7+ Best Bubble Tea Shops In Melbourne [Top Rated]

Bubble tea shops are popping up all over the city right now. We took a stroll through the CBD to find the best bubble tea shops in Melbourne, that consumers are thriving about online. 

Whether you want something to takeaway, or a place to catchup with your friends, there's something for everyone with these top rated local businesses. 

While bubble tea does contain a lot of sugar, it has been around since the 1980's after being invented in Taiwan, so in moderate consumption is definitely a treat! 

And if you love bubble tea so much, why not try and make it yourself at home? 

So without further ado, these 7 best bubble tea shops get our stamp of approval. 

1. HappyLemon

  • Good location in China Town
  • Extensive menu
  • Indoor seating area

Happy Lemon is a highly rated bubble tea store in Melbourne’s China Town and have been operating since 2017. They offer hot and cold beverages, baked goods, toasties and desserts in addition to their signature bubble tea.

Some crowd pleasers from their menu include Milk Tea, Waffles, Tiramisu, Bubble Tea, Iced Teas and even Salted Cheese Tea. They even offer bubble tea toasties, which are popular amongst sweet tooth's. Their venue is kid and pet friendly, and they offer takeaway options.

Their service is speedy, making it a convenient and delicious option for those nearby. Their pricing varies on depending on sizing, and ranges from $5 - $7 for most drinks, and from $5 - $12 for food.

They also offer food and drink combo’s, and two for one specials on occasion. They are open 7 days a week, from lunch until late night.

Customer Review:

‘Great place and nice atmosphere to relax and enjoy the varieties of milk tea’ - Kim


77 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000


03 9663 4509

2. KING TEA 皇茶

  • Extensive menu
  • Takeaway venue only
  • Established brand

King Tea on Elizabeth Street is a specialty tea store which has been operating since 2016. They provide high quality beverages and desserts for all occasions. In the time since they have opened, they have expanded to own 14 stores nationwide.

Their menu is extensive and includes teas cheese foam, fruit, taro, yoghurt, sugared milks and fresh lemon or fruit options. Their desserts are tea flavoured soft serves which can be purchased in a cone or a cup.

Topping extras include cheese foam, brûlée, pudding, pearls, varied jellies, oreo’s, red beans, taro and ai yu. Most beverages are available cold or hot, cheese foam tea is said to be one of their most popular products.

Their pricing ranges from $6 - 8.5 for most drinks, not including extras. They are open 7 days a week from morning until night for takeaway.

Customer Review:

‘Love the texture of their tapioca! The thick and rich taste of their creamy cheese foam topping really impressed me.' Libby


shop 7a/2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3004


03 9654 5256

3. Milksha

  • Hot looking store fitout
  • Extensive menu
  • Environmently friendly

Milksha on Elizabeth Street is Australia’s very own flagship version of the popular Milkshop in Taiwan. Their philosophy is centred on providing environmentally conscious products with a healthy twist.

The founder of Milksha was a third generation dairy farmer from South Taiwan, and the brand now works closely with local farmers Saint David Dairy. Their products are free from preservatives, additives and artificial colouring.

Their tea is also sourced from high quality providers, and goes through a filtration process. Their drinks include iced teas, bubble tea, taro milk, matcha, cocoa, and iced fruit teas. Their prices range from $5 - 8 for most teas, not including extras.

They also provide iced coffee’s, using St. Ali coffee, who are local coffee bean roasters. Customers can choose the amount of sweetness and ice they prefer in their drink too. They are open Monday - Sunday, from midday until late.

Customer Reviews

‘A nice bubble tea store that highly emphasises on being environmentally friendly and having the milk teas be made with quality ingredients’ - Vanessa


134 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000


03 9078 6052

4. Gongcha

  • Established for many years
  • Extensive menu

Gongcha is a bubble tea store, which was founded in Taiwan in 2006. They are the fastest growing tea brand in Asia, and have over 1500 stores worldwide. The name ‘Gong Cha’ originates from a tea tradition from ancient China, signifying their high quality beverages.

Their Swanston street store is a hotspot and always has a line of customers awaiting their order. They provide bubble tea, fruit tea, health teas, milk foam teas, smoothies, yogurt drinks and an array of extra toppings.

Some of their toppings include oats, coffee jelly, basil seed and even aloe vera. They constantly have new products and combinations coming out, such as strawberry taro and cookie strawberry smoothie teas.

Their prices range from $3.50 - 9 for most products, not including extras. They are open Monday - Sunday from morning until late night for takeaway, some seating is available.

Customer Reviews:

‘Great drink, great service and friendly staff. Never let me down!’ - Yumi


321 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000


04 1170 9768

5. Oritea有茶

  • Fusion tea shop
  • Super cute interior
  • Dine in available

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Ori Tea is a new fusion tea shop which provides an array or beverages. They have been operating since 2018, . Some of their products include milky teas, freshly brewed cheese tea, fruit tea and blended fruit cheese teas.

Their milky range includes brown sugar pearl teas, red bean tea, matcha, cheese foam, taro and pudding flavoured drinks. Some of their extras include peach gum toppings, idea cream, red bean, jelly and pearls. Customers can customise their drinks sugar and ice levels.

Their pricing varies from $5 - 8 for most beverages, not including extras and toppings. Their beverages are made fresh everyday, with fresh fruit and veg displayed in their fridge.

They offer takeaway and dine in options, in a bright and open setting. They are open Monday - Sunday, from morning until late.

Customer Reviews:

‘ Super cute place and friendly staff! Loved the lychee oolong and taro bubble milk tea.’ - Alex


Shop 2/128 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000



6. Chatime

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Range of options
  • Primarily takeaway only

Located in Flinders lane, Chatime is a busy location in the CBD for takeaway bubble tea. They were founded in 2005 in Taiwan before opening shop in Australia, today there are over 120 franchises in Australia alone.

Their mission is to provide the best iced teas with innovative flavours. They are also environmentally focused, aiming to eliminate the use of single use plastics by 2020. Their products include milky teas, fruit teas, bubble tea and sparkled tea in a range of flavours.

Matcha, chocolate and a range of fruits can be found in store. They also offer toppings such as mouse, custard, assorted jelly and red beans. Their pricing ranges from $ 5 - 8 not including toppings.

They offer a loyal-tea program to their customers which allows them to earn points with every drink. They are open Monday to Sunday from 11am - 6pm.

Customer Review:

‘Awesome selection of drinks, fast prompt service’ - Ming


shop 1a/289 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


03 9650 8329

7. CoCo Fresh

  • Cute interior design
  • Good for takeaway only

Tucked away in their Swanston Street location, CoCo Fresh provide a selection of Fine Teas. They have locations all over Australia, with products like bubble teas, milky tea, fruit teas, slushies smoothies and yoghurts.

They source their products locally and seasonally, with all brews made fresh daily. Some of their flavours include matcha, taro, jasmine, caramel and chocolate. They also provide a ‘milk and cloud’ range, which is a choice of tea, with a flavoured sweet foam.

Their prices range from $6.5 - 8 for most products, and vary depending on size choice and extras. Some extras include aloe vera, pearls, cloud foam, pudding and an assortment of jelly’s. They have options for vegans and other dietary requirements upon request.

Their store is always buzzing with orders, and people cueing up awaiting their takeaway drinks.They are open Monday - Sunday from midday until late.

Customer Review:

‘Fresh, delicious topping and good milk tea with affordable price.’ - John


250 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000



Now that you know the best bubble tea shops in Melbourne, you might like to checkout some of our other guides for local businesses in the city. 

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