5+ Best Burger Press To Buy In Australia

What could be better than a juicy, flavoursome burger to satisfy those nagging cravings, but wouldn't it be better if you could create your own burger with the best burger press?

This indispensable tool will allow you to craft your own perfect personal burger recipe, pick your own ingredients and seasonings and cook however you would like.

This leaves an opportunity to alter your burger recipe to suit you and your lifestyle, without the money and hassle of leaving the house to spend money at a fast-food place.

Consider adding one of these top 5 burger press models to your kitchen collection and say goodbye to expensive store-bought patties and unhealthy fast-food burgers.

1. Burger Chef Press Kit

  • Magic grill mat
  • 100% non-stick
  • Works in the oven

The Burger Chef Press from Krom is a kit designed for to help you make the perfect burger every time: classic patties, stuffed burgers or sliders. Included in the kit is a magical grill mat to hold the patties and other foods like veggies, seafood or meat, in place over the grill or the coals.

The mat sits between the heat from the flames and the food to prevent burning and uneven cooking and to keep food from falling through the grill. It’s also great for keeping food off dirty grill surfaces, especially in public barbecue parks.

The mat is completely safe (it’s BPA, PTFE and PFOA free) and it’s 100% non-stick and heat-resistant so you won’t burn your fingers when handling it. The patties are two sizes: 7cm and 10cm diameter. 

It still gives your food that gorgeous grilled flavour and appearance. The press and the mat are all dishwasher safe so there’s no messy clean-up. You can use the mat in the oven as well to keep your oven trays clean.

Your purchase comes with full instructions including a link to a video tutorial including unique recipes for the best burgers you’ve ever made. This is a hands-down winner, and you get change from $10!

2. FineGood Patty Maker

  • Simple yet effective design
  • Ridges for pro look
  • Dishwasher safe

Made from lightweight and stylish aluminium the non-stick patty maker from FineGood is the best way to make uniform burger patties every time. It’s a very simple design, but it works! Comprising a circular disc with a ridged base for shaping the patty and a second disc with a handle to press the meat into the perfect shape the patties come out uniformly even.

You have control over the thickness of your burgers. Ridges on each side add to the professional look of the burgers. Use baking paper liners as well (you can buy these pre-cut to shape) and the patties come out even more easily.

The patties cook more evenly when they’ve been made in a burger press. And the fact that the top surface of these patties is level means that your finished hamburgers won’t fall apart so easily anymore either – all the other layers will sit more easily on top.

The patties are a good large size to suit the normal bun. Its non-stick surface is easy to clean, and it’s dishwasher safe as well. The material used meets FDA and LFGB standards, with the aluminium being Food Grade.

3. Weston Hamburger Press

  • Direct from the USA
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Butterfly adjustable nut

The Weston Hamburger Press (model 07-0301) is a simple kitchen appliance which makes hamburger cooking a breeze! It really is a must-have item if you make hamburger patties and appreciate a perfectly uniform size and shape with even edges and level surfaces on top and underneath.

The design is very simple: it has a round patty meat tray and a hinged lid which you close to compact the ground meat into the perfect shape. You can determine the height of the patty (it has a butterfly nut to adjust the height of the plunger to several predetermined weights (between ¼ and 3.4 pounders).

Their diameter will be 11.5cms. This consistency means that you will always have evenly cooked burger patties which look good on the plate when you’re entertaining.

It is advisable to use pre-cut burger paper discs underneath the base tray for easy lifting out of the finished patty afterwards and some users have reported that using a paper disc on the top as well also works well to prevent the meat from escaping at the edges during the pressing.

It also makes cleaning up afterwards easier. The gadget is sturdy in its manufacture and made to last.

4. LEM Mens Burger Press

  • Heavy duty non-stick press
  • Adjustable butterfly nut
  • Good for commercial use

The Men’s Burger Press 534 from LEM Products is a heavy-duty non-stick press designed to produce the best uniform burger patties every time without mess and with minimal effort.
It’s ideal for both professional users (butchers and restaurants) as well as home kitchens.

The press can be easily adjusted by a butterfly nut on the top of the press to make patties ranging in thickness between ¼” - 1”. The diameter is 4 3/8th inch.

This is not the cheapest burger press on the market, but it is a highly praised choice and is both comfortably lightweight yet strong and durable. It’s made from aluminium which is a food-safe material.

You can use the press to make patties with inclusions such as onions, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and so on.

It is advisable to use the pre-cut parchment papers on the base to ensure that the meat doesn’t stick to the base or to the top.

The two press surfaces do fit very nicely together so there is very little sliding of the meat during the pressing process. And it’s quick, once you’ve got the hang of it.

The gadget is very easy to clean, especially if you do use the waxed paper circles. All in all, a great product.

5. Radicaln Burger Press

  • Manual press
  • Heavy 1.36kg weight
  • Cast-iron disc w/ handle

Designed as a 7-inch diameter press for making burger patties, sandwiches, grills, quesadillas and steaks the Radicaln Burger Press is a simple yet effective cast-iron disc with nice old-fashioned wooden handle for general use around the kitchen.

The under surface is non-stick for easy clean and easy removal of the meat you’re pressing. It’s recommended for use with any raw ingredients including, obviously, minced meat, fish, bacon, vegetables, bagels and even English muffins. This may all sound a little foreign and difficult to imagine.

So perhaps some explanation. The basic idea is to use the gadget to press the pre-heated food to ensure that it cooks evenly and looks good. The press creates an even height and also has line dividers to create grill lines (look good) and to ensure even cooking (tastes good too).

Burger patties are obviously the favourite and most popular use of this press, but steaks are also a favourite. They end up being perfect for a completed burger.

The lovely wooden handle means that you don’t need to use gloves and is detachable with screws to avoid it being damaged by contact with too much water or detergent. It doesn’t roll around in the hand and is comfortable and secure.

The height of the handle above the press itself means that you’re safe to use it while the food is on the grill or stovetop without fear of burning your hands. The press does have some weight to it, 1.36kg, for obvious reasons. A great versatile product at a very affordable price.

What's The Best Burger Press?

The best one is entirely up to you and what you're looking for. Whether you want something of a commercial grade or something for the kitchen. You can spend as little as a few dollars, or up wards of $100 for the very best burger presses. 

We found all our presses over on Amazon.com.au which offers fast shipping on all orders (some may be free with prime or over $39 for non prime members) so do your research. You can also purchase burger presses from kitchen stores. 

Last Updated: December 2, 2021 by Rhys