Best Telescopes Australia (Reviews + Ratings)

The best telescopes will immerse you in the star-speckled vast night sky, bringing you closer to the mystery that is space.

You may not even have a fascination in astronomy, you may just dabble in photography and want to expand your subject matter to the stars. 

Either way, a quality telescope will provide a clear, high definition image and adjustable focal length. Keep in mind, these factors do vary depending on your budget.

Not to worry! There are still hundreds of affordable and good quality telescopes out there, and we've narrowed it down to the top 5. 

The 5 Best Telescopes Australia

You can purchase telescopes from a wide range of places in Australia including camera equipment stores, electrical stores such as JB Hifi. You can also buy directly from telescope specialists such as Nintel, Astronomy Live, OZScopes, Optics Central and AndrewsCom. We found all ours on which offers fast shipping (or free with Prime). 

1. INTEY Super Clear Telescope

  • 16X Magnification
  • Dust and screw caps inc.
  • Portable design
  • Stable tripod included

The INTEY telescope is a great beginner’s telescope for kids at an excellent entry-level price. It has all a child needs to find astronomy exciting and wanting more.

This is a refractor telescope with a large 70mm lens (aperture) and a 5X24 viewfinder for greater light capturing. The eyepiece is a latest generation Kellner type with a wide field of view. This telescope gives good image quality and magnification. Magnification of 16X is achieved with the Kellner 25mm eyepiece supplied.

The telescope is mounted on a stable and flexible tripod which is easily adjusted in height between 16” and 41”, ideal for teens and younger children. When moving the telescope on the tripod it’s important to do so very slowly and carefully to prevent shaking of the viewfinder and the image.

The telescope has different lenses for zooming in and viewing different angles.

Dust and dew caps are provided for protection of the optical components when the telescope is not in use – this is very important to prevent these parts from accumulating dust and dirt. Pointing the telescope downwards when possible also helps to keep it clean.

This telescope is easily dismantled and reassembled for mobility. A backpack is provided for storage and travel.

2. Celestron 21049 Power Seeker

  • Large 127mm aperture
  • Portable design
  • Two eyepieces and lens
  • Software database

Designed and priced for the first-time telescope buyer the Celestron Power Seeker telescope has the power to open up a magical world to the uninitiated budding astronomer.

The telescope may be inexpensive and fairly basic in its functions, but it is nonetheless a quality item of equipment built to last and to perform with excellence.

Set up is very straightforward with no tools required.

Made from premium materials, the telescope is compact and portable with very good optical performance. All its optical components are made from fully coated glass and also high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity.

The very large 127mm aperture provides clear night views. Because of these features, and particularly the erect image optics possible with this telescope, you can use the telescope for terrestrial as well as astronomical observations.

Slow motion controls allow for beautifully smooth tracking of stars and other objects.

The telescope also comes with ‘The Sky,’ a software database of 10,000 celestial objects and images.

The telescope has two eyepieces (20mm and 4mm), 3xBarlow lens, and accessory tray.

Another possibility with this telescope is its suitability for some basic large object astrophotography. For example, the rings of Saturn can be clearly seen with this scope – how exciting is that for a first-timer?

Especially if it can be captured in a photograph. The lunar surface is a breeze. As an addition to the camping trip paraphernalia, you can't go wrong. 

3. SVBONY SV25 Refractor

  • Live video setup guide
  • 5x20 finder scope
  • Adjustable tripod

Capable of use for night-time stargazing or daytime terrestrial observations, the SVBONY SV25 is an entry-level refractor telescope with an extremely budget-friendly price tag. View the moon and stars or the distant snow-capped mountains.

Weighing just shy of 2kg and quite petite as well this telescope is very portable, ideal even for hiking trips in a backpack.

With a 1.25”90degree zenith mirror you can view at a comfortable angle. Two eyepieces provide a choice of magnification and viewing range. The 9mm achieves a 47x and the 20mm 21x magnification with a wide view.

The SV25 also helps beginners by correcting the problem of inverted images which occurs with normal, telescopes. This scope comes with an Erecting Eyepiece which offers an erect image.

The telescope also features a quite large focal wheel which is made of rubber and much easier for kids to operate and adjust the image clarity.

The scope has an adjustable full-size aluminium photographic tripod with a quick-release dovetail attachment for a clear and steady view.

Specs are a focal ratio of F7; objective lens 2 elements in 2 groups; achromatic objective lens; viewfinder 5x20; zenith mirror 1.25”90degree.

So, this telescope has some great features for beginners, especially kids. SVBONY have clearly thought carefully about their target market group in designing this product and have done a really great job overall. It’s not perfect but it’s very good indeed. And the price – well, that’s unbeatable!

4. Orion 10012 SkyScanner

  • Optical quality is amazing
  • Lots of clarity
  • Adjustable tripod
  • Cheap, portable buy

Orion’s SkyScanner tabletop refractor telescope may be for beginners, and is certainly priced well inside that range, it is far more than that implies.

With a big 100mm aperture, it can collect enough light for one to see a lot of the sky's offerings even on a cloudy night. And with the parabolic primary mirror with a 400mm focal length you'll see incredibly detailed views of the moon's craters, and the closer planets and constellations.

Enjoy wide-angle views of the Milky Way. Even some far distant galaxies. And yes, even Saturn’s rings are visible.

The telescope includes two eyepieces: 20mm for a moderate 20x magnification and 10mm for a higher 40x observations. These views can be enhanced by adding specialty filters. Add a moon filter and really see all of those craters and seas….

The SkyScanner is conveniently compact and very lightweight for trips to dark night spots for clearer images of more distant objects. It can be mounted on a tripod. Or it’s the perfect size to set up permanently on a table in front of a well-placed window for viewing whenever you’re in the mood.

For such a cheap telescope this is a really great find. If you’re wanting to explore the night skies yourself or have a child to introduce to them you won’t go wrong with this one. It’s a steal, even if you do decide to invest in some additional accessories like some different eyepieces, filters and a tripod.

5. Orion StarBlast II 4.5 Equatorial Reflector

  • 4.5” diameter reflector tube
  • EQ-1 slow motion controls
  • Great online reviews

The Orion StarBlast II is a true-blue reflector telescope for the seriously interested stargazer. This scope has many great features to inspire and impress astronomers and keep them on their toes waiting for the next amazing surprise.

Its 4.5" diameter reflector tube and sturdy equatorial mount have slow motion controls for totally steady movement through the skies without shakes or loss of the object being watched.

Although the StarBlast is compact and portable and very user-friendly, it is also a serious telescope designed for both newcomers and experienced users.

The 4.5” aperture collects an awful lot of light at night, bringing what seems like the whole of the sky into the eyepiece for viewing. The images are clear and bright.

The combination of a short focal length (450mm) and a wide aperture (4.5”) gives this telescope the ability to provide brighter images at any magnification compared to telescopes with longer focal lengths. That means that it’s easier for viewers to find things.

And that keeps people interested. Team that up with the EQ-1 mount with its slow motion controls and you’ve got entertainment for a lifetime.

And if that isn't enough, Orion has included two eyepieces: 25mm and 10mm for 18x and 45x magnification respectively. You'll also receive a tripod, an EZ Finder II reflex sight, and MoonMap 260.


It can be difficult to choose the best telescope, so when it comes to picking the best one for your needs, you should do your research before purchase, to ensure you've got the best one for you. 

We believe that the INTEY Super Clear offers value for money, in a portable and carry friendly package including backpack. If you're looking for something with more power then the Celestron 21049 Power Seeker is a great telescope. 

James Hunter

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