5+ Best Bicycle Locks In Australia (Reviews)

You might be considering riding your bike to school or work for the exercise benefits, but are concerned about leaving it unattended and unprotected from burglary. 

High-quality bicycle locks are the absolute best way to keep your expensive and valuable bike safe and secured to the bike rack, so you don't have to spend the whole day worrying about theft. 

While no lock can completely prevent a determined thief from stealing your precious bicycle, the right kind of security can dissuade the thief by making it seem not worth the effort. 

Without the bulk and expensive price of heavy duty security gadgets, our top 5 recommended products are both reliable, and simple enough to use with ease on a daily basis.

Best Bicycle Locks Australia

1. Kryptonite New-U KyptoLock Series 2

  • Style: U bracket
  • Weight: 1.66kg
  • Rating: 6/10

Tough and reliable, Kryptonite brand’s moderate security standard (rated 6/10) bicycle lock is designed with their new “pass-thru” crossbar which protects against both twist and single cut type theft attempts.

The U-bracket is a flex-frame style which can be placed at multiple locations on the bike for speed and convenience, as well as easier transportation when not in use. Double hardened deadbolts are engaged at each end of the U-shaped shackle.

And the entire shackle is made from 12.7mm hardened performance steel for durability and strength. The lock comes with two stainless steel keys which will not bend or break. The disc-style cylinder of the bolts is both pick and drill resistant for greater security.

There is a 4’ KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable as well to secure your front wheel and/or accessories, and bumpers to minimise rattles while you’re riding. The protective vinyl coating keeps the lock looking new.

You can opt to register your Kryptonite lock online for Anti-Theft Protection and be compensated should the lock be defeated during use. And your keys can also be registered for free replacement should they be lost.The lock measures 10.2 x 22.9cm and weighs 1.66kg.

2. Kryptonite New York Noos

  • Style: Chain link
  • Weight: 4.79kg
  • Rating: 9/10

The New York Noose bicycle lock from Kryptonite is a high-security lock (rated 9/10 standard on the brand's own security scale).

This is a chain-link style lock with 12mm hexagonal links made from 3T manganese steel. It has an extra and larger cinch ring for removing slack in the lock once it’s secured around the bike. That decreases the risk of a thief getting any traction on the lock with a hand or implement.

The lock is secured by a 14mm hardened steel shackle with deadbolt and key. The hardened double deadbolt design provides extra protection against twisting. And the high-security disc-style cylinder in the bolt is both pick and drill resistant.

Hardened oval crossbars add strength that you don't get with ordinary round tube designs. And there's a sliding dust cover to protect the bolt from accumulating internal dust and debris.There are three stainless steel keys and a fob with LED for poor visibility conditions. The lock measures 75cm and weighs 4.79kg.

You can register your Kryptonite lock online for Anti-Theft Protection and be compensated should the lock be defeated during use. And your keys can also be registered for free replacement should they be lost.

3. Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock

  • Style: Combination
  • Weight: 0.7kg 
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Featuring keyless convenience via a five-number combination lock, the bicycle chain lock from Sportneer is a budget-friendly option for protecting your bike from theft. It’s also a handy lock for other outdoor possessions such as golf carts, ladders, gates, toolboxes, BBQ’s.

There are up to 100,000 possible combinations for a five-digit code so it’s almost impossible to crack. And no lost keys. And in terms of physical breakage, the lock is made from 0.27" tough hardened manganese steel which is highly cut-resistant, with an outer coating of zinc for scratch resistance.

On top of that is a thick waterproof cloth sleeve to increase its lifespan and provide even more security from scratching and cutting.

The cable is 3.2’ long and can be would around the wheel and frame. Transportation when not in use is also simple – just loop it around the T-bar or handlebar. The combination lock PIN can be set and reset multiple times to increase security.

This is a great value versatile lock which suits a lot of purposes and also suits kids who like the combination lock feature. Sturdy and secure, it does the job if you have bikes which are not high-end possessions.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Series 4

  • Style: Chain w/deadbolt
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Rating: 8/10

Rated by Kryptonite at 8/10 on their own security scale the Evolution Series 4 1016 bicycle lock is an integrated chain style lock with deadbolt. The lock is constructed from 10mm hexagonal chain links which are made from hardened 3T manganese steel.

