10+ Best Adult Colouring Books In Australia

Adult colouring books are becoming a favourite past time of Australian's, offering anyone the ability to relive their childhood memories, by colouring. 

However, what makes adult colouring books so appealing is the various different style of books available such as swear words, Disney, flowers and even famous figures (good and bad). 

Below we've looked at our top 10 picks on the best one's to purchase right now. Most are available on Amazon.com.au which offers fast shipping nationwide. 

Just make sure you grab yourself a set of colouring pencils to avoid disappointment! 

1. Release Your Anger Midnight Edition

  • Pages: 35
  • Author: James Alexander

We’ve probably all heard about adult colouring books by now – they’ve bee around for quite a while. But if there was ever a time to be reminded of them this is it!

Release Your Anger Midnight Edition is full of 35 pages of colouring-in designs which all feature all those angry insults, exclamation marks and insults you feel like throwing at the world generally.

Each page is single-sided to preserve its integrity and has a background of beautiful mandalas, and nature-inspired patterns overlaid by words or expressions like ‘Shitballs’ or ‘Baggy Fag’ to make it fun and keep it interesting.

You can try before you buy by downloading four free pages at swearybook.com/freebonus.

2. Adult Coloring Book Animal Designs

  • Pages: 94
  • Author: Blue Star 

These are challenging times indeed – the majority of us are trying to manage being at home all day and struggling to find things to pass the time.

Adult colouring books are a really excellent way of relieving anxiety and boredom and passing the time.

‘Stress Relieving Animal Designs’ is one which may pique your interest if you’re an animal lover.

This book is ideal for anyone of any age. It’s jam-packed full of 50+ animal design from land, air and sea.

All the designs are very detailed so they take ages to colour in, using loads of concentration. Forget yourself for a while and enjoy the result!

3. F*ck Off, I’m Coloring

  • Pages: 40
  • Author: N/A

Looking for an adult colouring-in book that's relaxing and time-absorbing while you wait out the COVID-19 isolation period?

‘F*ck Off, I’m Coloring’ is one of a huge independently published collection which are designed for adults only and are full of naughty swear words, some hilarious, to make the colouring in that bit more interesting, and funny to share.

With 40 pages all one-sided to prevent bleeding through (that means you can use felt-tipped pens) you’ll be immersed for a very long time indeed.

The patterns and mandalas underneath and around the rude crude words are also pretty cool and take loads of concentration to fill in with different colours.

4. Memos to Shitty People

  • Pages: 80
  • Author: James Alexander

“Colour your frustrations away” with an adult colouring book entitled Memos To Shitty People by best-selling author and illustrator James Alexander.

The author is the creator of the first of the sweary colouring-in book sensation in 2016 when these adult ‘kid’s’ books came into vogue and quickly became popular a way to relieve stress and cure boredom.

With our current global crisis and so many of us locked away at home these books are a fantastic way to while away all that spare time we suddenly have.

Memos to Shitty People and others in his range are hilariously funny with a distinct style and contain a collection of rude crude and explicit phrases to amuse and divert.

5. Big Activity Book For Anxious People

  • Pages: 160
  • Author: Jordan Reid

The year 2020 has begun by rapidly become possibly the worst year in living memory for anxious people, as well as those have now become anxious! There are many techniques for soothing anxiety and one is mental distraction.

Adult colouring-in books, journaling, and breaking from reality are all excellent methods for distraction of the mind.

The Big Activity Book for Anxious People has been designed for that very purpose and is exactly what its title suggests.

It contains all sorts of activities and strategies for diverting the mind, colouring-in designs like a picture of your soothing grandma, making a laugh with fun facts or a joke, Zen mantras for meditation exercises, and even some soothing facts about hand sanitiser!

Anything to amuse and distract and to remind you that you are not alone! Choose what suits at any given moment of the day or the night.

6. Disney Dreams Collection

  • Pages: 128 
  • Author: Thomas Kinkade

Self-described as “The Painter of Light”, Thomas Kinkade was an American painter and illustrator of note who among other things was commissioned to help Disney celebrate its 50th Anniversary by creating the Disney Dreams Collection.

