Best Carving Knives (Our Top 5 Picks)

While a chef's knife does to the trick in most situations, a carving knife is a worthwhile investment for your kitchen utensils. 

It's thin blade and pointed tip is typically used to cut thin slices of cooked meats like poultry, roasts and ham, producing thinner, more precise cuts.

However, they are versatile enough that a good quality carving knife can also be used to cut through large fruits, cold meats and fish. 

Below we have listed our top 5 picks for best carving knives for 2020, that we believe will add a valuable tool to your home and cooking experience. 

The 5 Best Carving Knives

1. Breville BEK5WHT Ezy Electric

  • Quick & easy slice
  • Only 735g
  • Easy to operate

Breville’s electric carving knife, the BEK5WHT, is a dream in the kitchen for all the larger slicing jobs that require a sharp quick slice. That includes roasts, home-made bread, and larger cuts of fresh meat. They are also used for fish, fruits and vegetables.

The blades cut straight and evenly every time, without deviation or slippage.

When you’re done you can wash the blade in the dishwasher and then either put the knife in a drawer or hang it by its handy loop.

The blades fit easily into the main section and are safely clicked into place without risk of slipping out mid slice. And the hand piece is ergonomically well balanced and comfortable to hold and use. This is important given the vibration that an electric knife can deliver to the handle.

Another nice feature is that the knife has a handy suction cup through which the cord is threaded. That can be placed onto the bench or splashback or wall to allow the cord to rotate and keep out of the way while you’re using the knife - nice and safe.

And, again for safety, the knife has a dual safety switch, i.e. you can only turn it on with pressure from the top and bottom of your hand simultaneously.

Another nice product from Breville.

2. Kenwood KN500 Electric 

  • Slices with no effort
  • Only 821g
  • Dishwasher safe

The KN500 from Kenwood is a cordless electric knife which is absolutely perfect for carving the Sunday roast at the table or slicing those warm loaves of freshly baked home-made bread. Use it anywhere you like to slice up meat, fish, poultry etc.

The grip on the knife’s handle is of a superior non-slip material. The handle has a perfectly balanced weight with the blades for easy handling.

The multi-purpose blades are serrated stainless steel with extra sharp cutting edges. They have enough flexibility to move through whatever they’re slicing without ripping it up and without effort. The knife is so easy to use and so sharp that a right hander can use it with their left hand!

The safety features of the knife include that the blades are easily and quickly fitted into and out of the handle and are safely held within the handle during use and until deliberate release.

And there’s an additional power on safety switch to prevent accidental operation. And of course, being cordless there’s no risk at all of cutting through the power cord.

The blades are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The KN500 is battery operated (rechargeable) with a 25-minute life between charges.

This is an electric knife which does the job.

3. Cuisinart CEK-30A Electric Knife

  • Best quality
  • 1.5M long cord
  • Powerful heavy motor
  • Only 789g

Described as ‘sleek, easy to use and effective’, the Cuisinart CEK-30A electric knife is a ‘keeper’.

With a really nice look about it – the handle just invites you to hold it – this knife is a must-have for any kitchen for carving roasts, Christmas turkeys and hams, slicing bread, pork ribs, or for any other carving/slicing/cutting jobs, large or smaller.

The knife will easily manage even very soft foods like fruits and cheeses as well so it can be your go to kitchen knife.

This model has a powerful motor and a very sharp serrated stainless-steel blade to slice through even the toughest of jobs (eg dark sourdough bread) easily. Unlike other electric knives, this knife only has one blade so you don’t have to worry that the blades will separate and that the knife will become ineffective as a result.

The handle is ergonomically designed to be cradled by your hand in a cushioned area with no chance of slippage and with minimal hand or arm fatigue.

The on/off control is an easy one-touch button on the handle. There is an extra-long 1.5-meter power cord for versatility around where you can use the knife.

The blade is well-secured in the knife with a locking mechanism so there’s no risk that it will fall out until it’s released by you. The blade is dishwasher safe as well.

The Cuisinart electric knife will easily manage any carving or slicing or cutting job, even very soft foods like fruits and cheeses, so it can be your go to kitchen knife.

4. TODO Dual Blade Reamer

  • Safety lock switch
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Only 898g

The Dual Blade electric knife from TODO retails for less than $30. It’s a corded electric kitchen knife with two serrated stainless-steel blade and is absolutely ideal for carving large difficult foods like roasts, turkeys and hams, dark sourdough loaves, etc right through to fruit and veggies.

The knife has a dual safety lock switch to prevent accidental powering on, as well as a blade release button to make sure that the blades don’t slip out of their housing during use of the knife.

The handle is nicely designed with an eye to ergonomics. The power on switch is located on the underside of the handle for comfortable access and use, and with a weight of only 600gm the knife will not cause hand or arm fatigue.

The blades are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning up.

5. Sunbeam Carveasy Twin Blade

  • Two sets of blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Only 880g
  • Mixed reviews online

With the Sunbeam Carveasy Twin Blade electric knife you get two for the price of one: two sets of blades for different types of jobs.

The shorter coarser set is for meats, breads, and smaller foods. The longer fine blades are designed for use on delicate foods. Both sets cut straight and evenly every time without shredding or splitting or otherwise degrading the integrity of the food.

The ergonomically designed handle is so lightweight and comfortable to hold that you won’t tire or feel arm fatigue even after extended periods of use. The knife is quiet to use, the blades are dishwasher safe.

Safety-wise, the knife has a blade release button to keep the blades safely held while the knife is in use. And the power on switch will not work unless you hold it in the on position so there’s no chance of accidentally switching the knife on.

All in all, the knife seems to be a good performer.


When it comes to choosing a carving knife, whether that's for bread, meat or something else, you're really spoilt for choice. But while some brands and models are great, there's a lot of junk out there. 

You should look at the reviews on carving knifes you intend to buy before you actually do, to ensure you're getting the best features and value for money.

Vicky Lane

Last Updated: December 2, 2021 by Rhys