How To Make Money With Amazon Flex Australia

Amazon Flex is now officially available in Australia and allows anyone to become a courier driver for and get paid. 

This simple three step process has been very popular in the United States and UK, and thanks to Amazon's growing popularity downunder, is now available here too. 

If you're currently driving for Uber, Ola or DiDi, but want to make extra money (or more money?) then you should consider driving for Amazon Flex.

How Amazon Flex Works

  1. 1
    Download the app and book a timeslot
  2. 2
    Drive to Amazon warehouse
  3. 3
    Pickup packages and load them into your car
  4. 4
    Follow the route Amazon suggests
  5. 5
    Drop off packages at customers properties
  6. 6
    Obtain a signature or take a photo
  7. 7
    Return any undelivered packages to warehouse
  8. 8
    Get paid every week

You can choose the days and hours you work.

You simply book a delivery block when you wish to go to work. 

Where is Amazon Flex available?

Currently this is only available in Melbourne and Sydney with suburbs reasonably close to their warehouse. You'll need to drive to the warehouse to pick up goods for each shift. 

  • Melbourne Warehouse: Dandenong
  • Sydney Warehouse: Moorebank

I'd assume Brisbane and Perth will eventually follow, but right now there's no warehouse there. 

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Your earnings are displayed along with each delivery block. Generally the further away the block is, the more you'll get paid. You'll be given a set time frame for your block. 

If you complete the block within the time frame you get paid. Sometimes your route might only take 2 hours, but your block was 4 hours. Amazon will still pay the 4 hours. 

For example you could earn $108 for a 4 hour block, but complete this within 2 hours.

Amazon does factor in Australian minimum wage to their blocks, however you must pay for the upkeep of your car, petrol and other expenses. 

How To Signup For Amazon Flex?

  • Register and download the app on the official website
  • Create an Amazon account
  • Choose your service pickup and drop off area
  • Enter your ABN number (register for free)
  • Enter bank account details
  • Watch the delivery practices tutorial
  • Complete a background check
  • Grab your fluro vest and start booking slots.

Driver Requirements For Amazon Flex

You'll need to meet these requirements to join as a driver on the platform:

  • Must be over 20 years old
  • Have a full unrestricted drivers license
  • Have full comprehensive insurance
  • Have a suitable Android or iOS smartphone
  • Have a suitable vehicle. 

The vehicle must be a modern 4 door passenger vehicle. While Utes and trucks seem like a smart option, they are excluded, as are 2 door vehicles and motorcycles. 

It's advisable to have a vehicle where the back seats fold down or a large boot, but this isn't a requirement. 


Amazon Flex Insurance Policy

You'll need to have full auto insurance for your area. Amazon mention that you need to have third party property damage cover, so you might want to give your insurance provider a ring to see if you'll be covered for that. 

Additionally, Amazon provides their own insurance for you delivering packages including auto liability coverage, third party property damage and contingent coverage. 

Modern Smartphone Required

According to Amazon you'll need to have an iPhone 5S or newer, running iOS11+ if you're on iPhone. Android requires Android 6.0+, GPS and 2GB of ram. 

Like any business, purchasing a new smartphone for this venture could be tax deductible.

Plus your mobile phone data bill.  

When Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon pay out every Wednesday through direct deposit. Finds will usually appear in your account by Friday morning. 

Some drivers are eligble for toll reimbursement and the payment is made automatically 72 hours after completing your block. However, these payments can take up to 5 working days to show up. 

How Much Can You Make With Amazon Flex?

How much you can realistically make is not yet known as the platform is still fairly new. There's many reviews on Youtube of this platform in the US and UK.

Most complaints stem from actually securing a slot, as other members are using bots to refresh the screen every few seconds. 

However, early adopters to this platform will definitely make money as Amazon becomes a serious contender in this country. 

Slots pay at least the minimum wage in Australia, which means you can make money driving your own car, listening to music and interacting with customers. 

I'd assume long term Amazon is going to move to same day delivery, so there will likely be more and more opportunities for pickup slots. 

Downsides To Amazon Flex

The main downside I see here is that if a package can't be delivered you have to return to the Amazon Warehouse after your block. If your block was back near your house, you'd have to drive all the way back to HQ, then back to your house (this part is unpaid). 

Additionally you've got the cost of maintaining, running and servicing your car. Plus what happens when you inevitably get stuck in traffic.. your 4 hour slot could be an 8 hour slot. 

But there's many pro's and like any business model, it's up to you if you implement it. 

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James Hunter