These paintings, inspired by the classic Disney movies, are reproduced in a couple of wonderful colouring-in books for people of all ages. They are incredibly detailed and will keep you amused for hours on end.

The themes are tranquil and calm, affirming the artist’s values of family, home, faith and nature. You’ll feel the calm mood emanating from the illustrations as you work on them, soothing any anxiety you’re feeling.

7. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt

  • Pages: 96
  • Author: Johanna Basford

Wanting a bit of a change from a plain colouring book? Well, the Secret Garden: A Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book is just that. A hybrid if you like between a scavenger hunt and a colouring book.

As the title suggests the hunt takes place in a black and white garden wonderland which is beautifully illustrated in black and white for colouring in.

As you do this part of the activity you’ll find an assortment of hidden creatures within the garden setting, all sheltering and waiting to be discovered. This is an interactive book that will give you hours of fun and take your mind off all your troubles.

8. A Swear Word Coloring Book

  • Pages: 112 
  • Author: Honey Badger 

BEWARE: This product contains foul language and is suitable for adults only. 

Many many adults have been converted to the colouring book craze, and this year will definitely bring many more into the fold.

The Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults: Sweary AF: F*ckity F*ck F*ck F*ck leaves nothing to the imagination from the get-go does it? The cover page says it all.

From the author and illustrator Honey Badger comes this irreverent, cheeky and hilarious colouring book for adults only which will keep you immersed for hours and hours with a smile on your face and a laugh out loud every time you turn the page!

The paper is of high quality for using pencil or ink on without bleeding through, and the bold designs make for a really colourful finish.

9. World of Flowers

  • Pages: 80
  • Author: Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford’s World of Flowers is one in her collection of colouring books for adults. They all contain stunning hand draw-illustrations which all follow a theme.

This one is a beautiful collection of simply gorgeous floral landscapes from all around the world, from a perspective of fantasy and imagination.

These are a delightful Impressionistic view of floral abundance in dreamy landscapes from Japan to South America to the heart of Africa and beyond.

Let your imagination flow and your blood pressure drop as you fill in the colours from your palette on the ivory pages with a set of freshly sharpened colour pencils or inked nibs, discovering on completion the full beauty of the masterful illustration that lay in wait for you.

10. Serial Killers Adult Coloring Book

  • Pages: 37
  • Author: K.Schroeder

The Serial Killers Adult Coloring Book is a colouring book for Big Kids. It features 37 outline pictures of infamous serial killers, single-sided so that you can frame them once completed and hang them in your basement!

The subjects of the images may be dangerous but this activity is not – this is a perfectly healthy way to while away your time if you’re bored or anxious or simply enjoy mindless activities for relaxation.

If you like this one (and they can be addictive) there are others available in the series, available at catandcrowddesign.com.

WARNING: The images and language contained in this book are not suitable for children!

How To Choose Best Adult Colouring Book?

The best adult colouring book is entirely up to you. You need to choose the style of book you're looking for. Do you want swear words, flowers, Disney, Dr Who, animals, secret gardens, patterns, shapes, enchanted forest, stress related or Japanese anime and manga related books?

Some local providers offer Aboriginal adult colouring books, while regional areas within the country also offer their own designs and templates. 

Most adult coloring books come with 35-50 designs, but may come with more than 100 pages, be sure to check before purchase as some might be thinner while others offer a lot more pages. 

Some books are aimed at men, while others are aimed at women, some at kids, and some are universal. Others offer an insight into crazy topics, and others are down and out depressing! 

Where to buy adult colouring books?

We recommend buying from Amazon.com.au, they offer the best collection of books available from around the world. Additionally book stores such as BookDepository and Booktopia offer a wide range with fast delivery. 

Locally you'll find various books at Kmart, BigW, Target and Dymocks. 

Best Digital Adult Colouring Books

You don't need to buy hard copy books if you don't want too. You can find digital download options online. These allow you to download a PDF file to your computer, print it out and start colouring. 

There's far too many websites that offer such services. Some are membership subscriptions, such as new designs emailed to you every day, others are free downloads sponsored by ads. 

Just Color is my personal favourite, they offer 1,300+ free designs. Etsy is a good marketplace for premium designs you can download from various creators. 

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