Best Wireless Doorbell Chimes (Reviews + Ratings)

With so many options currently on the market, choosing the best wireless doorbell chime for your home can be a tedious task. 

Modern technology is constantly improving and expanding, and along with it, our doorbells! Wireless doorbells are a new and sought out product for any new, contemporary home owner. 

Not only are they practical and multi-functional, but they also come with a multitude of chimes to choose from, and a variety of styles, colours and shapes to match the exterior of your home. 

We've narrowed the search down to the top 5 picks for wireless doorbells, that will bring your home into the new technological age. 

The Best Wireless Doorbell Chimes

1. Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell

  • Choose 50 chime sounds
  • 300m range
  • Two receivers

Featuring a choice of over 50 chimes the wireless doorbell from Coolqiya is easy to assemble and install. The unit is waterproof to IP55 standard as well as being certified to CE, FCC and RoHS ratings, so it can be installed in open air settings.

With a long 300-metre transmission range (barrier-free) it will suit most homes and small businesses.The doorbell has four volume settings.

The doorbell consists of a transmitter and two separate receivers. The receivers do not require any batteries – they plug in to power points inside the house where they can best be heard.

The transmitter is battery powered (1 x 12V battery is included) and can be mounted using either double-sided tape or the supplied anchors and screws if the backing surface is suitable.

With purchase, you receive a transmitter (which measures 18*9.8*7.4cm) and two receivers.

To install you need to first pair the transmitter with the receivers to select and install a ringtone by following the detailed instructions supplied. Once that is done you can mount the transmitter on the doorframe or other permanent location.

If you wish to later change the ringtone you can do so by again following the instructions (it is a different process) and using the screwdriver supplied.

2. SCCES Portable Doorbell

  • Up to 150m range
  • Adjustable 4 level volume
  • Over 50 chimes

Ideal for use as a doorbell, alert, paging or even dog-training system the portable wireless door-chime from SCCES has a choice of over 50 ring tones to suit anyone’s preference.

The chime has a 500-foot range (1000 foot in the open-air without obstacles), and a four-level adjustable volume between 25 – 110dB. Loud enough to be heard by the hearing-impaired, or when the unit is being used as a safety alert alarm.

Easily installed, the bell consists of a transmitter (totally portable with battery supplied) and a small receiver (which is plugged into a power source in a permanent location).

The choice of ringtone is an easy process of cycling through the sounds using the receiver’s button and stopping when you’re ready. Changing the tone is just as easily done by pressing both of the receiver’s buttons until you’ve un-synced it and start the cycling process again.

You can choose to mount the transmitter with the supplied hardware as a permanent fixture and use it as a doorbell. Or you can move it around (within the specified range of the receiver) for use as a personal pager, alarm etc.

Some people use it as an aid for training children or dogs.

The transmitter is weatherproof to IP33 standard so an outdoor setting for mounting is perfectly safe.

3. 1byone Door Chime

  • Up to 150m range
  • Choice of 26 chimes
  • LED Flasher

The wireless door chime from 1byone is an attractive and extremely budget-friendly doorbell which is easily installed and operates over a long range.

With a 500-foot range in the open air (ie without significant obstacles) the doorbell will be suitable for most homes or even small offices.

The bell offers a choice of 36 chimes and six adjustable volume levels between 25 – 110 dB, again suitable for most homes and a good choice for the hearing impaired. With a soft LED display you can also choose three modes: Sound only, Sound and Flash or LED Flash only.


The last one is ideal when you have a sleeping baby. The unit has a receiver (battery-operated with a supplied 3V battery) which can operate with up to five buttons which can be individually ‘programmed’ with different tones to indicate where the transmitter being activated is located. Pair it up with additional receivers (purchase separately) to cover each entrance.

The transmitter is battery operated (3 x AA batteries which are not supplied) and is also waterproof to IP44 standard for outdoor mounting.

Strong double-sided tape, wall plugs and screws are supplied for this. If you want to have a portable bell, eg when you’re in the garden or have it on Light only mode, the unit works equally as well unmounted.


  • Up to 300m range
  • Adjustable to 115 dBs
  • Over 50 chimes

Featuring a battery-operated receiver which can be placed anywhere convenient inside the home or office, the Aventek Mini Doorbell is an ideal inexpensive option with a loud chime and a long 1,000-foot range.

The doorbell has a choice of over 50 melodies and sounds from traditional bell tones to funky tunes. These are easily chosen with a Back and Next button allowing you to scroll without having to cycle through the entire list every time. And the sound is even delivered in stereo with adjustable volume levels up to 115 dB.

The transmitter is totally weather-proof with IP55 dustproof and waterproof ratings and a temperature tolerance of -20 to 60C degrees, so it can be safely mounted in the open air.


The built-in Lithium-ion battery has a long three-year lifespan. And the unit has a range of 1000-feet (300 meters) in the open air (i.e. without major obstacles). (The transmitter should not be placed too close to metals as these may interfere with the signal and affect the transmission range).

The battery-powered receiver (three AAA batteries included with purchase) can be mounted on to a wall or other convenient surface within the home or office with the bracket and other hardware provided.

It also looks sleek and modern in a matte black finish with a simple bell design with green LED light on the transmitter’s button which lights up when pressed by a visitor.


  • Huge 400m range
  • Loud 115dB ringer
  • 2 base stations
  • Over 50 chimes

Offering an extra-long transmission range and two plug-in receivers, the D-3B wireless doorbell from Avantek is ideal for larger homes or businesses where there are long distances between the entrance and the other end of the location.

The D-3B has a 1,300-foot range (depending on the environment) and a five-level volume dial which can be adjusted to reach 115dB so it can be heard at longer distances.

There are over 50 chimes and tunes to choose from, with Next and Previous buttons making the setting of your choice quicker than many other brands which make you cycle through the entire selection again if you accidentally miss the one you want! The unit also features a stereo speaker for a richer, less ‘tinny’ bell tone.

The transmitter has a built-in Lithium battery with a three-year lifespan. It is waterproof and dustproof to IP55 ratings and can withstand temperatures between -20 to 60C degrees.

It can be mounted safely outdoors. Adhesive tape, screws and anchors are supplied for easy installation.

The two plug-in chime receivers can be placed strategically placed within the home or other space so that the bell can be heard to the farthest reaches of the area.

The transmitter button is a sleek black box with an LED lit-up bell symbol which lights up when pressed.


When it comes to choosing the best wireless doorbell Australia has to offer, it can be complex as every brand claims to be the best. Nearly all brands can be wired in to your existing internal wiring, but wireless makes installation much easier. 

If you get few visitors, wireless doorbell batteries can last a long time without needing to be swapped out, making them perfect for quickly adding or replacing a damaged doorbell. 

If you're hearing impaired then you should buy a device with an LED flasher such as the 1byone door chime, the only model to offer such this assistive feature. 

Jill Saunders

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