The chain links are secured directly to the hardened deadbolt itself. There are no ‘weak links’ in the chain to be taken advantage of by would-be thieves. Every part of the chain and deadbolt have high security holding power to each other.

The disc-style cylinder in the bolt is both pick and drill resistant and features a sliding dust cover to protect it from debris and dirt collecting inside it.

There are three stainless steel keys, and a fob with LED for night and other low visibility conditions.

A strong and durable weather-resistant nylon cover protects the chain lock from scratching bikes.

Transportation when not in use is easy: simply roll up into a coil around the bike or in a backpack. The chain is 160cm long and weighs 4.4kg.

You can register your Kryptonite lock online for Anti-Theft Protection and be compensated should the lock be defeated during use. And your keys can also be registered for free replacement should they be lost.

5. INBIKE 8 Joints

  • Style: Foldable
  • Weight: 0.7kg 
  • Rating: 4/5

The compact 8 Joints bicycle lock from INBIKE is a foldable mini lock made from stainless steel and an ABS rubber finish to prevent the lock from scratching the bike.

This is a lock for low-security needs. It's lightweight and folds for easy carrying. The lock works by using eight separate 5mm steel plates on fully rotating rivets which connect between the bike and on to bike racks or similar.

The rotation of the steel bars gives the lock a very flexible application. They can be used in a straight line or in a complete circle, and anywhere in between. Use them to secure one bike frame to wheel, two bikes to each other, one bike frame to rack, etc. Unfolded the lock measures 26”.

The resilient steel bars are a repellent to thieves and are resistant to picking, drilling, cutting, hacking and pulling. The steel used is an anti-hydraulic type which is bolt cutter resistant.

When not in use the lock folds down to a very compact pocket size (65*130mm) and can be placed on a bike in the water bottle position, on the down tube or under the saddle. Or taken in a backpack or pocket.

choose best bike lock

How to choose the best bike lock?

There are a few factors to consider when you choose your bike lock. 

There are effectively three types of locks: 

  1. U-Locks
  2. Chains
  3. Cables.

Cables are what you often see people using, however these are the worst types of locks as they can be cut in seconds with bolt cutters. Most insurers won't cover you if you're using a cable lock. 

High quality chains and U-Locks can not be cut with bolt cutters and often require an angle grinder. This requires power equipment which isn't possible if your bike is out on the street. 

We recommend getting a U-Lock as your primary line of defence and fix these to the frame of the bike as well as any wheels. Models such as the Kryptonite New-U KyptoLock offer such a lock that includes a cable to lock through the wheels as well. 

While U-Locks are great out and about, chain locks can be very effective in places where the bike may not move, such as bike storage or at home. They are often heavy (3-5kg) so aren't advisable for carrying around while riding. 

Material on deadbolt chain locks can't be cut through without an angle grinder and will cause a lot of noise and sparks, which you should hear so you can get out and save your bike. 

How to lock your bike properly?

Never make the mistake of only locking one of your wheels to something, as they can steal the rest of your bike. The basic rules are:

  • Lock your bike to something that cannot be moved
  • Lock the frame and the front wheel if possible
  • Use a U-Lock and secure the wheels with a chain.

If you're unsure, two locks is always better than one lock. All locks can be broken at some point, of course they have their own limits and stress tests, but having two locks makes it nearly impossible for would be thieves to consider stealing your bike. 

I personally use a U-Lock and a deadbolt chain when at home to lock my frame twice, as well as my front and rear wheels to the frame. 

I've never had my bike stolen. 

Best Bike Lock Tips

  • Avoid buying used bike locks online, they may be weak or compromised 
  • If your lock can be registered, do it! If you lose the key you can get a replacement
  • If the lock comes with a stolen bike warranty, ensure you know what you're buying
  • Check out your home owners insurance and see if you're covered for stolen bikes! 

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