrance is given off after each wash. This can be purchased in 2 packs of 80, for 160 tablets total.

2. Fairy Platinum All In One Dishwasher Tablets

These dishwasher tablets from Fairy Platinum can combat burnt areas and grease present on dishes and lunchboxes. The powder and gel formulation dissolve immediately after placement in a dishwasher, making the cleaning process quicker and hassle-free.

There are enzymes present in the formula which specialise in removing stains from tea. The components of these tablets not only clean but also prevent silver and glass materials from deteriorating.

Besides cleaning dishes, these dishwasher tablets can be used to wash away limescale on filters. A distinctive scent on each dish is present after cleaning. There are several packs available which have 90 or 110 tablets.

3. Koh Dishwashing Tablets

Koh Dishwashing Tablets are 100% phosphate free and do not contain any harsh additives that may be seen in other cleaning products.

These tablets are also eco-certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, making them ideal for those who are conscious about their footprint on the environment. Additionally, these cleaning units are vegan and palm oil-free.

Each cleaning unit comes in a wrap which does not need to be peeled off before use due to the biodegradable properties. It is also fragrance-free and has been suggested for asthmatics by National Asthma Council Australia. The tablets come in packs of 50.

The best eco-friendly detergent

4. Aldi Logix

The Logix dishwasher tablets from Aldi do not contain any phosphate which make them safer to use. Each tablet is said to have 18 cleaning functions to remove stains and burnt pieces of food on dishes.

A mix of enzymes and oxygen are present and used to both clean and shine plates and utensils. These products give off a clean lemon scent which is not overpowering.

Although the tablets come with wrappers, the wrappers do not have to be manually removed as they dissolve in the dishwasher. Packs of 40 can be purchased at any Aldi store.

The best budget friendly detergent

5. Cascade Complete ActionPacs

This dishwasher detergent not only cleans dishes but also the dishwasher. The formula is phosphate-free and designed to take away the toughest stains that appear on plates, cups and kitchen utensils.

The enzymes present in the ActionPacs can remove grease and leave a sheen on each dish. No pre-washing is required and only one ActionPac is needed for every load. The tablet does not need to be unwrapped before use as it naturally dissolves.

It is not recommended that any of the ActionPacs be punctured and poured individually into the dishwasher. A light and airy fragrance is given off. Packs of 78 can be purchased.

6. Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets

The ingredients in Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets are plant-based and environmentally friendly. Each tablet is covered with a biodegradable wrap that dissolves in the dishwasher. There are 8 cleaning functions including rinse aid and the elimination of tea stains and grease.

Unwanted smells are also removed. Despite the exclusion of harsh chemicals, each tablet is powerful enough to wash away food grime that is present on utensils, lunchboxes and plates.

These products are recommended for those who are environmentally conscious. 42 dish tablets are available in each box. Each box is also constructed out of 100% recycled materials.

7. Coles Ultra Plus

Coles Ultra Plus dish tablets give off a fresh lemon fragrance with each load. The formula does not consist of any phosphate and utilises enzymes for clearing away grease and tea stains.

Although these tablets are effective when it comes to removing waste, the integrity of glass and dainty utensils and plates will not be broken down during the cleaning process. Additionally, limescale prevention is also enabled.

There are wrappers on the tablets which do not have to be removed as they dissolve when in contact with water. Packs of 30 can be purchased at any Coles store.

8. Shine Dishwasher Tablets

Shine Dishwasher Tablets come with dissolvable covers and zero phosphate for both safety and convenience. Enzymes present in the formula combat grease stains, food grime in addition to leaving behind a glimmer on each plate and utensil.

A rinse aid is included in the cleaning processing, making it an all-in-one product. The ingredients are also gentle on glassware and ensure that chips are prevented. In addition to cleaning plates, tablets can also be used to clear away limescale in filters.

A light lemon fragrance is present after each load is washed. Each box comes with 28 tablets.

9. Finish All in 1 Max Dishwasher Tablets

These dish tablets have 10 cleaning actions including tea stain elimination, rinse aid, and grease removal, making it multipurpose. Additionally, the components also help combat limescale and improve the overall function of the dishwasher.

The tablets do not require unwrapping and can just be inserted into detergent compartment. There are no concerns about glassware potentially breaking during washes as the tablets also have protection qualities.

After each wash, a light lemon fragrance can be detected on the plates and inside the dishwasher. It is recommended that other Finish cleaning products be used in conjunction with these tablets. 94-piece packs are available.

Best all action detergent

10. Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets

These tablets are ideal for removing missed stains as well as keeping dishwashing appliances clean and running. It is recommended that these tablets be used once a month to for maintenance. Pipes, filters and small corners can be cleaned to ensure zero blockages.

No unwrapping is required as one tablet can be taken out and inserted into the detergent compartment.

There is also no requirement to commence an empty wash beforehand. These tablets are a convenient and easy way to remove stains that may have built up over time. Packs of 3 can be bought instore and online.

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