5+ Best Australian Cashback Sites (Save Money In 2020)

Did you ever think you could get a percentage of your money back, just by shopping online from selected retailers? This is exactly what the Best Australian Cashback Sites allow you to do.

First of all, you may be wondering what a cashback site is exactly. To put it plainly, these sites return a fraction of your money when you shop through the links on their website. They get paid an affiliate commission which they share with you. 

Sounds too good to be true? To explain the reasoning behind cashback websites, most retailers use this as a way to get more traffic on their website, and therefore more sales. 

If this is all new to you and you're interested in checking it out, take a look at the following 5 top picks for the best cashback websites for Australian shoppers. 

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Best Australian Cashback Sites

1. ShopBack

ShopBack is a money saving cashback website where users receive a cash reward for using while doing their online shopping. It was established in 2014 in Asia and has recently been launched in Australia in 2018.

It quickly became a top online coupons and money savings site when it began in Asia, receiving the Gold Award for Best Start-Up at the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Awards as well as the Emerging Enterprise Award in 2016 and the Global Mobile Challenge at the finals in Spain in 2017.

In the Asia Pacific alone, it has had more than 10 million users and app downloads, and since it’s launch in Australia has had over 500,000 sign ups already.

The company allows users to access huge discounts and savings year-round instead of waiting for end of year sales and the like. So far they have delivered over 30 million USD in cashback and orders and sales have grown by 250% in 2018 alone.

Redeeming your cashback using ShopBack is very easy, with users just needing to sign up for an account for free. There is also an app available for use if users prefer to use this over a browser website.

Once users have accumulated a minimum amount of cashback in their account ($10 AUD for Australians), they can withdraw either directly into their bank account or PayPal account.

2. Cash Rewards 

Cash Rewards is an Australian cashback rewards website that was founded in 2014. Users are able to receive a portion of their purchase total back in cash when shopping at particular online or in-store locations. These include over 1200 retailers.

It is free to join, and users receive a complimentary $5 AUD on sign up. Once signed up, users can use either the website or app to find their store of choice, do their shopping, and receive a percentage of that shop total back into their Cash Rewards account.

To shop in-store, users must link a credit or debit card to their account and then use this card at participating retailers to receive the cashback reward back into your account.

Once users have reached a minimum amount in their account, they can withdraw the money into their bank account or PayPal account.

It can take up to 7 days for cashback to come up in your account and then up to 100 days for retailers to approve the cashback before it can be withdrawn. This timeframe depends on the retailer so varies for each store.

A notifier is available for browsers that automatically finds deals and coupons compatible with Cash Rewards so that users never miss a cashback opportunity.

It also allows users to compare cashback amounts to ensure they are always receiving the best deal. 

3. Cashback Club

Cashback Club are a cashback rewards website that deliver discounts and savings straight back into your pocket in the form of cash.

By using their website or app to access a retailer’s website, Cashback Club receives sales commissions from that retailer which are then passed back to the user.

With relationships with thousands of retailers, Cashback Club users have access to a myriad of places at which they can access huge discounts.

It is not just retailers of fashion and tangible items either; travel, accommodation, education, insurance, home loans and real estate all qualify for receiving cashback rewards. Due to this, users do not necessarily need to make a purchase to receive cashback as they are likely already paying for a service that they can claim cashback for, e.g. insurance.

Usually these commissions are paid to brokers or agents who set up a user’s account or policy, but Cashback Club can collect these payments and deliver them back to the user instead.

Receiving cashback rewards is a simple process, with users just needing to sign up for an account for free and then use the website or app to do their shopping.

They will then receive their reward, which is a percentage of the total spend amount, back into their account. Once the total in this account is above the minimum withdrawal amount, users can withdraw the cashback into their bank or PayPal account. 

4. Cashback World

Cashback World is an international cashback rewards program that allows users to receive savings and discounts from a variety of retailers.

These savings are delivered into an account and able to be withdrawn once this account reaches a minimum amount. Savings are a percentage of the total spend at various retailers and are tracked by the company.

Shopping points are also available for purchases made to loyalty merchants and can be redeemed for Shopping Point Deals or for Price Deals on the Cashback World website in order to secure discounts.

Members can also receive a Cashback World card to use in-store at participating retailers. This can be printed out or presented on a smartphone in order to receive the cashback rewards into the member’s account from in-store purchases.

If members opt to receive their card from a certain store, this card will have the store’s logo on it which makes it able to be used at any store worldwide for cashback rewards.

It is free to join, and members must shop through the website or app so that purchases can be tracked to be eligible for cashback rewards.

There is the option of giving back to 2 charities the company partners with as part of its social responsibility endeavours.

These charities are the Child and Family Foundation that focuses on promoting access to education for families, and the Greenfinity Foundation that focuses on securing a greener future.

5. Dubli

Dubli is a cashback rewards website where customers receive money back from their online shopping. They offer discounts, deals, promo codes, free shipping offers and cashback on retail and travel purchases made at over 12,000 global and local brands from over 60 countries worldwide.

These offers can be stacked in order to increase customer savings by using the SaveMate coupon book that instantly clips and saves coupons for use on the site.

The website supports multiple currencies and languages to offer users a unique experience tailored to their preferences.

A referral program is available where members can earn up to $10 AUD for each person they refer to the website based on whether they sign up, join the VIP program and the amount of cashback they earn.

This program is open to all Dubli customers and is easy to utilise by simply sending your friends a referral link.

VIP memberships are available via a paid subscription that gives members extra VIP Cashback, flexible payment options and member-only savings. This subscription costs $69 AUD annually or $6.99 AUD monthly.

There is also a monthly reward program where customers can earn a bonus by reaching a certain threshold of earned cashback. For Australians, a $20 cashback earning will earn a $13 monthly loyalty reward.

All cashback earned accumulates in the Dubli account and it is easy to withdraw this into a PayPal or bank account. Withdrawals can take up to 10 days to be processed.


If you're looking to save a little money when shopping online, cashback sites can definitely help get you there. Most sites though are hard to get the full cashback amount and require a minimum payout which can be annoying for some. 

If we had to pick, we'd probably use Shopback which seems to be the main player in the space, followed by Cashrewards who have been around the longest. 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys