How To Get Youtube Premium Cheaper? [Guide]

Youtube Premium is ​one of the best ways to stream content on your TV or computer, without watching endless ads that interrupt you every few minutes. 

Currently available for $14.99 per month in Australia, it's not the cheapest and this is the starter price. A family membership will be upwards of $23.99,

But there is a way to get Youtube premium cheaper, and this is in part thanks to worldwide currency fluctuations and different prices for different regions.

In India, the price of Youtube premium is $2.81 AUD per month (it's actually billed in rupees) but this is a lot cheaper than $14.99.

You simply need an existing Youtube account, access to an Indian VPN and 5 minutes of your time to signup. Plus once you're up and running you don't even need the VPN again. 

What is Youtube Premium?

The premium version of Youtube offers the same great features, minus the ads. This alone makes it worth the money for most people. 

However, you can also stream in the background, such as locking your mobile and listening to music while you run. With the free version, this is simply not possible. 

How to Get Youtube Premium Cheaper?

The process for setting yourself up via an Indian billing address is seamless. Plus you can use your Australian credit/debit card as well. 

Step 1: Create or use your existing Youtube account. 

Step 2: Connect to a physical Indian VPN server. Some providers offer virtual servers but this won't work. You need a physical Indian VPN server connection. 

If your VPN doesn't work, it's virtual servers. 

We recommend PureVPN as that's the only platform we've tested this with. You can get setup with an account for as low as $0.99!

Step 3: Check to ensure your IP has changed to India. This tool from WhatsMyIP will help you check that. If you're still seeing Australia after connecting, you might wish to check your settings.

Step 4: Visit the Youtube premium subscription page. You can now choose the single plan and complete the checkout process. 

Step 5: Start enjoying Youtube premium. Plus you can disconnect from the VPN. This isn't needed again, unless you want to upgrade to the family plan. 

Step 6: Enjoy your cheaper plan. 

Why Is Youtube Premium Cheaper In India?

The average income in India is far lower than USA or Australia. Youtube could never charge $14.99 in India, as low income earners wouldn't signup. 

Youtube probably makes more from you being a subscriber, than a free user watching ads. 

India is also a population of over a billion people. Even with the lower price, they would sell more memberships to justify the lower cost. 

Lastly, the weak Indian rupee vs US Dollar, makes the price even cheaper. It fell to 76 per USD this year alone! (source)

Couldn’t Youtube Block This Loophole?

Yes they could, but this trick has been around since 2018 and hasn't been removed. Additionally this works with other countries such as Argentina and Russia, thanks to their currencies. 

Many platforms can block foreign credit/debit cards, so why wouldn't Youtube do the same? 

Maybe it's not worth the hassle. But that's good for you! 


Now you know how those in the know are getting Youtube Premium cheaper, at up to 5 times cheaper than the Australian version, and nearly everyone has a VPN these days. 

If you don't, grab a trial over at PureVPN today

P.S. There's many websites claiming you can get Youtube Premium for free. While there's a free 30 day trial for everyone, this is the best you'll find. Most are scams or require you to complete surveys in exchange for a free account. 

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